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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rosenheim September 4th 2018

It's been a wet day but not so wet that it was unenjoyable. The temperature was perfect for biking and the day was really only spoiled by low cloud obscuring the lovely countryside we rode through. Some of it was through fields but mostly the path was on the east Austrian side, along a stop bank, past castles on hill tops and past 3 electricity dams on the Inn River. At one stage it rained enough for us to take a break in a village and have 'kaffee und kuchen'. There, we dried out, and warmed up with a very nice cherry cake and coffee. The little town is surrounded on 3 sides by Germany with the border being the river, the forest edge and some other feature not far away. Soon after, we were in ... read more
Me, at our lunch stop
A beer hall at the Rosenheim Beer Festival
A scary and colourful ride

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rosenheim August 28th 2010

27/8/10: Today was a day of rest. We went out to Walters’s campervan business (Fabian’s Father) so we could look at our new camper van. We pulled into an industrial estate then into the drive of Schrempf and Lahm Campervans. Our van was parked outside, we were both excited to see it. The van turned out to be better than we had hoped; even though it was old it was clean and had been really looked after. We sorted out some of the finer details of the van and before we knew it I was taking it for a test drive around the car park. It was really weird driving on the opposite side to what we drive in Australia, not so much the fact that I was on the wrong side of the road but ... read more
Photo 6
Schrempf and Lahm inside
Our van

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rosenheim August 28th 2010

28/8/10: Today was the day for Oktober fest. We arrived at the tents around 1:30pm, all the tables were pre-booked, it was looking like we were going to have to drink fast before we were kicked off our borrowed table. While we were waiting people were posing for photos in front of the first keg of beer. Fabian asked if we wanted a photo, me not being shy in front of a crowd got up and posed for a photo, I held the tap while Jacinta pretended to knock it into the barrel with the wooden mallet. It made for a fine photo but it was a better photo with the Aussie flag that we had carried with us the whole way. I whipped the flag out of my pocket and we both held it up. ... read more
In the German/Australian paper
Photo 4
Photo 32

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rosenheim August 25th 2010

25/8/10: Well, I only slept for 2hrs on the flight to AbuDhabi; I was not tired and just could not sleep. I stayed up and watched a few movies until 5am in the morning. We landed just at the break of dawn. We stepped out of the plane at 6:00am into 34deg of heat, then onto an airport bus. I was looking out the window while holding the grab rail when a Chinese man hocked up a loogy and spat it on the floor of the bus. I had had enough at this point of people in China or Asia for that fact spitting in full view or at the base of your feet. I was sure I would never see or hear it again after leaving Beijing but this man proved me wrong. I can ... read more
On the plane
coming in for landing
Dinner with the Schrempfs

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