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August 25th 2010
Published: December 23rd 2010
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25/8/10: Well, I only slept for 2hrs on the flight to AbuDhabi; I was not tired and just could not sleep. I stayed up and watched a few movies until 5am in the morning. We landed just at the break of dawn. We stepped out of the plane at 6:00am into 34deg of heat, then onto an airport bus. I was looking out the window while holding the grab rail when a Chinese man hocked up a loogy and spat it on the floor of the bus. I had had enough at this point of people in China or Asia for that fact spitting in full view or at the base of your feet. I was sure I would never see or hear it again after leaving Beijing but this man proved me wrong. I can understand them doing it in a village or their own country but not in somebody else s . As soon as I saw it I said “you disgusting dirty pig, you’re not in China now you’re in another country, don't spit on the floor!” I said it load enough to attract enough attention just to shame him. I really couldn't have given a shit by then, it was a disgusting, filthy, dirty, fowl habit that should be banned. As soon as he saw my anger he stepped on his clumped sputum and speared it into the floor trying to hide the evidence.
We hung around the terminal lounge for 8-9 hours until it was time to board our plane.


The flight from Abu Dabi to Munich only had around 40 passengers; when you consider that plane usually holds somewhere around 380+ it will give you some idea of how empty the plane was at the time. We basically watched movies the whole flight. I battled to stay awake so I wouldn't be jet lagged the next day. The seat belt sign came on and we descended for our final approach to Munich airport. We both watch the LCD screen on the back of the seat in front, this showed us the pilots view of our landing. I waited patiently until I finally saw a little dash approaching in the distant landscape. The runway got closer and closer until, we touched down smack in the middle of the center line. Munich airport was a lot smaller than I imagined or we were at another smaller airport. We got off the plane, had our passport stamped, picked up our packs and hoped Fabian our friend whom we met in Lao was waiting on the other side. We scanned around and we both immediately recognized him when he got of the waiting seat 15m away. There were hugs all round. Fabian looked good, he had lost a little weight and I even think he had grown a inch or two; or maybe I have shrunken. We walked outside into cool fresh German air; I remember it almost having a sweet smell, especially after being in Beijing. We got into Fabians BMW sports wagon and were traveling to Rosenheim on the beautiful smooth highways. The highway road was so smooth that I didn't really notice that we were actually travelling at 160km/hour; that was only because we were stuck behind some traffic. Fabian had a clear run and without even a hint of struggle took the BMW up to 200km/hr. I was excited because that was the fastest I had ever travelled in a car. I was one of those responsible teenagers when I was growing up, I didn't seek to have the hottest, fastest, muscle car around, nor did I strive to break the quarter mile record down a country road or city highway. I had a little 2 litre blue Toyota Ute that I used for work. I was an apprentice carpenter back then and I could nether afford the wasted fuel or wear and tear on my work car because I was on such a crummy wage. I think even if I wanted to go fast the extra weight from my tools of trade sliding around in the back would have hampered any world breaking record I set out to achieve, or impress any friends that happened to be watching.
Fabien turned to me and said “do you want to do 250?” without hesitation I said yes; I didn't even think to ask Jacinta in the back seat what she might have thought. When it did occur to me we had already reached 255km/hour; we basically past cars doing 120km/hr like they were standing still. The road and the car were so smooth, it really was impressive. I think someone fail to tell the police commissioner how much revenue they can actually make from speeding fines.
Before long we were turning of the auto barn and travelling through smaller streets and into suburbia. The houses looked different, they had steep pointy roofs with only gable ends, hipped roofs; my guess is because of the snow. We pulled into a smaller street with tight corners and then pulled into a driveway; it was a home, a real home with a garage a pool and a backyard. Believe it or not we haven’t been in a home like this since we left Brisbane Australia. The next closest home to this was Niha’s house in Varanasi India but even though it was a home it lacked the basic feel of what Jacinta and I call a home; this included having a veranda, backyard, garage and a street with gutters and footpaths. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that we felt comfortable the minute we walked in. We met Fabians mother Elisabeth then his younger sister Judith, later we met Walter Fabians father and finally Tobi Fabians smaller brother; oh not forgetting Ika their black Labrador puppy that proved to be a real handful when she wanted to play, this was the Schrempf family and they treated us like one of their own. For dinner we had cheese’s, ham, salami, tomatoes in a make it your own style sandwiches. It was so nice to have cheese and ham again. Later we struggled to stay up late, I think I went to bed around 10:00pm German time; this worked out to be only 2hours of sleep in 40hrs, I don't have to tell you that I slept like a log.

26/8/10: We got out of bed late, I think it was around 10:00am, I still felt tired and throughout the course of the day I turned back into a walking zombie. Fabian wanted to show us around so he took us into Rosenheim. He parked the car and we walked through the town on foot. It was so nice to see different architecture, different looking people complete with the different language; it was just nice, I had to give myself a little pinch just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. When that didn't work Jacinta pinched me; I could we were in Rosenheim, Germany or Europe for that fact.
We drove through small country roads lined with farms. Fabian drove us out to a lake called Chimsee. The day could not have been more perfect, the sun was shining and the temperature was a warm 30degC. We hoped on a large boat and crossed to an island called Erreninsel, it had a castle of it built my Ludwig the 2nd. The grounds were beautiful and the castle even more so. We walked around for two hours until we had to get back onto the boat again. We travelled back to Fabians house for some lunch, but not before stopping at the local supermarket for some beer and a few bits and pieces. The alcohol was so cheap; Jacinta was beside herself with all the fine wines she could choose from. She hadn’t had a decent wine since we left Australia which is almost eight months now. That night we had a few German beers and showed some photos of our trip through India. My eyes were hanging out of my head again and I wanted to go to be sooo bad but I held back just so I could show some more photos. The first opportunity I got I went to bed, it was around 11:30pm and way past our bedtime.

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