More Exploring of the Black Forest on E-Bikes

Published: August 9th 2019
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We wake up, Kirsten and I both rollover and grab another hour of sleep. That last hour always seems so good.

Over breakfast, Kirsten suggest renting e-bikes again and continuing to explore the Black Forest. The young man who rented us bikes the other day remembers us and has them set up in no time. Kirsten and I climb on and off we go toward Alpirsbach. It’s all up hill but with these E-Bikes it comfortable and enjoyable.

Around lunch, time we arrive in Alpirsbach. This is where the Hops Fest was held last week. We hang out at the Bier Garden, have a hardy, relaxing lunch then were off down the bike path to explore the afternoon away.

We stop and have a bier and then we stop again and have coffee and cake and then end up at the bike shop around 4:30 pm. We turn in our bikes. We had lots of fun! On our drive back, we talk about maybe doing a bike tour vacation someday. Anyone want to join us?

Our time in Germany is growing short and Kirsten is wanting to squeeze in another fest. She remembers seeing a fest sign on our way out of Steinach going to see Eva cousin.

Kirsten can spot a fest sign from 5K distance and she has found another one. This fest is the Summer fest for firemen of Gengenbach, just down the road. Well, we arrive and it’s nice but mostly for kids to climb on the fire trucks and learn fire safety. We check it out and then decide to check out the historic downtown of Gengenbach. Wow! that was a good decision. This village is as picturesque as any fairy tale you can imagine. We walk the historic area along with hundreds of others and come upon an alley leading to a restaurant with a standing line. Ok, that never happens in Germany, there is always an empty seat, you might have to sit with others but there is always an empty seat. Not here, what did we do? We got in line of course, the food must be good if Germans are waiting. Yes, it was great, after diner we poured ourselves into a wheel barrel to carry us back to the car and ride home.

What a day.... 30-mile e-bike ride, all uphill there and back, another fest and a fantastic diner in an historic village center.

Good night

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