Sipping Wine with Cousin Eva in the Vineyard

Published: August 9th 2019
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It’s Sunday morning. We always sleep in or at least try to in Winter Haven. This morning is no different, I roll down the shades blocking the sun before it comes up.

We finally roll out of bed and have a light breakfast. We cleaned up after breakfast and climb into the car.

We’re heading to Karlsruhe to meet up with cousin Eva and Swen to check out a few more fests in the wine region

It’s raining, we’re dragging. That’s ok, it’s Sunday.

Before we realize, we arrive in Karlsruhe at Swen’s office. Eva and Swen are there and waiting for us. Swen shows us around his new office. Swen used to be an Avis dealer and is now a Sixt dealer. Yep, is office is Orange, Orange, Orange. He has some pretty nice-looking cars sitting on his lot, BMWs, Mercedes, Mini Cooper to name a few.

After seeing the office, we pile into Swen’s car and off we go to have Kaffee and a Kuchen to discuss todays adventure. We’re hoping the rain will pass.

Well it doesn’t, so we choose a wine fest north west of Karlsruhe about a 30-minute drive. Why that one, because the rain is going east and we’re going west. We leave the rain in Karlsruhe and head toward the sunshine.

After cruising along the backroads, enjoying all the vineyards and following the signs to the fest, we arrive. Swen parks, we jump out and begin our climb up the vineyard. If your gonna have vino, you have to earn it, so up the hill we go.

It was awesome!! 4 wineries, food tents along the ridge of the vineyard lots of people and the weather was great. We sampled the wine and ate along the ridge until the sun started to set.

It was around 8 pm when we decided we needed to head back to Karlsruhe. We arrived back at Swen’s office we said our goodbyes, hugged each other and discussed Swen and Eva coming to Winter haven in six weeks. As Kirsten is pulling out of the parking lot, she’s waving goodbye and yelling see you in 6 weeks. Off to the apartment we go.

We are home in bed snug and dry, it’s still raining in the valley where we’re staying. That’s ok, because we are in bed, snuggled in, listing to the rain and watching the lighting.

Good night

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