Blogs from Zell am Harmersbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Europe


We wake up, Kirsten and I both rollover and grab another hour of sleep. That last hour always seems so good. Over breakfast, Kirsten suggest renting e-bikes again and continuing to explore the Black Forest. The young man who rented us bikes the other day remembers us and has them set up in no time. Kirsten and I climb on and off we go toward Alpirsbach. It’s all up hill but with these E-Bikes it comfortable and enjoyable. Around lunch, time we arrive in Alpirsbach. This is where the Hops Fest was held last week. We hang out at the Bier Garden, have a hardy, relaxing lunch then were off down the bike path to explore the afternoon away. We stop and have a bier and then we stop again and have coffee and cake and ... read more

It’s Sunday morning. We always sleep in or at least try to in Winter Haven. This morning is no different, I roll down the shades blocking the sun before it comes up. We finally roll out of bed and have a light breakfast. We cleaned up after breakfast and climb into the car. We’re heading to Karlsruhe to meet up with cousin Eva and Swen to check out a few more fests in the wine region It’s raining, we’re dragging. That’s ok, it’s Sunday. Before we realize, we arrive in Karlsruhe at Swen’s office. Eva and Swen are there and waiting for us. Swen shows us around his new office. Swen used to be an Avis dealer and is now a Sixt dealer. Yep, is office is Orange, Orange, Orange. He has some pretty nice-looking cars ... read more

I wake up and ease myself out of bed, I get my clothes and close the door behind me. The shutters are down, I put a towel up against the bottom of the door to keep light out hoping that Kirsten will get a good sleep in. I get busy and start preparing breakfast, it’s not that big of a deal, make the coffee, get the brochens out, set up the cheeses and meats on the plate. Put the pot of water on the stove to boil the eggs. The coffee is done, the table is set, birthday cards are on the table. Sit back enjoy some coffee because the phone will start buzzing everyone wishing Kirsten a Happy Birthday. Birthday cards .... let me tell you this story while we wait on Kirsten. Weeks before ... read more

Kirsten has been going and going.... so, this morning, not a creature stirred not even a mouse.... Yea, we sleep in, no calls from Bea, and shutters were put down to block the sunrise. I believe it was 9 am before we rolled out of bed. Both of us sitting at the table wanting the other to make coffee, finally Kirsten caved and made us a pot of coffee. Thank you, Kirsten, I’m so used to my Keurig coffee maker. We are dragging yes; I believe I have kept with Kirsten until even she needs a rest day. Thank God! We eat breakfast and by the time we finish, Kirsten is perky. Me, I’m looking to take a nap before lunch. I want to walk up to the Beer Garden above our apartment and have a ... read more

Kirsten is up and is busy making noise in the kitchen. When I can hear Kirsten making noise in the kitchen without my hearing aids it means GET UP. I’m up and stumbling toward the smell of fresh coffee, not just any coffee but Rich German coffee. Kirsten is smiling and pecking at her iPad if her status report is 3 days late. Who are you talking to? Holly .... Holly! Yes, her, Joe, Maxine & Pascal are on their way to Italy and will be coming by us around noon. We’re meeting them at this Beer Garden I found right off A-5, I’m SOOO excited. Ok, whenever we visit Europe or anyplace actually, Kirsten always ask me “see anybody you know?” always! So, I’m always looking. It’s funny, but you never know, and yes, ... read more

Yes, you read it correctly, we rented E-Bikes “Electric Bicycles”. I’ve always wanted ride bikes is Europe, they have a network of bike paths that is amazing. You can tour most of, if not all of Europe on bicycles and I’ve always wanted to. Well, easier said than done, I’m not as good on a bicycle as I used to be. So, I had resigned that it might never happen, then comes along someone and invents E-Bikes. There is a GOD! Kirsten and I rented bikes and toured the Black Forest for 6, Yes, Six hours. It was great! We road for 40 miles stopping and sight-seeing and eating Ice cream and refueling with cool beers. We rode mostly alongside the river Kinzig. Sometimes in the shade, but mostly in the sun. The high today was ... read more

Our apartment is so nice, we’re thinking of staying longer. It’s so relaxing the cool evening breezes are so comfortable. Waking up refreshed has been delightful, I rollover and smell fresh coffee. Normally I’m the first one up, not now... Kirsten is up and has fresh coffee and a robust German breakfast. I’m liking this vacation. We finish breakfast and Kirsten tells me she has found a walk for us to take. We’ll need to take lunch because it a little long. How long I ask? Hmmm, let’s just say we’ll be back in time for dinner. WHAT! Kirsten has found a walk, hike, Vonder through the Black Forest. Me, I’m a little skeptical but I follow. She has packed us a lunch and we’ll be gone for 5-6 hrs and somewhere out there I plan ... read more

It’s dark .... our shutters are down we decided to sleep in, it is Sunday. Kirsten’s phone starts ringing, it’s Bea and Caroline Face timing from Rome. Kirsten hears Caroline say ...I think we woke them up, then hears Bea, ...No Kisty is always up early when she on vacation. She has the Go-Go, Kirsten hang up and rolls over back to sleep. We sleep for another hour or so. Today we have a list of fests to attend, so many fests so little time. We’re heading toward Alpirsbach, where there is a brewery that we visited back in May. They are having a Hops Fest. Yep, I’m good with that. On our way, we come upon Wolfach, WOW! what a cute village, we had to stop and walk around it was so cute! Back on ... read more

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