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Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles July 20th 2016

Today was the day of reckoning! If we were to be able to continue our planned and booked travel to Ireland then I really need to be able to pick up the replacement passport somewhere we hoped that was in transit by courier from London. It was another beautiful day and the morning temperature was already in the mid 20’s as we sat on our little terrace to have breakfast. We hope it wasn’t an omen but as I was about to take a mouthful of muesli and fruit with yogurt a tiny baby bird fell out of the terrace rafters above me narrowly missing my breakfast bowl! It seems the baby bird was either dead in the nest or near to it and the parents decided to heave it out! After this most upsetting incident ... read more
Entering the A d T,Paris
Exit number 6 from the A d T,Paris
A glimpse of the Eiffel Tower,Paris passport now secure in the moneybelf around my middle!

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles July 19th 2016

We have another 500km ahead of us today but pretty much highway driving all the way although we do want to try and make two stops on the way. We had seen a TV news item when Prince Harry had visited Thiepval Memorial on the Somme to commemorate 100 years since the battle and we would like to see it as the structure is huge and has the names of all the missing/dead Allied soldiers whose bodies were never found. The memorial is not far off the route we need to take to our destination at Connolles, France. Because we are old fans of the TV series ‘Allo Allo’we also want to have a look at the French town of Nouvion that it was based upon. Not that we really expect that it will look anything ... read more
View from the bedroom,Uden
Heading into Antwerp
The lines left by the spraying unit and wheat nearly ready to harvest

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles June 30th 2014

Day 14 - Underground in Normandy Today was our first real day out as tourists in France. Since we like to visit caves we started by looking for caves sites in France. Funny thing is, most caves are found in mountains. Not a lot of those in Northern France. We did find some man-made caves that had been turned into a hide away for local villagers during WWI. The caves started out as a quarry for chalk and were expanded to house over 2000 people and their animals. It was over 33 meters below ground and very extensive (300 chambers). They even managed to find ways to heat it without the smoke giving away the existence of the caves. They piped the underground chimneys to fake (and/or real) tradesmen locations, like a mill house. After the ... read more
Going Down?
Underground Chapel
Audio Tour

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles June 29th 2014

Day 13 - Nothing is open on Sunday In France, Sunday is a day to spend with your family. This is not compatible with our tourist schedules. Time to kick back, eat some freshly delivered croissants, watch the rain, take a walk by the river, go to the pool, and attempt to find an open restaurant or grocery store. That's pretty much what we did today. The resort has bread delivered each morning at 8AM. Orders have to be in by 7:30 the night before. We ordered 6 croissants (hey, they could have been small) and a baguette, all quite tasty. Michelle and Tony gobbled theirs up but Anne saved her second croissant for an afternoon snack. After breakfast we all went for a walk around the grounds. There is a small island across the bridge ... read more
Really Big Castle
How Low Does It Go?
View From the Top

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles June 28th 2014

Day 12 - Driving Again, or Don't Buy A Citron Automatic 4AM is really very early. Topping it off with a 2+ hour drive in a jerky car with poor GPS through Paris, trying to shop in a grocery store in a language only one of you kinda understands, and a late check in time makes for a very long day. We survived all of that with some good humor (except for Michelle, she just fell asleep as soon as we left the airport) and some good music. We can now say we've driven in Paris, not that we know where we were or what we saw but we did drive there. We have no desire to do it ever again :). The speed limits in France seem to be much slower compared to England, which ... read more
Pressing Need?
Hamster Porter
Make Energy When You Can

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles October 21st 2010

Next door to our time-share is a highly rated, gourmet restaurant in a country hotel. Last night we celebrated our trip and my birthday with a special night out. The restaurant-hotel is set in a restored 1600's mill over the Seine River. It is considered one of the true treats of France. We began with a walk beside the Seine River on a clear evening with stars and a bright moon. We were greeted by Pierre and seated in easy chairs in front of the fireplace for our appertifs. I ordered a kir royale and Gary had a martini; they were delivered with a tray of cheese puff-pastry. After deciding on our dinner choice, we were shown to our table in the dining room. This room seats 20 to 30 people and is decorated with crystal ... read more
Restaurant over the river Seine
Restaurant font over the Seine

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles October 19th 2010

A strike in France can put a damper on one's plans. The strike is mostly affecting the national fuel supply and the delivery system. Therefore, there is very little fuel at the gas stations. It is only a good idea to conserve in order to be sure to make it out of France at the end of the week. Yesterday, we were able to fill up and decided to visit the D-day Beaches. As we drove on the freeway, we saw the smoke from strikers burning tires in Caen and the 45+ minute lines to buy fuel at the few stations that still had some petrol. Gary remembers that his late brother Frank was in Paris during 1968 when there were student protests and national strikes that lead to the fall of the DeGaulle government. The ... read more
Time-share 2
Time-share 3

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles October 19th 2010

With a husband who loves WWII history, of course our trip has had several visits to World War II locations. One of our first days in Europe was to visit the Anne Frank House. While in Berlin we spent time at the Reichstadt, Brandenburg Gate, Check-point Charlie, and the many memorials. Later we visited Terezin in Czech Republic and the Jewish Ghetto. Of course while we were in the Munich area, we spent time at Dachau. Later that week we were in southern Bavaria and saw Eagle's Nest (Hitler's country getaway and the documentation center at Ober-Salzburg. A week or so later we were in south Belgium and stayed in Bastogne, learning more about the Battle of the Bulge. This Monday was spent at the Beach (D-Day Beaches to be exact). We headed out to the ... read more
Cemetery memorial
Cemetery 1
Cemetery 2

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