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Gorges du Verdon · Our 1,000 page Lonely Planet guide to France contains only a few paragraphs about this heart palpating scenery and geologically significant canyon. As canyons go, Gorges du Verdon may not be as big as America’s Grand Canyon, but it is the biggest in Europe and unchallenged as Europe’s most beautiful. But let’s not get too carried away with biggest being best. We think Ayers Rock (‘Uluru’ to Canberra apologists and Sydney toffs) is a biggie. But take four Ayres Rocks, tip them upside down and they would make just a tiny causeway across the narrowest part of that Grand Canyon formed by the Colorado River. There is nothing insignificant about the Verdon River’s 21 km long, 700-meter deep canyon that narrows six meters, at the bottom and 200 meters at the rim. ... read more
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The destination for today are the Gorges Du Verdon a spectacular gorge and mountain area well know and reputed to be worth the drive. Trundling along typical narrow country lanes we came to the area and first found the lake and saw this little village nestled on the cliffs above and more spectacularly the church jammed up into the cleft of the cliff, you gotta wonder why, taking the usual pics we decided to head for the gorges and camp up in the hills for the night, good plan until around 20km on Mark decided to look at the fuel gauge and bugger it was very low, too low in fact and it was back down the hills to find some fuel, by the time this was all done it was getting late so we decided ... read more
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Chateau d'Allemagne en Provence France

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