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Gisteravond werden we, nadat we naar buiten gingen om een joint te roken, bij het binnenkomen in de jeugdherberg direct betrapt door Quentin, ditmaal een negentienjarige medewerker van het Sauberges de Jeunesse. Ten goede, want niet alleen moesten hij en zijn beeldschone collega Florence lachen, Quentin bleek zelf een wietroker te zijn, dus we raakten aan de praat en later op de avond bood hij ons port aan. Taric ging al naar bed. Ik heb nog een uur met Quentin en Florence gezeten voordat ook zij naar bed wilde. Ik probeerde haar nog te strikken voor een glaasje port, maar ze drinkt niet. 'Une angel' verklaarde Quentin, drinkt en rookt niet. Niet veel later besloot ik ook maar te gaan slapen. Ik was net wakker toen ik gekrijs op de gang hoorde, een of andere drugsdoordrenkte ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais June 5th 2014

Our last night was spent at Guines. We had an early start to make the train. Waking up at breaking light we unhooked Suzy and set off for the half hour drive to the train terminal. Sally Sat Nav picked yet another route from Guines to Calais. Along pretty roads through the village of Guines, along the river full of wildlife including herons on the banks fishing. As usual the overhead gantries recognised us and welcomed us without the need to put our details in. Much better than standing in front of the machine and trying to punch the numbers in. The French police pulled us over, checked our steering wheel and doors and then went off to talk leaving us sitting there. After a few minutes they let us through and we passed through a ... read more
Moorish architecture
Moorish architecture
Moorish architecture

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais May 25th 2014

We had breakfast with our host this morning and chatted for ages with her about traveling and families before we had to pack up and get going. After the dramas of finding where to go yesterday, we were armed with google maps, directions and we also left early just in case we had any difficulties. None were encountered and we got through customs and border control with only a couple of extra questions from the Brits – what family... no job back home eh? We had to tell them that we had flights booked out of Paris before they let us go! We left the car lined up and went into the terminal for a bit of a wait. Watching the boat pull up to the pier was great – these guys do it 4 times ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Vimy May 5th 2014

"Left, left,left" I chant as I drive out of the industrial park from the motorcycle hire shop. Managing to ride on the proper side of the road the next thing I need to remember is roundabouts are CLOCKWISE. Met Bart at the Eurotunnel to catch the train to France. Did I forget to mention how grateful I am to Bart for allowing me to tag along on his European Motorcycle tour? There are safety in numbers when traveling by bike. A bonus is that we both have Bluetooth headsets allowing us to talk while we ride. Our first destination is Vimy Ridge Canadian Memorial. Back home, you never get that sense of history. Our buildings are only a few hundred of years old and world events which help shape our country seem distant. Being here you ... read more
Vimy Ridge

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais April 26th 2014

Well the last four days have been unbelievable nightmare. As you know Dads had an over heating issue all holiday, but it was especially bad in Europe due to the terrain and the high mileage. Well this time we allotted over 4 days to get home, which for the first 5 minutes worked well. We got up and out by 8am with the intention ofcathcing the 10am ferry in to Spain. But once we reached the port we were told the area for larger vehicles was full, though I think this could have been a bit of a miss communication as I believe they thought we had campers or caravans. But they told us that we could catch the ferry from Cueta, and being only 20 miles or so further round the coast we took that ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Lille December 20th 2013

Hey guys! Hope you're all well This is my latest blog that will detail everything in the last month since I got back from my world trip! Firstly, and most importantly, the week after I got back it was finally Graduation time! Although the night itself went far too quickly with just a couple of hours for the ceremony and drinks afterwards, we made the celebration last even longer by having a graduation night out on the Friday with almost all our Geography class! Although I clearly drank too much it was a brilliant night out and really topped off the celebrations! The following week I went with my family over to Towcester racecourse where I made £60 from my winning horse! And a couple of weeks later I went up to Birmingham to visit the ... read more
Graduation Celebration

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Vimy November 17th 2013

We went to Vimy Ridge. That is where a really big battle in World War One took place. My Great Grampa was in the battle. He was in the 42nd division. France has donated the land to Canada. They even have Parks Canada shirts and sweaters on. Even the workers are all university students from Canada. We took the tour there of the tunnels underground and the trenches that are still there. The trenches are where men would live for a small period of time, and the generals would live in the tunnels. We first went through the tunnels. We saw where the general would sleep. He got a rickety bed, an oil lamp, a stool, and a table. The men would go through the tunnels waiting to be sent out. They could wait as long ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais September 22nd 2013

A little disappointed when we set off from Les Andelys to find the sun had gone in. The glorious sunset over the River Seine of the previous evening had promised a lovely day but sadly, almost as soon as we set off, some heavy low cloud descended and hid all the lovely blue sky. No problem though, not as if we were planning to sit outside sunbathing, we had to drive North to the coast for our ferry. We took a cross-country route, avoiding motorways and big towns. Had a lucky break when we stopped at the Intermarche for fuel. I nipped into the store for bread and found the plates I had been looking for, for the last 3 weeks. Square, glass and they make desserts, any dessert, look brilliant. Bob made a good suggestion ... read more
Bob enjoyed his lunch in Le Crotoy
The famed game of Boules under almost autumnal trees in Le Crotoy
Le Crotoy harbour

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Boulogne-sur-Mer September 1st 2013

Day 2 and Suzy and the gang woke up early. The pidgeons had kept us awake through the early hours of the morning cooing and billing. Sion wanted to shoot them but we thought better of it. The first job of the day was the breakfast routine. Coffee with nothing else for me and croissants, marmalade and tea for Glenn. I then headed off to the ablutions block. A neat and tidy although old fashioned little building with ample shower, toilet and wash basin cubicles. The floor was covered with Ruabon heather brown tiles slightly unfashionable now, the walls a 70’s/80’s style peach tile. The cubicles were large with plenty of room for clothes and towels to be hung on hooks. And a seat to ponder the world going by. Water hot and plenty of it. ... read more
Is that England in the distance ?
The Germans were here

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque August 26th 2013

The weather has improved back to its old self, clear skies, plenty of sun but a slightly cooler temperature. We are very comfortable in our apartment with plenty of room and we wish we had been able to arrange more of this type of accommodation during this adventure. The cats were back for breakfast but stayed their distance from each other. At one stage we thought there were two black and white cats as Gretchen looked out the window to see the cat on the wall only moments after having it at her feet.However,we are sure there is only one and he is a fast mover! We are only a short distance away from the combined TGV and Eurostar rail line and we hear them passing by at great speed with a quiet whooshing type sound ... read more
The ornate 'Hotel de Ville' Dunkirk
Malo,beach just a little north of Dunkirk city centre from where part of the evacuation took place
Memorial to the Dunkirk Evacuation at Malo Beach

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