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Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais July 29th 2017

It is raining. Not the sort of weather we had ordered. We get a text from our daughter in England informing us the roads in France will be very busy. The French are heading north and the British are heading south for the summer holidays. Hopefully we’ll be ahead of the rush. The hotel car park is emptying out. People are on the move. We programme Jane to take us to Steenwerck, a small town close to the Belgium border. It was here during the 1914-18 war that hundreds of thousands of young men battled each other and the elements. Today the surrounding countryside is peaceful and productive. The only sounds are from the occasional tractor or birds. An occasional car drives by, otherwise the country roads are deserted. A hundred years ago men were dying ... read more
Trois Arbres
Trois Arbres

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais July 8th 2017

Saturday 8thJuly By the time you read this, we will be home….. After leaving Romania, we spent the rest of our time wandering back to Calais through Hungary, Austria, Germany and Belgium before spending our last two nights on the Opal coast in France. In Hungary we camped on the Danube and cycled to Tata, a pretty town built along the shore of a large lake. A smaller lake close by was created by Count Esterhazy who bought the town and built a summer house surrounded by an English garden complete with folly and fake ruins. In Austria, we stayed at Tulln, another picturesque town. We cycled around the centre and then further afield exploring the surrounding smaller villages. How refreshing to cycle on the flat for a change, although a strong headwind made sure we ... read more
St Stephen's cathdral, Passau
Art Street, Passau
Town Hall, Passau

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais July 3rd 2017

Long drive today so set off bright and early. Early certainly but not too bright as though the rain had stopped the sky was still looking grey and rather wet. This of course is not a problem for an all-day driving day apart from Bob having to wipe the windscreen every now and then in case I wanted to take a photo. Didn’t take many but it does keep me occupied and awake as we drive along trying to snap decent pictures. Being so high up in the cab of Tandy does give a distinct advantage for photos. I can see into all sorts of gardens that I’d completely miss lower down in a car ! Drove quite a lot of miles up and then across West Pleased to see that further north the buildings and ... read more
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Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Lille June 22nd 2017

It was that time of year again....8yrs this time! 💏 10yrs of actual togetherness ❤️ James is now living with us full time and in the midst of his GCSE's so our options were quite limited as we couldn't be away from home for too long. Luckily our friend Neil had offered to come and stay for the weekend to keep an eye on James so at least the child care aspect was taken care of 🌟 . Not that he actually needed looking a 15yr old James is very sensible and we had no concerns 😅 . NSPCC guidelines, however recommend that you don't leave under 16's over night so it was handy that Neil was available. We decided on Lille. The Eurostar 🚅 took us right into the city centre and Andrew's work ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Bailleul June 16th 2017

There was a small house that we noticed on the way to the supermarket. Also, we noticed these plots as we came out of Calais at the beginning of the week, but there were also some just inside Bailleul.... read more
garden plots
garden plots
skinny house

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque April 20th 2017

No los olvido en cuanto a las traducciones pero como muy raro recibo comentarios de parte de uds, amigos argentinos, les aconsejo para hacerme ganar tiempo traducir el texto de la pagina con la traduccion ofrecida por Google. En este blog voy dando nuevos nombres a ciertas fotos, sobre todo las de la Costa Belga para que entiendan un poco como es aqui... Veran varias casas antiguas que sin embargo estan muy bien cuidadas y que dan un tope lindo a las distintas ciudades. Veran tambien que aqui no hay carpas pero bien casitas que la gente alquila cada año para no tener que llevar todo cada dia a la playa. Mucha gente apenas llega deja su auto en un lugar fijo y despues hace el resto ya sea caminando ya sea en bici porque no ... read more
casas antiguas en la costa francesa

After a bit of Lunch I set back off to Aldi’s to pick up a few more supplies, followed by a bit of a walk around the woods. By the time I returned, the site was full, and a couple of Brits had arrived. The first were Francis and Kim, who were first timers to the Paris Roubaix but had followed the TDF for years in their motorhome. The others were Miles and his wife, he was trying his hardest not to turn his week here into a cycling holiday, as his wife was not as passionate about cycling, but was warming to the idea of motor homing. The next day I woke fairly early with the intention of riding to Roubaix to check out the velodrome, the finale of the race. But with no way ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Coquelles April 12th 2017

9 days and counting. It is getting very exciting. I hear my mum telling me to sit still as I look as if I have ants in my pants. I cannot help it - 9 days and we will be off to sunnier climes - to France and to Greece. As I smell the pot pourri - meadow flowers scent on my dresser I feel uplifted and ready to get on the road again. It will be the first time on the road with Suzy and it feels strange. She has been hoovered out and smells fresh - just like the meadow flowers pot pourri. She has been dusted and our clothes are now packed ready to go. Will we have enough ? Will we have taken too few? Will we have taken the wrong ones? ... read more
Les Islettes
Suzy on the aire
Rapeseed fields in Northern France

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Vimy April 11th 2017

VimyC'était une expérience inoubliable, non seulement d'être à la cérémonie à la Crête de Vimy avec 23,000 personnes, mais aussi de visiter des sites de la 1ère Guerre mondiale. Partout, on s'est rappelé la souffrance et les sacrifices des Canadiens et des Canadiennes (surtout les jeunes ). Beaucoup de soldats et de personnel (tunneleurs, constructeurs, médecins, infirmières) d 'autres pays ont aussi contribué, mais on remarque que la proportion à notre population était immense. J'étais fière d'être canadienne. Si jamais vous avez la chance de visiter cette région, je recommande un tour guidé de la Carrière Wellington à Arras. Dans ces tunnels, 24,000 soldats se sont cachés pendant 7 jours, en avril 1917, avant d'attaquer les soldats allemands . Aussi vaut-il marcher dans les tranchées près de Passchendale pour avoir la sensation. On s'imagine des mois ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Roubaix April 7th 2017

So a nice early rise Thursday morning as the ferry was for 6:40am and I needed to fuel up before hand. Now the one draw back to my little van, (or “Bob” as my nephew has named him), is climbing hills. I can start at 60, but I’ll be lucky if I’m still doing 40 at the top and not in third gear. So I was a bit apprehensive of taking the main A20 to reach Dover, but as it was, there was virtually no traffic and a 40mph limit, which meant I actually had to slow down from time to time. Once at the port I prepared to present my passport to the relevant authorities, except they were all still asleep and not in their booths, the english nor the French. The only guy to ... read more

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