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Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Saint-Omer June 26th 2018

This is a two day blog as these have been mainly uneventful travelling days. We catch the chunnel tomorrow just before 10am so have had two days driving north to get to our favourite campsite in the area, Chateau Gandspette at Eperlecques, near to St Omer. Decided to do the biggest part of the drive yesterday which took us to Laon. A 6 hour drive which is quite long enough especially for Bob who bruised himself when he slid off the step of Tandy a couple of days ago. This makes sitting a big painful even after his bruise has been anointed with my magic arnica gel. We were sorry to say goodbye to our Stork friends who entertained us so very well on our Turcqheim campsite but have motorhome must travel and it's time to ... read more
180625 Laon (19)
180625 Laon (21)
180625 Laon (24)

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Saint-Omer June 1st 2018

Today went like clockwork. Up at 6.30, showered, last oddments into Tandy, birds given a last meal of suet pellets and insructed to go find their own food for the next few weeks and we were on the road at 7.30am. Brilliant drive down, not a holdup in sight. It is school holidays so that could account for less traffic than normal. A bit foggy but no sign of the weather advertised as "risk to life" (Ryanair had cancelled all their Stanstead flights just in case !) In fact, such a good drive down that we arrived at the Chunnel terminal 2 hours before our booked train time of 2.20. Thought maybe we would be put on an earlier train but there were warning signs of 'disruption" and the terminal car park was chocker. Had our ... read more
Dartford Crossing easy as we've prepaid
St Omer to Calais canal
Lush greenery. Obviously had plenty of rain

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Saint-Omer September 23rd 2017

Woke to another misty river view. Very autumnal now. Set off north along some quiet country roads and it was fortunate they were quiet as several were not very wide and visibility could at best be called heavily misted. Bob had identified an Intermarche at Bapaume so we headed there and stocked up on wine for the winter and then all the nice things I like to put in my store cupboards. On the way again, bottles rattling away under the table where we store them in two collapsible crates. It stayed very misty until midday but then the sky cleared to blue again. Nice of it as we leave tomorrow ! We had to detour round Bapaume as the road through town was closed but managed to find another, country road, to get us up ... read more
spooky trees
La Targette French British and Canadian Cemetery – Neuville-Saint-Vaast
170923 Eperleques (18)

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Saint-Omer September 1st 2014

Exactly 2 months since we got home from our last trip to Spain and Portugal and Tandy has been sitting on the drive feeling a little neglected and bored. We have been anything but as it has been a rather busy summer and mostly glorious sunshine – always good if we chose our times for staying in England well. Only 2 weeks after getting home we went down to Stratford for a short break meeting up with Denise and Peter on the campsite by the river. Lovely spot complete with entertainment from a family of swans, a boat taxi ride into town down the lovely verdant river Avon and a trip to the theatre. Back home Bob was pleased to welcome daughter Jane from Thailand, staying in her local, UK, house for the summer. I made ... read more
Motorhome Expedition
Managed to grow a few pretty flowers this summer in the sunshine

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Saint-Omer August 24th 2013

It had to happen at some time although we probably would have preferred the drizzly rain to have occurred when we were driving between destinations. Never mind however because we have an indoor attraction to go to today and the tour of it will take a couple of hours at least.And what an absolutely amazing place it turned out to be and so well preserved and displayed.More about that in a minute. We have everything we could need in this apartment and we are already thinking that we shall be sorry to have to move on when the time comes. Romuald had told us that the nearest large town of St Omer had a very good market on a Saturday morning and so we headed for that first fearing that with the drizzle it might not ... read more
One of the uncompleted tunnels
Test rocket
V-2 rocket bomb

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Saint-Omer August 23rd 2013

Today would be the longest days drive we have had on the BBA V2,right across northern France, virtually one side to the other.Our apartment here had been OK from the point of view of facilities inside but we were a little disappointed with the location on the ground floor of three because we really didn't get any sun on the balcony because of the forest being so close and the tall trees.We have high hopes for our next apartment which is in a converted farmhouse in a very small village not far from Dunkirk. We plan to take all day to cross the country,well that is from 9.30am until probably 5pm or thereabouts and we will opt for the shortest route which is just on 400km.The fastest according to the GPS would have taken us well ... read more
Another one of those 'road' pictures and French farmland
Baled hay ready for storage

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