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Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne June 4th 2011

We are now in residence in an apartment in a time share village which gives us the opportunity to relax and explore the local countryside at our leisure. Nearby is the Canal du Midi which runs from near Toulouse to the sea. Boats of all shapes and sizes are tied up at the local village and in the height of summer must be quite busy. We have arrived at a time with temperatures in the high teens and very cloudy with occasional drizzle. Seems like we have brought it with us from Spain, but another resident said this sort of weather happens often because of the proximity to the mountains. After a lazy start to the day we took the deviation into Carcassonne, a town high on our list of must see places. Being a Saturday ... read more
Fortified town from the bridge
Inside the church
Entrance to fortified town

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne June 3rd 2011

Trois jours dans une contrée riche en histoire. Gens du Québec, sentez-vous vengés de tout ce beau temps dont nous avons plus qu'abusé depuis notre arrivée, pendant que vous vous les geliez... Lorsque, ces derniers jours, vous frôliez des T° presque trop chaudes, nous avions, dans les hauteurs, un temps ressemblant à l'automne québécois, avec peut-être un petit peu plus de vent. Laissez-moi vous dire que les gougounes sont restées à l'hôtel ! La journée du jeudi, que nous avions d'abord prévue pour une visite à Collioure, a été troquée contre une virée en pays cathare, avec visite audioguidée d'un château médiéval, suivie d'une visite-dégustation d'une cave en Corbières. Que nous avons été bien inspirés de faire ce changement ! Ce fut une journée mémorable. Ces quelques photos vous résumeront chronologiquement notre séj... read more
Quais du canal
Hôtel de ville de Narbonne
Ancien Palais des Archevêques

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne September 6th 2010

Anne: On the morning that we left my cousin Paul's house we travelled about half an hour to Carcassonne. Here they have a medieval Cité which I really wanted to visit as it is the setting of the book I was reading, Sepulture by Kate Mosse. It was baking hot when we got there and there were hundreds and hundreds of tourists! We had a walk around the inner Cité and I took loads of photos but the magic of the place was lost for me due the the sheer number of people there. Still enjoyed it though and bought a couple of postcards! We then travelled on to Andorra. xx... read more
29.08.10 009
29.08.10 013
29.08.10 015

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne August 29th 2010

The whole trip to France started evolving three years ago, when Kevin and I were last in the country. He had mentioned that we would come back in two years, and I said, “Let’s make it three, and we can have your 60th here!” And the planning began. The party part didn’t start in earnest, though, until about six months ago when a swap couple of the Ackmans from Carcassonne mentioned a wonderful restaurant and hotel, not far from the city of Carcassonne, called La Bergerie. The selling point was that it was a Michelin- starred restaurant. If you have had the great good fortune of going to a Michelin-starred restaurant, you know that EVERYTHING is just better. Food, service, presentation. Kevin got on line to them and got a booking for approximately 24 for the ... read more
Fried Lamb entree
Squid with ham entree
Bass with green beans

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne August 21st 2010

THURSDAY - I have a feeling most of the eating out is at an end. All friends and family are in town. Tonight was a quiet night at the house with Rob and Erica as Kevin went to pick up Julie Brown, coming in from Aussie. I discovered today that Rob has a SERIOUS coffee addiction, and watched a total metamorphosis as he was infused with caffeine. Note to self: carry chocolate covered coffee beans when with Rob Lauder. Rob is an excellent cook, and made the three of us a beautiful salad full of goodies from the frig. It’s amazing what you can do with leftovers. Nothing spectacular, but just flavorful and nice. FRIDAY- Kevin’s birthday dinner was fabulous. The restaurant, La Bergerie, is about a half hour out of Carcassonne. We had worries because ... read more
Tomato Tatin
Profiteroles forever!
Kevin's salmon something...

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne August 21st 2010

SATURDAY - Every day we start off with Pain au Chocolat or Pain au raisin, and a huge cup of café au lait. I can’t get enough of the good coffee here and end up with a good case of the shakes by 3 PM. It is so worth it. Ok, I am lapsing. I am so forgetting what I have eaten, since I haven’t written everything down. But if I can’t remember then it couldn’t have been that good or….it is all just so good that each meal is blending into another…..I’ll let the scales in LA determine that one…. SUNDAY - Kevin’s family arrived by noon for a birthday lunch for Ann at Hotel d’Alibert in Caunes. The food was wonderful, and beautifully presented. And the owner was delightfully obnoxious with his humor. A ... read more
Roasted Vegetables
Peche Gazpacho
Lemon tart

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne August 13th 2010

WEDNESDAY - After a tidy-up of the apartment and a quick hoovering of the last of the food, we bade goodbye to the apartment, Montmartre and Paris. Walked down the hill to the tube with the bags, mine has now expanded to include the LeSportsac, and over to Gare Montparnasse to catch the train to Toulouse. We bought sandwiches at the station which were huge. On to the train, luckily we got on early enough to get space for the bags. After settling in, the sandwiches were pulled out. Note to Self: Carry small jar of Dijonaise in purse at all times! We got off the train in Toulouse and picked up the car. Kevin had bought a GPS in England so I had no maps. Refer to Kevin’s blog, or email me directly if you ... read more
The bag-man
My chicken in Ollenzac
Kevin and Ed in Carcassonne

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne August 7th 2010

Saturday - Kevin and I spent the early day looking for restaurants for dinner with our friends, Rob and Erica, arriving on Sunday. We looked at a couple that were listed in my book, but they were either too expensive or didn’t have a prix fixe menu or were closed on Sunday (which was mostly the case anyway.) In the meantime we had settled on lunch at a little bistro down a small street near the Odeon. The meal was wonderful and Kevin I both enjoyed it. For dessert I had an Ile Flottante, which seems to be back in favor as a dessert. They weren’t on any menus three years ago, and they are a favorite of mine. Imagine a huge lump of merangue baked slightly, then placed in a bowl of Crème Englaise (custard ... read more
Another Paris Restaurant
Coffee Break!

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne July 24th 2010

What we thought would be our longest drive forced us to leave the middle of France early morning to get all the way to the bottom and reach Carcassonne. We made fantastic time and spent the afternoon exploring the city. Carcassonne is a fortified French town. It is basically a city that is divided into 2 and then surrounded by a huge, huge wall. Again, it is a very touristic place and it is difficult to find authentic but in the evening the walls are light and the crowds are low so it's a really great time to get a feel for the place. First signs of settlement in this region have been dated to about 3500 BC and I find that places such as Carsassonne are filled with fun and interesting facts such as it's ... read more
Inside Hotel
The Walls of Carcassonne
Pont Du Gard

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne July 16th 2010

When I set out travelling almost three years ago, my friend Rob, a globetrotter himself, warned me ‘You might find it difficult to settle again after being on the move for so long’. He was right. My life has changed drastically since I gave up everything to follow my dream of travelling the world. Initially, it was only supposed to be an overland journey from England to Pakistan, after which I expected to come back and pick up where I left off. But that never happened, and so far, I haven’t settled again. But, after spending five months in India, my travelling style has changed. I travel much slower now - two days on a train seem nothing other than normal now - and tend to stay between two and six months in one place. I ... read more
One of my favourite writing spots
Offering the 'Aum' cake
La Muse's wonderful library - complete with log fire

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