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Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne September 27th 2017

We set off this morning and stopped at the village of Villasequelande just before 12pm as it had a sign saying that there was a grocery store 400m away. We followed the signs and found the store and the owner asked if we were on the Canal du Midi and offered to deliver our purchases for us. Hearing this, we bought a lot of heavy items (bottles of water and wine, etc.) to take advantage of not having to carry our purchases back to the boat. After unpacking our shopping we had some lunch and when the locks reopened, we set off again. The scenery was long stretches of canal framed by the plane trees, with vineyards often beside the canal. In the afternoon, the wind had really picked up and it was very difficult to ... read more
170927 1b
170927 2
170927 3

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne September 24th 2017

After a late continental breakfast of a croissant, we walked to the medieval city - Carcassone Cite Medievale. It is only a 5 minute walk around the corner so our hotel is in a prime location. It was a beautiful day and quite hot at 29 degrees - a big difference to the 16 or so of late in England. The hilltop site is in the south of France and was protected originally by a Gallo-Roman wall. It was occupied later by the Visigoths, Saracens and Franks in turn. Rebuilt in medieval times by the Cathar family the Trencavels (1100s), was taken by Simon de Montfort in a Cathar Crusade in 1209 and later given to Louis IX. The fortress became a royal estate and defended the border between France and Aragon. In the 19th century, ... read more
170924 2 Carcassone layout
170924 3 Carcassone entrance
170924 4 Carcassone entrance

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne September 23rd 2017

After rendezvousing with Benny, Ann & Joe at Gatwick Airport, we checked in and went through Customs and boarded our flight. The fight was quite scenic as we flew over the South East of England, seeing the white cliffs of Dover in the distance and then some wind farms just off the English coast. The French countryside was a mix of green and brown and lots of irregular field shapes. It took about an hour and a half as we had a tail wind and we were met at Toulouse Airport by a transfer service to take us to Carcassone. It was 28 degrees in Toulouse, which was a welcome change from the 16 or so degrees that it had been in England over the last week or so. The drive took about an hour (at ... read more
170923 5 Dover
170923 8 Benny, Ann & Joe
170923 16 Onboard EasyJet EZY8337

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne September 22nd 2016

Very lazy day today, Wednesday. We spent the morning at the campsite relaxing with our books (well Kindle in my case and Tablet in Bob’s). After a bit of lunch we headed down to the beach, Santa Margarita end, the holiday resort part of Roses. It really does have a rather lovely beach with a very pleasant promenade running behind, its full length. Lots of shops selling your usual beachside tat and cafes and restaurants galore. We had a very good swim as the sea was quite warm, once immersed anyway and perfect for swimming. Warmer than campsite pool so I made sure I swam enough to cover my daily pool lengths as no intention of freezing myself in the pool later. The sun hid itself behind a cloud but warm enough anyway so we lay ... read more
160922 Villegly-en-Minervois. (27)
160921 rOSES (9)
160921 rOSES (5)

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne September 11th 2016

We left the Carmague heading for the motorway but before that we travelled the smaller roads that took us pass the smallholdings called mas which dot the landscape. The crops changed and we were starting to see cacti and prickly pear growing at the side of the road. We continued to drive on over the marshy fingers of land that made up the estuary of the mighty River Rhone. We were heading for the cite of Carcassonne which according to the Bible according to Camperstop Europe 2016 had an aire in a prime position within walking distance of what we wanted to see. Now as always the reality can sometimes differ from what we are expecting and today was no exception. We were heading for car park number 2 in which we expected to park ... read more
what lies behind those castle walls
Fairy tales and pepper pots
Modern carving of King Louise who sent out a crusade

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne July 24th 2016

Ook de volgende dag stond in het teken van rust, het warme weer en water om ons lijf. Wat men altijd al vertelde over het weer in de provence is wel echt een feit, broeierig heet maar zo droog zodat je er quasi geen last van hebt. De camping waar we verbleven, les lacs du verdon, was er één zoals je veel tegenkomt. Groot, veel volk, bandje aan de pols en elke avond bal populaire. Al geluk dat we bij onze aankomst ons niet moesten zetten in de mierennest bij de andere caravanners en tenten zodat de rust nog relatief bewaard bleef. Het zwembad daarentegen was wel dik in orde. Een stukje ondiep, stukje middeldiep en een stukje nog wat dieper. Met 2 superglijbanen waar het onmogelijk was om de kindjes boven te houden. Toen er ... read more

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne July 19th 2016

We arrived by train into Carcassonne and were collected by our most gracious and welcoming Airbnb host- Jocelynne. It was good to be welcomed so warmly to such a beautiful old medieval city. Our apartment was but a few minutes stroll from the walled city and as the floodlights were starting to glow on the castle walls, our first sight impressed us greatly. When in France, one must drink coffee and eat crusty bread, cheese and croissants. A great start to the day before we climbed up the cobbled pathways into the castle. Lots of other tourists had the same idea so it was sometimes tricky to negotiate our way through the throngs. It all added to the atmosphere though and before long we were strolling up and down the ramparts, gazing up at the towers ... read more
High on the hilltop
Castle dominates the horizon
Up the cobblestones and into the castle

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne June 12th 2016

My insomnia/jet-lag struck again on my last night in Andorra and I only managed 3-4 hours sleep. I keep thinking that I'm gonna have to collapse at some point - this can't go on. Reversing my body clock is proving irritatingly difficult. It's never great to be groggy on a travel day so luckily this time it was easy; I was about to embark on my first Bla Bla Car ride. As explained in my last blog entry, the idea is brilliant - the driver makes a bit of money from a trip he/she was going to take anyway and the passenger saves a whole lot of dough. Plus, carpooling is great for the environment too. And I have to say that my first two rides - from Andorra la Vella to Toulouse and then from ... read more
View From The Hostel
City Walls By Night
Haberdashery Storefront

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne May 19th 2016

Cycling the Canal du Midi (June 2015) Wednesday, 10 June – Collioure to Toulouse, France. Morning Eurobus from Collioure to Perpignan. SNCF train from Perpignan to Narbonne, change at Narbonne for train to Toulouse. From Toulouse station we cycled about 8km to the F1 Hotel south of the city in the University district. We unpacked and relaxed for a small bit (not a proper yoga session!) and then took the Metro back into the city for a lovely dinner at La Bistrot, which was in an area we had previously not visited. There were many small restaurants and bars that were all doing a brisk business, mostly from students. Afterwards we wandered around a bit more and then returned to the hotel by metro and were sound asleep before 11pm. Travel is hard work! Thursday, 11 ... read more

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne May 16th 2015

I forgot to mention that just after we reached the A9 yesterday afternoon Bernie had an 'Oh no, I left the iPad on the floor beside the bed this morning' moment. Really??!! The more he thought about it the more convinced he was that he just could not remember packing it. I suggested that we pull over to check, but Bernie wanted to get us to the B&B in Béziers before it got any later and then worry about driving back to Avignon for the iPad if necessary. Of course that meant that we both spent the whole trip envisioning a drive back to Avignon. As soon as we pulled up at the B&B Bernie looked for the iPad ... which had been safely packed this morning. All that stress for nothing! We slept well and ... read more
The Porte Narbonnaise
The Comtal Château

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