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Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay July 19th 2020

So, how does brut rose' champagne get its tint? From Bubble and Flute: The quick answer is they totally ignore that pesky little “pressing to avoid colour taint” rule. All red wines are made from prolonged contact with the black skinned grapes. For rosé champagne, there are three specific ways it can be made…Blending (or “Rosé d’assemblage”) when still red wine (in varying amounts between 5 and 20%) is added to the champagne at the blending stage. The still red wine must – of course – be from champagne grapes t... read more
Domaine Carneros brut rose'
Love Taittinger too!!!

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay July 5th 2020

According to Winespeed: Non-vintage Champagne (designated NV on the wine’s label) is a blend of wines from different years’ harvests and from different vineyards and villages (crus) within the Champagne region. Non-vintage Champagne wines represent the vast majority of Champagne wines produced. (By contrast, vintage Champagne represents a little less than 6% of exports). Non-vintage Champagne wines are valued for their consistency year to year. By blending multiple vintages, each Champagne maker can maintain a “house style” that consumers can depend on. Amazingly, in some cases, the range of vintages in a non-vintage Champagne can span up to 20 years. By law, non-vintage Champagne wines need to age on the yeast lees fo... read more
Why not celebrate?
Mumm is a good medium priced bubbly!

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay May 21st 2020

Buy It With a $20: NV Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserva ($13) A surprisingly good Cava given that it’s from a producer much better known for Riojas, this refined sparkling wine offers bright green apple flavors and a dry, lightly saline finish. NV Cleto Charli Lambrusco Vecchia Modena ($16) Crisp, dry and even slightly tannic (in a good way), this red spar... read more
My splurge, Domaine Carneros, Napa Valley
Coastal fav, Laetitia in Arroyo Grande, CA

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay April 26th 2020

Let me start by telling you what I have around the house to drink on a normal day. Is there such a thing these days, as a normal day? Many of you already know my every day sparkler is Veuve du Vernay, a brut rose' from Loire, France. Well under $10 a bottle, and quite good. And it can be found in the most likely and unlikely places, like Whaler's General Store in Hawaii!! My every day red wine is usually a Cabernet. My current favorite, though rather pricey, is an Inkblot Cab franc from Michael David Winery in Lodi. If you can't make the drive to (Stuck in) Lodi, it an be ordered online or purchased at Total Wines. If you go online, they are currently offering 35% off, their member price, on a case ... read more
Inkblot from Michael David in Lodi
Lanson from Reims

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay April 6th 2020

Most of you already know this, but for those of you new to sparkling wines of the world, here you go! Q: What are the real differences between Champagne vs. Prosecco and why does one cost so much more than the other? A: The quick answer is Champagne is from France and Prosecco is from Italy, but there are some other things to know about both wines –especially if you like sparkling wines. Champagne is a sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France around the city of Reims about 80 miles (130 km) Northeast of Paris. Made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir a... read more

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay September 1st 2018

Quelques kilomètres encore avec un arrêt d'une nuit à Troyes... Nous commençons à connaître ce camping par coeur... ses bons emplacements et pour une fois nous n'allons pas nous promener dans les magasins d'usines car un bel orage pointe son nez à l'horizon... Nous aurons ici un voisin hyper sympa, très grand voyageur qui passe son hiver aux antipodes, une partie de son année en Corse et l'autre partie il promène avec sa femme et son petit fils, biens sympas tous les trois... Puis vient le bonheur de retrouver en peu plus haut encore une famille que nous aimons tant... Travaillant tous deux dans le champagne.. on ne peut que se faire gâter... MERCI encore Emilie et Raphael... MERCI encore les trois petits bouts d'avoir laissé papa et maman s'occuper de nous pour la soirée... Cette ... read more
paysages de villages
belle nature

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay June 7th 2018

Well with our time in Paris finished and a wonderful previous night at a Jazz club for dinner and live entertainment we are ready to pick up our new car and head for the Champagne district. We now have a new addition to the family, Peugeot 3008 GT in White. On the road to Epernay, Rose wanted to stop at the Le Vallee (Frances answer to the Premium Outlet Malls in the US, but not as good) we arrived in Epernay at about 4:30 and once checked in to our lovely Airbnb apartment, we walked around and got some items to cook our first dinner in France.... read more

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay March 16th 2018

I am not sure many of you share the same interest in sparkling wines that I do. The only "rule" I believe in is to drink what you like, and don't worry about the name or place it comes from. I also like to keep the price well under $20, as I do for red and white wines. But here goes anyway: Over 308 million bottles of Champagne were sold by the end of last year. Just three days remain to exceed that figure this year (we assume you’ll do your part). According to the official trade group Comité Champagne, there are now 15,000 growers and 300 Houses (major firms) in the Champagne region. If you are unsure about what you like, try going to a champagne or sparkling wine tasting, where you can try many ... read more
Love my bubbles
New Year's Eve
Smoke in your eyes?

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay May 30th 2017

As mentioned in the last blog entry we left Damery with wonderful fresh vegetables on board thanks to Ali and headed toward our original destination of Epernay. When passing through the next village of Cumieres we noticed that this was the home base of the paddlewheel boat that we had seen in Damery with the numerous tourists checking out the vineyards on the hillsides. They also had numerous metal cutouts lining the canal showing some of the various jobs associated with the growing of grapes. They had the person pruning, the person tying up the vines, the turning of the bottles and others. We were somewhat surprised that they even showed the spraying of the vines – we weren’t sure if they would typically advertise that! Epernay was only a short distance away so we were ... read more
Cumieres - Home of the Paddlewheeler
As You Come Close to the Marina in Epernay
This Champagne Label Design Incorporates a Red X

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Epernay July 20th 2016

PA revenant en Europe cette année, nous profitons de son voyage pour le rejoindre en compagnie de Tiffany en Champagne... Nous nous proposions d'aller participer aux festivités organisées à Verdun pour le centenaire de sa bataille, mais Leslie faisant défaut au voyage en dernière minute, nous pensons que le Zoo d'Amnéville sera un meilleur arrêt en route pour Tiffany. C'est ainsi que nous passerons une belle journée au Zoo d'Amnéville en Lorraine. Nous sommes un peu décus mais gardons tout de même un bon souvenir des beaux animaux découverts. Notre route continue en direction d'Epernay où nous retrouvons avec joie nos amis et leurs enfants, fières de nous faire visiter le chantier de leur prochaine maison... Merci à vous la famille J. Nous avons été heureux de vous revoir et encore plus heureux de voir combien ... read more
Tiffany and Bonne Mamy !

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