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July 25th 2009
Published: July 25th 2009
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We woke up at 7 AM, well at least I did. I woke Lori; she said she in a groggy voice slept soo good. I told her to go and shower first and that I would be second. That was a mistake! After 45 minutes and twisting my legs like a bread bag tie, I yelled out what are you doing in there? She came out I’m just putting on my makeup. I’ve gotta go!!! She said all you have to do is tell me so and she let me slide in, I felt like the horse that just ran the Kentucky Derby, if you know what I mean.
I showered and headed down stairs to have a famous German Gusthaus breakfast. Yes, it was GREAT, I started with soft boiled eggs; ask Kirsten how much I like soft boiled eggs. It continued with German rolls with cheese and sliced meat. I had one and made a second for the road. The coffee was the great strong German coffee I always remember and it was topped off with fresh apple juice. You notice the previous sentence was singular, that’s because I ate breakfast by myself Lori was still getting ready. She came down as I was eying her soft boiled egg; I asked are you going to eat that? She quick replied; keep your hands of my food daddy O. I would have gone for egg, but I think she could take me.
We loaded up and headed toward France. As we were winding around the mountains Lori spotted a castle up on the hill. She looked at me and said can we go up there. I said you bet. She turned around and headed toward the castle. We had to walk a ways but it was worth it.
The first city we stopped at was Metz. Lori has taken over the driving and I stepped into my secure post of navigating. She piloted the VW into the Centre of Metz and parked the car in the Centre underground garage by the Opera. I was so proud. We jumped out grabbed our back packs with our cameras and PC’s heading toward the cathedral. It was just a few blocks away and Lori was ahhhh by how she could see the tops of the Towers as we walked toward it.
Yes, Lori was amazed by the beauty and detail of Metz’s Cathedral. I was having fun, Lori asked so many questions, who built this, how old is it and on and on. I felt like I was with Lori when she a child asking question after question. Yea, I was enjoying every second.
From the cathedral we walked toward the Templiers chapel, yea the guys with the white robes and a Red Cross on their chest. We passed a big statue of a guy named Ney, I figured he was related to our Dana and told him Dana was making him proud. Once we arrived at the chapel, Lori and I walked through and around discussing the Templar’s and their history.
It began to rain lightly so we headed back to the car; we loaded up and headed toward Epernay.
We arrived in Epernay and began looking for a Hotel. I was beginning to get a little nervous that we hadn’t found a room. Then as we came upon the city circle Lori spotted a Hotel, told me to get ready, she says I’m going to drop you off and I will circle. Ok, I need to stop right here and now and ask this question to Kirsten. Did you sit down with Lori and discuss the finer points of traveling in Europe? I’m beginning to think you and Lori have been talking more than I realize.
Well the Hotel was great, only 53 Euros and it had WIFI. I took the room, after inspecting it of course. I quickly walked out to the circle looking for Lori; she was nowhere to be seen. I stood there waiting and just like Kirsten here she came cursing around the corner. I showed her thumbs up and she whipped the car into a parking spot she was eyeing.
I got to tell you I’m proud of her.
We had dinner around the corner at the café. It was very busy, always a good sign. After eating we headed back to our room, logged on and started updating our blogs.

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27th July 2009

living la vida loca
30th July 2009

The Ney's
Yes - it's rumored that the Ney's started somewhere in France but I wouldn's swear to it! I think it is so great that you and Lori are doing this...and thanks for taking us along with you.

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