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Europe » France » Centre » Amboise July 30th 2019

I take my now daily routine stroll down to the boulangerie to pick up a bread stick. We’ve both commented on how distinctly French all the streetscapes are here in Amboise. If you got dropped in here from outer space you’d be in no doubt at all which country you were in, even if you’d never been to Amboise before. If you got dropped into the middle of Melbourne and you’d never been there before, you wouldn’t know where in the world you were. We decide to visit Chateau Gaillard which is only a fifteen minute stroll from the hotel. We read that it was the brainchild of King Charles VIII, who visited Italy in 1496 and found himself a bit taken by a villa in Naples. When he came back to France he managed to ... read more
Chateau Gaillard
Garden’s, Chateau Gaillard
Chateau Gaillard

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise July 27th 2019

Issy seems to have come down with a cold, which sucks for her. She decides to rest up so I set off on my own to see what I can discover. We’ve been told that there are more than 300 chateaus in the Loire Valley, so I think we might struggle to get around to all of them in the four more days that we’ve got here. It seems that for something to be called a chateau it needs to satisfy a few specific criteria, and your average Frenchman can’t just decide one day to hang a chateau sign out the front of his house and start charging passers-by exhorbitant fees to look around it. Chateaus are generally palaces or large manor houses, and they can’t be in cities. If you want to show off your ... read more
Leonardo da Vinci’s tomb, Chapel of Saint Hubert, Chateau d’Amboise
Amboise from Chateau d’Amboise
Chateau d’Amboise

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise July 26th 2019

We wake to find that it’s been raining overnight, and it is thankfully much cooler. We meet Mark and Carol and head for the Chateau of Chambord which is about 40 km north east of Amboise. As we pass through some small villages along the way Carol tells us that all these villages have their own festivals at some time during the year and that we should see if there are any on while we’re here. She says that all these festivals have their own themes, and that the festival at the village next along the river from Amboise, for example, is called “The Festival of the Stuffed Tomato”. We read that Chambord is the largest chateau in the Loire Valley and one of the most recognisable chateaux in the world. It was built by King ... read more
Chateau of Chambord
Chateau of Chambord
Chateau of Chambord

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise July 25th 2019

Today we travel to France’s Loire Valley. We wait in long lines of traffic as we try to get to Amsterdam airport to catch our train. Our taxi driver tells us that this is due to “the incident” yesterday. We’ve given up watching the news, so we don’t know what he’s referring to. He makes it sound very sinister, and our minds immediately jump to terrorist attack. Fortunately it’s nothing quite so dramatic. It seems instead that someone at the airport petrol station inadvertently pushed the wrong button, which meant that 50 flights couldn’t take off because they didn’t have any fuel. The chaos that we see here this morning is apparently the flow on from this. Our train to Paris leaves twenty minutes late. It then crawls across Belgium, but as soon as we cross ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise April 15th 2018

This afternoon, Sophie drove us to visit the royal château at Amboise, a massive pile of stone perched above the charming little town of Amboise, which lies 17 miles east of Tours, on the south bank of the Loire river. As has been the weather pattern lately, the day began under overcast skies, but by late afternoon we enjoyed sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the low-to-mid-70s. Unlike the other châteaux we've visited so far, the Château d'Amboise served as a royal residence for much of its existence. Since Neolithic times, the Châteliers promontory, the 120-ft.-tall hill upon which the château rests, has been an ideal observation post, while offering an exceptional natural defense. There is evidence to suggest that Roman legions under Julius Caesar (100 BC-44 BC) occupied this fortified site. As the residence for ... read more
The royal Château at Amboise
Dee and Sophie
View of the Loire river, looking east

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise June 24th 2017

Matkalle lähtiessä minulla ei ollut oikein ymmärrystä siitä, mihin olemme menossa. Olin kyllä katsonut kartasta, mutta paikan nimet eivät sanoneet minulle mitään. Tiesin, mihin minun piti matkustaa Pariisista junalla. Rolandilla oli tavoitteena, että käymme kiertämässä 8 linnaa neljän päivän aikana. Sittemmin kävi ilmi, että seutu on kuuluisaa Loire-joen laaksoa, jossa Ranskan kuninkaat ovat rakennelleet linnoja erityisesti renessanssin aikaan. Minä luulin, että Ranskan kuninkaat viihtyivät Pariisissa, mutta se oli kai myöhemmin. Ei kovin paljon myöhemmin, koska vallankumouksen jälkeen täällä ei enää oikein kuningasta ollut. Léna oli etukäteen iloinnut siitä, että näemme Leonardo da Vincin linnan, joten suunnistimme ensimmäisenä Amboiseen. Clos Lucé on pieni linna tai iso kartano, johon Ranskan kuningas Frans I kutsui ystävänsä Leonardon vie... read more
Aatelisia Amboisen linnassa
Mona Lisa -ruusut ja Léna pohtimassa.
Leonardo da Vincin työtila

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise May 23rd 2017

May 1 – May 6 We started off the week on May 1st, my Mom’s birthday with a call that evening to wish her the best on her 89th. We used to Skype, but since we were in Paris we now have a different phone plan that allows us to use our phone as a wi-fi hot spot on the boat as well as to make international calls home. It makes it much easier to talk as we don’t have the delays that you have when on Skype. Of course we can’t do the video calls this way, but it is working so far. As always it was wonderful to have a chance to visit with Mom. A great way to start the week. We decided to take a few days to explore a different section ... read more
A Couple of Views of the Streets of Amboise
The City Gate Is a Distinct Landmark
The Other Side of the Same Gate in Amboise

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise September 10th 2014

Geo: 47.4104, 0.981122 We left St. Malo and stopped at Fougeres to see the St. Leonard church and the public gardens. We walked the ramparts and took photos of one of the largest medieval castles in France. We drove to Chinon in the Loire valley to visit some chateaus. All we have been seeing so far in the countryside is corn, no grapes. They grow a lot of corn here. We asked a local where all of the corn went and he said it was feed for the animals. We drove over to Langeais Chateau. It is a fortress like chateau with 16th century furnished rooms. After that we drove to our B&B for the night. A very nice B&B in a French house. The owner spoke pretty good English, so we had some good conservations. ... read more
I love Gargoyles!!
In the public garden
The castle

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise September 28th 2013

It's Monday and we only have another few days here. Quick phone call to the Eurotunnel office to change our train home from Tuesday next week to Friday this week. Five house viewings arranged and an offer put in on a bungalow pending inspection. How mad is that? The weather has cooled off significantly. From 33 degrees in Portugal it is now around 17 overnight and a little over 22 in the day. The mornings are misty although the sun does burn through by mid morning. Our plan to drive to Poitiers a city I have always wanted to see and in particular its cathedral. We had found a site near to Futuroscope which hopefully would be open and would have a bus into the city. Our journey was pretty boring along the way. And to ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise September 8th 2013

There had been a little improvement in the weather overnight and the overcast sky was broken with a large patch of blue sky away in the direction we intended to head for the days sightseeing. It was still a bit cool when we opened the windows to let some fresh air in before breakfast and too nippy to sit in the sunroom. As we have been experiencing for the last couple of weeks the sun is noticeably later in rising which gives you the feel that the day is passing by .OK, we get a longer sunset on the other end but having the sun early is a better way to get going for the day. We packed the chilly bag with cheese, tomatoes and ham as well as drink for lunch and by mid morning ... read more
Chateau du Amboise
Clos Luc,Leonardo da Vinci's manor house,Amboise
A house built into the cliff,Amboise

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