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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 18th 2008

For six years Elysee and I have put into practice our adopted retired lifestyle: "The World Is Our Second Home." (See my profile for more information on that.) We have ranged from Slovenia, to Carmel, California, to Australia/New Zealand. Our Estonian "Love Nest" fit right in. Within days of arriving we had adjusted the furniture, put our personal photos in place, bought fresh flowers, set up our cocktail bar, established separate places for each of us to work, and enjoyed our traditional first meal, schnitzel, with a fine local wine. I had begun searching for a place in Tallinn the previous fall, was helped greatly by a local agent, EREL INTERNATIONAL, did my customary due diligence before signing the lease, and passed the moment of truth when the key is first turned in the door. After ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 14th 2008

Saturday 23 - Wednesday 27 August 2008 We both had a tops night sleep in the ‘Romantika’ (something about ships perhaps....) and, because we had forgotten to set our watches to the new time zone, only woke up when an announcement was made saying we were an hour from Tallinn. The port we arrived at was very well set up and clearly catered for large numbers of tourists arriving by passenger ferry. There were already three large ships berthed in the port and later we discovered a second port just around the bay. A city sightseeing bus was waiting out the front, so we decided to do one full loop of the tour and then get off at the stop closest to our hostel. We couldn’t realise it at the time, but because of all the ... read more
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Archery Anyone?
Our 'Funky' Bike Tour Visits the Old Tallinn Prison

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 10th 2008

I woke up Tuesday morning in Helsinki and walked to the harbour to catch my ferry to Tallinn,Estonia. The ferries run very often, and Tallinn is often considered a suburb of Helsinki. I got checked in and found a comfy seat for the 3 hour trip. The sea was pretty rough on the crossing, but I decided that I had been on enough boats by now and passed on taking any gravol. At about hour 2 I could tell that the ups and downs were starting to get to me, so I tried something that I didn't think would work. I met a guy from Quebec in Iceland and he told me that to cure sea sickness, a person should eat. It seemed risky to me. But I went and bought the biggest sandwich I could ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 1st 2008

Tallinn-Estonia Old Town,incredible charming.A resilient race,culture charged,breathtaking ,situated on the Gulf of Finland.Hard done by ,by the Swedes and Russians,shy ,reserved people,seem to be wanting in confidence on account of their plight in the past.This only adds to their beauty as people,totally unaffected by the superpowers. It is refreshing to see people hold their own alongside the gargantuans,who never fail to surprise and dissapoint us in most of their decisions. On this point full credit must be given to the Swedes,who have not been implicated in anything controversial for the recent 200 years. Estonians can now enjoy complaisance and build on their self esteem. ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 1st 2008

Tallin was beautiful. Its a city I would really recommend out of the Baltic States to visit. I've been to Riga, Lativia and I loved that too. Mikk told me Tallin was the probably the better looking of the 3 capitals and I can see why. In fact during the occupation of Tallin when the Russian's were there Tallin was left generally in tact - as the model Soviet City. After checking in on the 28th I briefly showered and check my stuff into a dorm - at a cost of 10$AUD a night. I then followed the map that was from the Euphoria hostel where I was staying that I would really recommend actually - and there is a good map from the same people for Tartu. So I had a look around the city ... read more
Tallin 28/08/08
Tallin 28/08/08
Tallin 28/08/08

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 22nd 2008

I was doing just fine, surrounded by a bevy of Estonian beauties. The remainder of this story is also excerpted from my book Our Summer in Estonia. "All was going great for me, when my competition arrived. A group of Brits, who, believe it or not, were also on the town showing one of their mates a good time, because he too was soon to be married. Of course this was great for Elysee. Fair play, so to speak." The odds of our meeting separate male and female groupS, within minutes of each other, each out for a night of carousing to honor a friend about to get married, are incalculable. As Elysee and I continued our way home, we looked over our shoulder and saw both groups, together, make the turn that took them into ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 20th 2008

I would certainly advise any young person visitng Tallinn to wander into the Old Town Square for night of revelry. Elysee and I were returnig to our apartment from dinner at Controvento, a five minute stroll on a mild summer's night.What transpired next is excerpted from my book."I looked ahead along the lane and saw, moving towards me, a stunning, drop-dead-in-your-tracks sight. Wisecraking outload, I said, 'I must have died and gone to Estonia heaven.' This is better than a muslim martyr with his seven virgins. Headed for the square, and thus straight for me, I was suddenly surrounded by a dozen of the liveliest, lovliest, dressed-for-nightime success, young Estonian ladies.I was immersed, reveling, non-resistant, bantering, allowing myself (obviously very safe at my age and also being with my wife Elysee) to be coyly cojoled as ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 19th 2008

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 17th 2008

Riianlahden rantatie oli nyt uusittu kokonaan ja se on hyvässä kunnossa. Tosin se menee nyt kauempana merestä, joten maisemia ei näe. Rekkaliikennekin vähenee huomattavasti Riikan jälkeen, joten meno on paljon mukavampaa ja turvallisempaa. Matka joutuikin oikein hyvin. Riikasta Tallinnaan on kuitenkin yllättävän pitkä matka, 330km! Kaiken kaikkiaan Budapestistä kertyi 1700km Tallinnaan. Onhan siinä urakkaa. Jälleen olimme yksimielisiä siitä, että emme enää ikinä aja Unkariin! Saa nähdä pitääkö päätös? Perillä laskimme, että koko reissun aikana ajoa kertyi n. 13 000 km!!! VW Polon mittariin tuli 10 000- ja Transilvian reissulla ajoimme vuokra-autolla 3000km. Pääsimme Tallinnassa tunnin odotuksella Helsingin lauttaan, mikä olikin jo ihanaa, sillä olo oli reissussa päässyt rähjääntymään. Vaikka olikin helpotus saapua kotimaahan, niin mieli on vi... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 12th 2008

So, our last day in St. Petersburg was a lot of fun. We took the bus out to Peterhof, a palace surrounded by a beautiful park that is filled with fabulous fountains that rival Versailles. We spend a few hours just walking around and enjoying the scenery. It was nice to notice that there were more Russina tourists than foreigners. After Peterhof. we made our way back to the city center and went on a canal tour that took us down the Neva River and gave us a nice perspective of all of the major buildings in St. Petersburg. We realized, sadly, that we didn't really "get" St. Petersburg; it didn't really speak to us. Possibly, it was our hostile hostel that put us on the wrong foot with this great city. We loved the Winter ... read more
The Gate to Tallinn
An outdoor cafe
Asaf in Old Town

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