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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 6th 2008

Hi all. Sorry we haven't blogged for ages - there is virtually no internet in the northern reaches of Norway or Finland. We head into Russia tonight, so fingers crossed we have enough money to pay the guards off... apparently it's pretty much gauranteed that we'll have to. I don't have any more time to write more sorry. Must dash. See you all again in a week or so. Nigel ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 2nd 2008

So not much new to report. Went out for a bit to grab a couple beers last night, but mostly just hung out and talked at the hostel. Roger got in about 1:30am and we were up today at 10 to see the city (again for me). Really small Old Town, but just a nice place to walk around. Going to skip the beer festival I think since it is out of the city and seems to be more of an Estonian music festival, so we will probably do a "tour" of the pubs and maybe a late night club. We'll see. Anyway, off to Lithuania tomorrow afternoon. Hope all of you in the States are enjoying yourselves and the hot weather--my tan from Greece is gone and nights are as cool as winter days in ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 1st 2008

OK, again, great Old Town. Weather is not very good in the Baltics unless you prefer cold and dreary conditions in the summer, but at least you do not need AC. Went for a run around the Old Town again today and had the same filling Russian dumplings I had in Riga today at 6 Pellini *spelling?). This am I walked to the old wooden homes way outside the Old Town. Sort of neat to get off the beaten path, but nothing amazing. Found a great little pizza spot last night with some hostel mates and we had some fun there and at the Beer House which is a replicated German Beer Hall right with the big mugs, outfits on the girls, etc. Good times there too. Anyway, Roger flies in tonight late and we have ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 30th 2008

OK, made it to Tallinn and can't write much yet--short on internet time, but it is a great little city. Waslked the whole old town today and it is so nice. Check pictures out online sometime! I also went for a run around the whole walled city and then back into it and did some stairs--that is after probably walking 4 miles did another 4 or so running. Good day so far. Starting to get a bit rainy, but the hostel is nice--almost like a hotel. Staying in the Old House Hostel. It seems like it will be a quiet one, but good location and clean enough. Tomorrow will be a slow day unless I decide to get out and do something. Roger is supposed to get in at 12:00 at night or so, so need ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 23rd 2008

Monday 23rd June About halfway through our tour through France, after the spate of public holidays in early May, I had consulted the internet and proudly announced that we were not going to have to deal with any more holidays; nowhere in Europe had any anniversaries or religious celebrations until after we left. I had not taken Estonia into account! In Estonia today is Võidupüha or Victory Day which is the anniversary of the Battle of Võnnu. This Battle occurred during 1919, in the shadows of World War 1. Germany had, of course, lost the war and the Germans were suffering bread riots and food shortages. Under the terms of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk which, after the Russian Revolution, the Russian Bolsheviks had negotiated and signed with the German high command, Germany had occupied the Ukraine ... read more
End of WWII
The Aleksander Nevski

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 22nd 2008

Vi rakk hurtigbåten til Tallin fra Helsini så vidt. (hvis ikke måtte vi ha ventet maaaange timer på neste) Båten brukte 100 minutter, litt dyr for backpakker budsjett da. Vel framme i Tallin, og regnet høljet ned. Så da var det bare og få på seg regntøyet. Fant noen kart og infohefter i ankomshallen og fant ut hvilken retning vi måtte gå til nærmeste Hostel. Etter 20 min fant vi en overnatting til 120 kr pr seng. Overnattet 2 netter i Talling. Brukte tiden på knipsing av diverse bygninger. Var også innom et museum med torturredskaper fra middelalderen. (kjente at jeg ble litt kvalm) Resten av tiden slappet vi av på kafeer. Kl 2330 den 22/06 satte vi oss på toget til St Petersburg.... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 20th 2008

I pøsende regnvær,ankom vi Tallinn,Estland fra Helsinki,Finland med båt.. Opp med ryggsekkene og på med regntøyet, så var vi klare for å finne en disent overnattingsplass..Fant et par hostel-options med dormrom som var billige & ok, og i tillegg et par strippeclubbs som nærmeste nabo,ergo suverent!!. Slengte fra oss sekkene, så var det ut for å utforske byen, ja fortsatt regnvær..Endte opp med etaplass så tilbake til hostellet for å vaske klær,skrive dagbok osv pga været som aldri ga seg.. Dag 2: super dag med sol & råkk ænd råll!! Startet dagen med en tur til togstasjonen for kjøp av togbilletter til St.Petersburg,etterfulgt av frokost på et digg bakeri.. Mette & klare for nye inntrykk, gøyv vi løs på byens Oldtown og dens gamle bygninger..Arti med trange gater & praktfulle kirker & katedraler.. EEENDEL sliitsomme turister ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 15th 2008

15 June: TODAY IS MY LAST full day in Estonia. During the past two weeks I have been totally enthralled by this vibrant place which is Tallinn, and also by the serenity of Saaremaa. Sure there are areas that are rather ramshackle with buildings which haven't been deemed worthy of restoration or upkeep and aren't in the best of repair or are falling apart entirely. But I haven't found any slums. Some quarters, such as Kälamaja, north of the city centre, is adjacent to derelict military harbour installations of the Soviet era. But at least one old factory building is now slated for conversion into a modern performing arts centre. It's only been 16 years since Estonia has cast off the shackles of a repressive political system. Yet in this short time this little country of ... read more
Crumbling "Cold War" fortifications
A giant bunker
Ferry terminal

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 14th 2008

C est fou comme tout passe vite, cela fait deja pres de 5 mois et demi que l on est parti! Il doit faire deja pas mal chaud a Montreal... alors qu ici a St Petersbourg, on se les gele vraiment!!! (la premiere journee surtout) Avant que j oublie, bonnes vacances pour les courageux professeurs! De notre cote, pas de repos pour les vadrouilleurs, nous sommes en Russie! Passer la frontiere a ete clairement plus facile que d avoir notre visa touristique (encore une fois, merci a Manuel qui est alle au consulat russe de Montreal pour nous!)! En plus, pour le moment aucun policier ne nous a accoste... Mais bon, on verra bien une fois rendu a Moscou! On vous envoie quelques photos de nos aventures baltes et polonaises! Samedi passe (le 7 juin), apres ... read more
Celine a Craco!!!
le chateau
La parade des dragons

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 14th 2008

13 June: Today I'm getting a private tour of this town's most popular theatre company, Tallinna Linnateater (City Theatre). The company's veteran designer is my guide. It's his birthday, yet he spends an hour and a half taking me through some of the 26 (!) buildings surrounding a square that house this company's many venues, social and meeting rooms, library and offices. The main building of this large complex was first mentioned on records of the 17th century when it was first purchased and remodelled by a prominent merchant, but it didn't have its beginnings as a theatre until 1967. Since then, more than $50 million has gone into restoring the aged and war-ravaged structures to their former glory, and the various theatre spaces are amazing to behold by someone like me who comes from a ... read more
Interior design
Here's one I wouldn't mind for my living room
Garden next to Kadriorg Art Museum

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