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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 5th 2008

Amazing as it seems for little Estonia St. Olav's church is reputed to have been the world's tallest building at the time of its construction in 1267. It is 140m (460ft) high. It was built by Scandinavian merchants as an orientation point for seaman and named after the Norwegian King Olaf Haraldson. You can still today climb to the top for a magnificent view over the harbor and down into the Town Square. Are their other claims for tallest building at the time? Find out more about Our Summer in Estonia at ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 1st 2008

I have selected the photograph in this entry because it so captures the contrast between the old and new Estonia. In the background is the construction of a 32 story bank tower and in the foreground is the Russian Orthodox church Our Lady of Kazan, built in 1721 and the oldest wooden structure in Tallinn. Estonia is doing a good job of modernizing, while being aware of its world heritage architecture and cultural ambiance dating back to the 13OOs. This change is also reflected in the people, a dynamic people, totally engaged in the modern world, in some cases advancing beyond their EU peers, but cognizant of their special heritage. It is one of my favorite places, having spent an entire summer their. (see for more)... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 29th 2008

My wife and I did not just visit Estonia, we rented an apartment and stayed for three months. Part of our lifestyle plan to is stay each summer away from our home in Naples, Florida and take up residence elsewhere. We call it THE WORLD IS OUR SECOND HOME. Estonia was wonderful and I hope to report more in the weeks and months ahead. For the impatient you can visit my website The day after we arrived, there was a day long renaissance festival inthe old Town Square. A wonderful meeting place, the heart of Tallinn and to some degree Estonia. Visited for Christmas by Peter the Great, the reputed location for the first display of a Christmas tree, and the location of the oldest pharmacy in Europe. It is a world heritage site and ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 29th 2008

Ghostwriter Firstly in response to James´ comment we have not taken a ghostwriter with us on holiday but as a joint blog it would be rather annoying to have to do otherwise... perhaps I (fiona) shall take up the royal we in future... Day Two The day started late as we slept in still rather knackered from the Stansted epic. Met up with Andres, a former Jasmine di Milo colleague, and went for lunch at the rather posh looking "Vertigo" restaurant which was on the top floor of a rather tall building as the name may suggest. It was all sleek and showy but had an amazing view over the city and was actually rather good value so we monched a delicious caesar salad each. In a rather unexciting portion of the day we made it ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 28th 2008

Day One The trip started ridiculously early due to having to spend an exciting night at Stansted airport... Dramas also occurred early with a horrendous nosebleed on the coach to the airport for Fiona... Tissues were salvaged from kind foreigners. Finally we boarded the plane...nice to see that for once, it wasn't overpopulated with stag-bound revellers. Fortunately the obligatory screaming baby was at the other end of the cabin. The scenery from the window was predictably glorious when we eventually woke up after grabbing a couple of hours sleep open mouthed. Found the Euphoria hostel (probably the hippiest place in all Estonia) with only one incidence of fare evasion... We're staying in the Bob Marley dormitory with a huuuuge poster of the aforementioned. There tends to be random tribal jamming sessions at all hours of the ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 27th 2008

GÜN 30 günlerden Pazar: Tam bir ay olmuş yola çıkalı .Vallaha bir gün gibi geçti.Daha başlamamışız gibi hissediyorum kendimi.Sabah, güzel bir uykudan sonra masmavi bir marina da uyanmak çok güzel oluyor.Öğlene kadar etraftaki faaliyeti seyrettim.Tekneler geliyor gidiyor .Tam karşıda bir kulüp var ...müzik yapıyorlar sesi bize kadar geliyor. Keyfimiz gıcır.Öğlen bir market yoklaması yaptım ve Havyar ,balık takviyemizi artırdık.Marketteki balıklara aklım gidiyor .Ne kadar çeşit yarabbi.Hırslandıkça hırslanıyorum.İmkan olsa hepsini alıp gideceğim.Öğlen eldekileri yiyerek Tallinn'i terketmeğe karar verdik. Dünden saptadığım acentayı bulmak üzere yola çıktık .Size buranın İzmir'i hatırlattığını yazmıştım.Aynen öyle şehre doğru giderken bir noktada tatlı meltem rüzgarı size bok kokularını taş... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 26th 2008

GÜN 29 Günlerden Cumartesi: Bu sabah Ayşem bile erkenci.Saat 07:00 de yolda idik.Meşum yere gelince yani anacığımı kaybettiğimi öğrendiğim noktaya gelince .Arabayı durdurdum.Bir dua ettim eminim ki ona gitmiştir.Öğlene doğru Talinn e girdim. sıfır hata ile kampı buldum.Hemen yerleştik.Burası harika bir marina.Hava pırıl pırıl masmavi.Oradaki bir cafe de yedik.Öğleden sonra Ayşe ince bir uyku tutturdu.Şöyle denize karşı pırıl pırıl...Tam arkamızda bir toptan içki mağazası var .Finlandiyadan kopup gelen küçücük tekneler neredeyse batacak kadar içkiyi yükleyip gidiyorlar.Herhalde karşıya oranla burası ucuz. Akşamüstü 18:00 gibi durağa yürüdük.Otobüsle son durağa kadar gittik.Talinn bizim İzmir i andırıyor.Son duraktan eski şehir e yürüdük. Tallinn, Estonya'nın başkenti ve ana liman ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 24th 2008

Another blue skies day with plenty of sunshine in the Baltics. We roamed around the medieval city of Tallinn, a UNESCO world heritage site. At times it felt as though we were walking around a large open air museum. The cobbled streets, and pastel coloured town houses with a number of churches dotted around. Large wooden doors ornately decorated and decorated shutters are commonplace. Our first stop was The Church of the Virgin Mary built in 1219 by the Danes. This was our favourite church so far plain simple and white, with a colour coordinated interior - the organ, pulpit and high sided pews were all a very pale green and the stained glass windows also had a pale green trim. Outside the copper tiled roof also gave a green edge to complement the white exterior ... read more
Church Spires
Door Handle
Typical Street

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 20th 2008

From Riga, we drove through the Gauja National Park then back to the Baltic coast towards Estonia. We stopped for lunch in Parnu, a nice place by the sea with lots of wooden houses. The beach was packed with people enjoying the warm weather! From Parnu, we went to Tallinn. I liked the way much of the old town is on a hill (we hadn't seen much in the way of hills for a long time!) so you can look down on the rest of the city and see the port. We wandered around the old town, and then walked to Kadriorg Palace. The gardens at Kadriorg were lovely so we spent a while there before walking back to the old town along the coast, watching the high-speed ferry leave for Helsinki.... read more
The view over Tallinn from the city walls
Taking a break in Tallinn!
At Kadriorg Palace

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 13th 2008

Hi, On the night of the 12th, we took the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn. This ferry was bigger and nicer than our previous one. We were on deck 8 so well above the waterline and the car-deck this time. It was more like a floating hotel than a ferry and was quite enjoyable. There are many things to do on the boat including a show-lounge, karaoke and a club. The most entertaining part of the trip was watching two identical twin Polish brothers, with large mustaches of course, singing karaoke...twice!!! We arrived in Tallinn around 10am, and checked into the hostel. The hostel is really nice. The building actually used to be an embassy! There is a bathroom here that could probably house six beds or so it is so large. It has a massive ... read more

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