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Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg July 24th 2017

Après la collection de photos que vous aurez pu explorer dans le dernier blog... nous continuons notre descente de la côte Ouest du Jutland avec toujours autant de plaisir car il fait magnifique et le spectacle de belles choses continue ! Aujourd'hui nous nous rendons à Ribe, ville que nous connaissons bien mais où nous aimons retourner pour se souvenir de notre voyage de noces il y a bien longtemps.... Mais avant Ribe, vient la route... toujours sur cette bande étroite de terre qu'on appelle Holmssland Klit (le mot klit signifiant dune en danois)... En effet les grandes dunes continuent parfois à ne pas nous laisser voir la mer mais plutôt l'autre côté où l'on peut longer le fjord de Ringkobing. Hjerting est un district d' Esbjerg dans le sud - ouest du url=htt... read more
normal donc d'y trouver une Marguerite !!!
les klits...

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg April 13th 2017

Tag 224 – Watttierchen & Motorräder in Esbjerg Als am nächsten Tag gegen halb zehn rüber zur Rezeption ging, war nicht wirklich was zu tun. So beschloss ich, in Ruhe eine Runde in der Ausstellung zu drehen. So kam ich dann auch mal dazu, mir die ganzen Infotafeln in der Anatomie-Abteilung durchzulesen. Als ich in den Raum mit dem Anfass-Becken kam, waren schließlich auch die ersten Besucher dort. Ich erinnerte mich an die Sache mit der Pop-Up-Rede und beschloss, mich auch mal im kleinen Rahmen daran zu versuchen. Bei der Führung hatte ich ja nun schon oft genug zugehört und kannte mich mittlerweile auch recht gut mit den ganzen Watttierchen aus. So ging ich zu der Familie hin und sagte, dass sie die Tiere auch gerne aus dem Wasser nehmen und betrachten konnten. Und dann zeigte ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg July 13th 2012

Hey Leute! So these last two weeks have been pretty busy, and I've just got back from Denmark. I already visited the country last year, but this time I went to Jutland in the West. I was with 4 of my Erasmus friends, one of whom is Danish, and we stayed at her place in Esbjerg. Whilst the weather was pretty dull (well it is as north as Scotland), we made the most of it, and toured the city the first day, seeing the town centre and visiting the white men, for whom the city is most famous for. In the evening we took a ferry to the island of Fanø, which looked very traditional and for the first time we had been there was sunny! On the second day we took the train to Ribe, ... read more
Mennesket ved Havet
Olympic Flame

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg September 5th 2010

Wednesday 1st September 2010 Today is about the sea and man's connection with it with a visit to Esbjerg's maritime museum and a look at the sculpture 'man meets the sea'. Man meets the Sea (Danish: Mennesket ved Havet) is a monument of four 9 metre (27 feet) tall white males, located north of Esbjerg by Sædding Beach on the south-west coast of Denmark. The sculpture was designed by Svend Wiig Hansen and installed on 28th October 1995. The maritime museum consists of 3 areas. The seal sanctuary, aquarium and maritime exhibition. At the end of the day we took advantage of the camp site jacuzzi which we had exclusive use of for an hour. Camping is such a hard way of living ! ... read more
Maritime Museum Boatyard
Common Seals
Aquarium touch tank

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg September 1st 2010

Tuesday 31st August 2010 As the school year started yesterday with a field trip to the Vikinge Centre today was a day to get down to some other school work. The reading book this half term is the diary of Anne Frank whose house we visited in Amsterdam. The boys started their own diaries as part of their lessons and maths revision included times tables. We also took some time to catch up with domestic chores before heading off for a walk on the coastal path. Altough it was sunny when we set off we ended up getting a soaking on the way back and enjoyed all the more a hot cup of tea and biscuits on our return.... read more
On the shore
Coast north of Esbjerg

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg May 15th 2010

46 days to take off. I've choosen to start my blog from the comfort off my couch, just to get familiar with the site. As said in my profile, I'm a 25 year old Danish girl, and it is my first solo trip. It's actually only the third time I'v been across the danish boarder, if you count out small trips to Germany and Sweden. So it's a really big deal for me. The trip has been planed for months now, and it is pretty much all I think about, besides my school and exams, the day I leave for Pisa, Italy, is all so the day I'm finished with my exams and is a care taker for old and disabled people, so it's gonna be a pretty big day for me. Some times I ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg April 30th 2009

Hi guys. This is not exaxctly where we are but it is close. We have finished off Germany doing the Rhine and Mossel both very lovely areas. Didnt do much stopping. We headed onto Maastrict but due to bad weather, tummy and my back is still killing me we just kinda drove round for a while. Spent a noght on a campsite and actually used a washing machine and everything?!?!. Met a very nice English couple in their mid 70s who gave us some great tips. We tried to get to the Becks factory but it has changed its opening days for tours so going to try the carlsberg one insead - Along with legoland for Scott!?! To day we crossed over into Denmark and has a lovely morning on the Romo island. The biggest widest ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg December 26th 2008

God Jul (Merry Christmas), I'm currently sitting at John and Ingrid's house and the Christmas festivities have all died down for the moment. I had originally planned to stay here for only a few short days before going back to Zealand but I have run into a bitter sweet predicament that I didn't quite plan for. The Immigration Service had sent John and Ingrid a letter on the 15th of December and - since the letter was in my name - John decided to wait until I arrived in Esbjerg on the 23rd to open it. I arrived in Esbjerg at around 7:00pm and opened the letter to find that the Immigration Service had accepted my application to stay in Denmark until December of 2009 (they said it would take 2 months, instead, it took 2 ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg December 23rd 2008

Founded in the beginning of the 8th century, Ribe is the oldest existing town in Denmark. At that time the vikings used Ribe as a trading centre before leaving for "sea expeditions". The first Scandinavian church was built here around 860. The town continued to grow and became very important not just for Denmark but much of Scandinavia. Although there was a great fire in 1580, many of Ribe's original medieval houses are still standing. The great cathedral situated in the heart of Ribe can been seen from far away as the landscape surrounding Ribe is very flat, much of it marshland. The cathedral was built in the 13th century. Many famous people was born or lived in Ribe during the centuries. A few days before Christmas my brother Aage and our friends Charlotte and Henriette ... read more
Ribe Cathedral - the altar
Christmas cookies

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg October 31st 2008

Tonight is my last night with John and Ingrid. Tomorrow I will be taking the train to Svenborg and then the bus to Ubølle to visit and ecovillage north of this town. As for my time here, John and Ingrid have been just perfect hosts. They have fed me frikadela and rye bread up to my ears! I've never eaten so much in all my life. John took me to visit Ribe and the island of Rømø. He laughed when I was in Ribe because I went to the same bakery, ordered the same pastry and walked down the same street as Grandpa did when he was here. John was nice enough to show me his massive butterfly collection which I found very interesting. We spent lots of time with Trina and Peter and they were ... read more

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