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May 15th 2010
Published: May 15th 2010
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46 days to take off.

I've choosen to start my blog from the comfort off my couch, just to get familiar with the site.
As said in my profile, I'm a 25 year old Danish girl, and it is my first solo trip. It's actually only the third time I'v been across the danish boarder, if you count out small trips to Germany and Sweden.
So it's a really big deal for me. The trip has been planed for months now, and it is pretty much all I think about, besides my school and exams, the day I leave for Pisa, Italy, is all so the day I'm finished with my exams and is a care taker for old and disabled people, so it's gonna be a pretty big day for me.

Some times I wonder if I can do it. All by my self. I've always been a safe person, never taking risks and never strayed to far from the familiar, and now I'm going to a new country, all alone. Am I gonna make it? Or am I gonna go crying home to my mama?
But of course I'm gonna make, I know it in my heart, cause I've changed these last couple of years. This is my adventure, my pilgrimage (So to speake)
Of course there is gonna be som bumps in the road, but I'll get through.

I can't wait for the adventure to begin.



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