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Europe » Denmark » Region Nordjylland » Skagen May 25th 2019

Castellano, debajo del frances... Vous aurez reçu un avis de parution de ce blog… mais vous n’aurez pas pu l’ouvrir et c’est normal… En tapant mon texte j’ai dû faire une fausse manœuvre et sans que je ne le demande, le blog a été publié !!! Vous aurez donc reçu un nouveau mail qui vous permettra maintenant d’ouvrir le blog… Sorry ! Lien pour pouvoir cliquer sur le Danemark et en savoir plus sur ce pays ! Skagen, la ville la plus septentrionale du Danemark s'amarre sur le flanc d'une longue langue sableuse projetée vers le large. Là, à l'extrême pointe du Jutland, à Grenen, deux mers s'affrontent : mer du Nord à gauche, Baltique à droite. Ce site grandiose, qui pousse à la rêverie a été la terre d'inspiration de ... read more
00 météo de ce 20 mai...
00 Skagen, la ville la plus septentrionale du Danemark
01 Skagen

Europe » Denmark » Region Nordjylland » Skagen September 8th 2018

We watched our ship reverse in and parallel park in a small inner harbour on the Baltic Sea side of the northern tip of Denmark, then receded down to brekkie. After that we were off on our Voergård Castle and pastry tour. Along with 2 other coaches. Voergaard Castle was originally built by a bishop, to give him somewhere to meet up with his lady friend when he was visiting this part of the country. It was confiscated from the church by the crown after reformation, and changed hands many times over the next 200 years - at one stage it was one of the largest estates in Denmark. In 1955 it was bought by a Danish man who’d been living in France since 1906 and had married a countess. Her title didn’t not transfer to ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Nordjylland » Skagen July 17th 2018

Our first Baltic cruise takes into the Baltic with hopefully the highlight being 2days in St Petersburg Apologies for time delays but Internet on board is as usual poor and EXPENSIVE 8th July Southampton in the July sunshine, what could be better than a sail away from the UK in 31 degrees of sunshine. Within 24 hrs of leaving home we were in think fog in the North Sea and it was 15 degrees with the promise at the end of the day of a Force 7 gale. What a difference a day makes!!! Well at least the restaurant was quiet. 10th July Skagen After the travails of the previous day and a bumpy night it was our first port of call Goddag from Skagen. This is what’s called a ‘filler’ port, a half day visit ... read more
Skagen 2
Skagen 3
Skagen 4

Europe » Denmark » Region Nordjylland » Skagen June 12th 2016

Spring sprang in Denmark, and it was very well received! April was a chilly month, where I kept my focus on the budding flowers and trees, as we waited for warmth! Mads and I had an unreal evening seeing Hamlet in the castle Hamlet is written about, Kronborg in Helsingør. A troop of actors from the Globe had been on a two year tour of the world, performing Hamlet in every country, and we were there for their final performance. It was spectacular in every way. The actors coursed with emotions and energy. We were rather taken aback that the Danish Queen also attended! Which was fine and all, but it meant that the actors did not get a standing ovation, as she did not stand up at the end! Seemed a ... read more
They're here! Greeting committee at the airport
Egeskov Castle
Ice cream...

Europe » Denmark » Region Nordjylland » Skagen May 10th 2011

Motorhome News from Europe 44 'Why are you going on holiday to Denmark?' 27th April - 6th May 2011 'Why are you going on holiday to Denmark?' a lady at the golf club recently asked. I guess one might be forgiven for asking such a question; after all, how many people do you know who have set off on holiday from the UK to Denmark for anywhere other than Copenhagen? We missed the obvious answer, 'We've been everywhere else,' and opted for the, 'To see the spring bird migration.' To be perfectly honest, it's more than that. Whilst we have both been to some of the major ports of call in Denmark, we feel we don't really know it. ' We'll see if we can find one or two more answers to this question over the ... read more
Mogeltonder Church
Kiss me Kate!

Europe » Denmark » Region Nordjylland » Skagen June 22nd 2010

Weather forecast was excellent. Woke up expecting blue sky but found grey all over. It did improve later and we saw some blue sky but the wind increased through the day and the wind was icy. So that was summer then ! Used the motorhome to go out for the day as a bit too far for the scooter and that was an excellent decision as we would have frozen in that afternoon wind. Did our first shop of the trip using two supermarkets in Sindal. Had to ask another shopper which was cream (good thing everyone speaks English) as when we were in Hungary I mistakenly bought cream cheese instead ! Surprised to find beer and wine (and indeed the food) at quite reasonable prices - had been let to believe it was mega expensive. ... read more
Bob at Grenen
Grenen point

Europe » Denmark » Region Nordjylland » Skagen November 18th 2008

Copenhagen - Skagen Thursday 11th September (Day 17) Today we said goodbye to the nice people at the B&B, & headed into the main city train station for our trip north. We had decided to get a rail pass to travel around Denmark as it was relatively cheap, and also easier, since we didn’t really have any idea where we were going (as usual). Denmark is actually made up of three main islands - Zeeland (where we currently were in Copenhagen), Funen (in the middle) and Jutland (the biggest and northernmost island). Today we were heading for Skagen, at the northernmost tip of Denmark. We had chosen to visit here to see more ‘natural’ Viking territories, and the place where the two seas collide - the North Sea on one side and the Baltic Sea on ... read more
Sunset Along the Train Tracks (with a train coming!), Skagen
Sunset at Skagen Church, Denmark
Coloured Pebble Tower, Skagen Beach

Europe » Denmark » Region Nordjylland » Skagen September 21st 2008

HI everyone! I just got home from Skagen with my host family! It was so beautiful and one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen! It took about three hours to drive there, but it was completely worth it. By the way, Skagen is a town located on the most northern point of Denmark. Its a place where you can see the East and Noth sea collide together. We left friday after school and arrived later in that afternoon. All of the houses are yellow, with white trimming, and white fences. It was kind of scary because every house and shop looked the same as the other, but it was still pretty cool. We stayed in a light house located right on the beach and it was the coolest place i have ever spent ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Nordjylland » Skagen June 19th 2008

Tag 17: Hirtshals - Skagen, 64.15 km, Fahrzeit 3:32, Durchschn. 18.07 km/h, Gesamtstrecke 1246 km Morgens beim Zeltabbau macht es plötzlich "Knack", und ich habe statt drei Zeltstangen plötzlich vier. Ich bin mir nicht mal bewusst, die Stange ungewöhnlich belastet zu haben. Den Bruch kann man mit der mitgelieferten Reparaturhülse rech gut provisorisch beheben, aber wenn das nochmal passiert, habe ich ein Problem. Die gestern durchgeführte provisorische Reparatur der Umlenkrolle am Fahrrad mittels eines Gummiringes ist ein mittelmässiger Erfolg. Wie erwartet läuft das Rad wieder schön leise, leider ist Gummi nicht ölresistent, und in Verbindung mit der machanischen Belastung durch die Kette gibt die Konstruktion nach etwa 50 Kilometern den Geist auf. Zweimal am Tag einen neuen Gummiring aufziehen, damit könnte ich leben - der Fahrradschlauch gibt ja einiges her. Abe... read more
Radweg durch die Dünenlandschaft von Skagen
Der Strand von Skagen

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