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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town June 7th 2022

I spent this morning (Monday) in Prague in museums. Then I took the train back to Vienna, a nearly five hour trip, which is bearable in first class. There’s more room in the seats and fewer people in each compartment. Today is a holiday here, and the cafe compartment was always busy. I was happy to have the book about Empress Maria-Theresa to read. It was good to visit the national museum in Prague, in the modern part of the city. A good reminder how regular people live the same lives in cities all over the world while tourists fill the historic streets and buildings. There was a sobering, informative display about the Nazi invasion during War II. So much evil towards innocent people, and even more violence to those brave ones who resisted. The second ... read more
On the way to train station I stopped at ‘Museum’ metro station
Early evening before
Even the river seemed busier

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town October 22nd 2017

The legendary Danube is the European Union's longest river and one of the most popular cruise itineraries offered. Most river cruises visit 4 of the 10 countries through which its not-so-blue waters flow. No other river in the world passes through so many countries. It is the second longest in all of Europe if you include Russia and the Volga River. The name of the river originates from the a mythological source, from a Latin Roman river god, known as Danubius, or Danuvius. Additionally, the meaning can actually be derived from the ancient indigenous Slavonic tribes who called it the Great Water. The Danube runs for 1770 miles, ending up in the Black Sea via three branches. The ten countries it passes are: Ukraine, Moldova, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania. It starts ... read more
Vlatava River
Europe at its best

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town July 8th 2017

I was responsible for organizing the itinerary on 24 June. I’d already decided to visit Alfons Mucha’s Museum and Drorak Museum. At night of 23 June, I decided to take my parents and Mark Wenceslas Square, Astronomical Clock of the Old Town Hall, Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Charles Bridge, Church of St Nicholas via Mikulase Street and Lesser Quarter Square. On 24 June we got off at Museum and walked through Wenceslas Square. The renovation work was carried out on the façade of the National Museum. I told my parents that this boulevard like square was the place where reform movements – ‘Prague Spring’ in late 1960s and the ‘Velvet Revolution’ took place in 1989 – and more than 500,000 participated in demonstration on those events. The modern battle place has been transformed a ... read more
Mucha's museum
Wooden blocks

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town July 8th 2017

Mark wanted to go to the Internet Café to arrange for check-in baggage. The receptionist showed us two nearest Internet cafes previous day. Following the map, we walked westwards on Jecna. There were a lot of historic and decorative buildings in Prague my mother started taking photos while walking on the street. We found Charles Square – a green park square – on the way to riverside. We then turned right at the Karlovo Nam Station, and found one of the Internet Cafes at 9:20. According to the opening hours shown on the front door, it was due to open at 9:30, but the person who was in charge of 22 June arrived late, and she let us enter the shop just after 10:00. The shop was selling various souvenir items. Mark managed to find the ... read more
Buildings along the riverside
U Kalicha

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town July 4th 2017

We awone reasonably well rested so we had no mystery room mate barge in during the night, so headed down to Mosaic's buffet breakfast. It was pretty decent and included bacon, sausages, scrambled and shakshuka eggs! Only down side was the tiny plates, but we filled our lots regardless. We browsed through the Prague section of my Lonely Planet guide book whilst we ate and made a plan for the day. We started by walking across the bridge to Petrin Hill, at the bottom there are some morbid statues of people in varying states of decomposition, he Statues are dedicated to everyone who has died or suffered in some way due to communism as part of Pragues past (I'm not too up to scratch on that history, so I took the signs word for it). We ... read more
Prague from Petrin Hill 1
Mosaic Hostel and A Man with Umbrella
View from Charles Bridge to New Town

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town May 12th 2017

It's getting to the end of our journey and we are both very tired. Still so much to see but day by day we have less energy to see it with. This epistle begins with our day trip to Pompeii. An early start to get to Termini station by 8.30 meant the quickest of breakfasts before a morning walk past the Colosseum (nice to see it without masses of people and dudes relentlessly trying to sell you a selfie stick. Honestly, if I was a selfie stick kind of girl and was going to Rome, I would have brought one with me and really don't need 15 guys within a 500 metre radius chanting selfieselfieselfie). The train from Rome to Naples was ridiculously fast, which made up for the trip from Naples to Pompeii - on ... read more
Dog in Pompeii
Public toilets

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town April 21st 2017

Friday, 21st April 2017 We started our day with a 7-hour railway journey to the city of Prague, about 525km from Budapest. The journey started well and there were helpful porters who showed us to our seats. Halfway into our journey, we understood why. Apparently, the train car and seats we had reserved on the Hungarian Railways were simply non-existent. Soon after our lunch, we had to give up our seats to another passenger who apparently had bought valid tickets on the seats that we occupied. We learnt that this happened to a few other passengers as well including the 2 Korean ladies we met on-board. Towards the last hour of our journey into Prague, we managed to occupy some empty seats vacated by alighting passengers though. In all my years of rail travels, this was ... read more
The cabin was comfortable despite the hiccups
Lunch on Dining Car
Arrival at Prague

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town September 7th 2016

Time for our family holiday.....and this time a trip to Prague was voted upon 🏰 ❤️ It was probably the lure of exciting trains that did it for Andrew, whilst myself and James were excited at the prospect of a new place that had a reputation for beautiful architecture and being cheap! We always hated the thought of holidays in August, most places too hot and crowded but having to work around school holidays left us little choice unfortunately. As usual we had the routine arguments of whether to fly directly or get the train. This time common sense prevailed and we opted to fly as otherwise we would have spent half of the week just getting there. The compromise was that we would get the train back and fit in another destination. James fancied Berlin ... read more
Grumpy Andrew!
Vytopna Restaurant
Prague Castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town August 20th 2016

We woke to another beautiful day with bright sunshine. After breakfast we met Soma in the lobby for a walking tour to Lesser Town. We walked down cobblestone streets past shops and restaurants and stopped once again at the Powder Tower which was used to store gunpowder in the 17th century. It is one of the original city gates dating back to the 11th century. It separates Old Town from New Town. Our destination was the Charles Bridge which crosses the Vitava River, but on the way, we stopped while Soma explained the different types of architecture of some of the buildings, we passed opera houses, shops, coffee shops, museums and were given tips on places to enjoy a view, a snack, or a meal. We reached the Charles Bridge and it was already bustling with ... read more
Vitava River
View from the Charles Bridge
John Lennon Pub

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town March 24th 2015

We arrived in Prague 6 days ago after a long but uneventful flight from Melbourne via Dubai. We left home at about 6:30 pm after depositing our dogs with friends David and Alena, drove to the airport and then spent ages waiting in various queues to check-in our luggage, go through immigration, get a refund at the TRS. Eventually we had time for a beer before boarding our flight at 11:30 pm. We flew out on a Qantas A380 and after a pretty mediocre meal managed to get some sleep. Next stop was Dubai where we had a 2.5 hour turn-around. I had thought that would give us enough time for a coffee and visit to the duty free stores before our next flight but that was not to be. On arrival we were bussed to ... read more
Astronomical Clock
View from Old Town Hall Tower
Prague Underground

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