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Via Praha, I make my way northwards, to Trutnov. I arrive after five hours on three different trains, walk to my guesthouse, and learn that the room I booked has been given to someone else. Unfortunately, I don't have any written booking confirmation, as I only called them up and reserved a room using a mixture of English, German and Russian. The lady at the reception nervously makes a lot of phone calls and checks the internet for a place to stay for that sad-looking creature sitting in front of her, who doesn't even understand her language. After maybe half an hour, she finally succeeds in this task and drives me to a place out of town, which actually seems to be closer to the Battlefield, Obscene Extreme's traditional venue. For an acceptable price, I get ... read more
Fuck the Facts
Coldwar singer
Where's the band?

As my train pulls into Prague, I watch the thick, overhanging clouds looming above the historic Bohemian city with concern. They obstruct the sun, bring rain, potentially spoiling the mood for everybody. Not the best conditions for a three-day music festival. Music? Indeed. I'm on my way to the 14th annual Obscene Extreme Festival. As the name suggests, this is not gonna be your run-of-the-mill summer rock festival with the occasional hard rock or heavy metal band thrown into the equation. What awaits me is three days of aural assault and straight up brutality. A closer look at the running order reveals band names like Gutalax, Human Scum, Splattered Mermaids, Vomitory, Necromorph, Bowelfuck, Rottenness, Vulvectomy and Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition. The genre these bands belong to could be roughly described as grindcore, although there are a million ... read more
TOTT: Scream!
Jig-Ai pit

Europe » Czech Republic » Hradec Králové Region » Trutnov February 11th 2008

2/10/08 Dobry den! I left you all having just discovered the wonders of Prague, but a whole new array of delights awaits the one who ventures out of the city into the colorful and quaint countryside. Last Sunday was Masopust, which is the Czech version of Carnival before lent. We arrived Sunday at a little village square to an onslaught of colorful tents, smoking stands with toasted nuts, and bright pagan costumes: paper mach storks, cherubs guzzling sausages, and every other beast you could think of. Whole families got into the spirit by dressing alike. I adored the little fox family and house family who each wore little red roof hats. We Americanka even got into the spirit, donning capes, hats, masks, and painting our faces with wild designs. There were sausages and beer all day ... read more
M festivities
Sniezka... highest Mt.

Europe » Czech Republic » Hradec Králové Region » Trutnov September 24th 2007

We are now in Trutnov, East Bohemia, in the Krkonose - Giant Mountains -, my mother´s birthplace. We arrived here on Saturday afternoon after a pleasant three-hour train ride from Prague on a very old-fashioned, but incredibly charming train. The journey took us past harvested fields and meadows, and nearing the mountains, through large pine forests and hilly fields, very remote and beautiful. In our excitement at seeing the first signs for Trutnov, Mum and I got out of the train one stop ahead of the central station. We should have known something was up when all we could see were a couple of abandoned train tracks, with no station in sight, and when the chubby train conductor yelled at us in Czech out of the window us. 'He means hurry up! The train needs to ... read more
Mum, looking rather hapless, on the train tracks
Fliegenpilz in the forest
The Lindwurm dragon

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