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Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec June 11th 2017

Fotos werden nachgereicht... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec May 5th 2016

We left the comfort of an island after paying up our hosts at Padova III. It had been a quiet night with no sounds bar the sound of the sea. We programmed the sat nag to take us back the 25 minutes ride to the ferry with the thought that we would catch the 8.45. We got to the ferry stop and the boat was in. Well a boat was in but it couldnt possibly be ours as ours was not due for an hour. The doors were open , cars and lorries were loaded . It was ours or at least it would be if I could buy the tickets. The one ticket office had one customer. A croatian taxi driver who had parked up a little way up the road and was in the ... read more
strange medieval house with balcony
Roman (un) safe
The basilica Porec

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec September 26th 2015

Geo: 45.2296, 13.6088Took a day trip to both Porec and Rovinj. Bird labels this a "down day". Sure was after yesterday. The highlight, we imagine, was a Byzantine Cathedral, but even that didn't seem especially impressive. It was built in the fifth Century, perhaps after Justinian reconquered Italy, and we image this portion of land to Italy's east. While taking pictures over the water of Porec we were pleased to hear one of Doozer and Baby Bird's favorite songs-Cotton Fields. We also enjoyed seeing extensive plantings of grapes and olives. Perhaps Italy is better known for each, but they grow their share here. And on the way back to Pula we stopped at a roadside stand (there were a great number) and purchased a small bottle of Grappa.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec August 26th 2015

The ferry ride from Brindisi Italy to Albania took 6 hours, we boarded the ferry and around 10 in the evening. We were so lucky to score 4 seats each and bunked down, I feel asleep straight away although Glen said it was 12 before the ferry left port. I woke around 5am just in time for the sunrise over the Adriatic Sea as we sailed into Albania. We had read that it was best to get a cabin as not to be harassed or leered at by strange men however we found the family's were in the same area and once the kids had settled from the excitement we were comfortable. Our next obstacle was that once you had disembarked from the ferry you were then harassed by Albanians for car insurance. But our first ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec May 6th 2013

Today’s gelato flavour of the day – GMB- Coconut and GLB-Tiramasu The weather prospects for the day looked OK so we have decided to take the road north to two other ancient Roam towns on the west coast of the Istrian Peninsula. Rather than take the motorway and pay tolls again we opted for the SS3 which was the old main road to get to Pula from the Slovenian border and virtually ran parallel with the toll road. As expected the road width was much narrower and it was just the one lane in each direction. We had recalled from our last time in Croatia our near miss with a bus on the road around the coast to Rijeka and how the locals seemed to drive rather crazily. However things might have changed as we found ... read more
Floor mosaics at the Basilica
Interior mosaics above the alter,Porec Basilica

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec June 25th 2012

Geo: 45.2296, 13.6088 GÜN 19 GÜNLERDEN PAZARTESİ: Sabah uyandığımda burada kalmamaya karar verdim.. bir kere internet yok ikincisi Rovinj'i dün ziyaret ettim. İki günlük görülecek bir şey yok orada… Porec' e gideyim dedim ..8:20 de hesabımı kapattım. MIO (GPS) ya sığınarak yola çıktım… Otoban a sadece 6 kuna ödeyerek Porec' e geldim. Ne var ki orada yaptığım soruşturmada, kampın şehrin dışında olduğunu söylediler … Meğerse, kamp "Lanterna" denilen bir yerde imiş.. Lanterna, Porec'in Kuzeyinde yer alıyor.. Yollar çok kalabalık .....meğerse bugün de tatilmiş .. Ne kadar çok tatilleri var … Kampım artık büyüklük sınırlarını zorluyor .....neredeyse kasaba büyüklüğünde… Yerimi buldum ve dönüp yönetim binasında girişimi yaptırdım.. Buralard... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec January 5th 2011

Sveti Lovrec Sveti Lovreč lies on a hill with a wonderful view over tame fields, vineyards, olive groves and the sea in the distance. Its name goes back to the 6th century and stems from the Church of Sv. Lovro (Saint Lawrence). Surrounded by gentle and idyllic views and tended by a mild climate, this town, founded back in prehistoric times, is truly a place worth visiting. Known as the city of 9 towers, surrounded by town walls and the ancient pillar of shame at its square, Sv.Lovreč was once the center of military administration, while today it is developing as an attractive tourist destination. According to sources in this area there were once more than 35 churches, of which only a few survived, while in many fields forgotten ruins of the churches can be found ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec August 28th 2009

1. Baredine Cave - near Porec, next to Nova Vas. The cave has five halls and there are underground lakes with the depth of up to 33 m located underneath the fourth hall. The temperature of the cave is 14 degrees throughout the whole year. 2.Festinsko kraljevstvo Cave - near the village of Festini in the vicinity of Zminj. The inner part of the cave is decorated with safe trails which are approximately one hundred meters long and it is at every visitor’s disposal. 3.Biserujka Cave - it is located near Rudine or above the Slivanjska Bay on the island of Krk . With its length of around 110 m and the size of its underground area, the inner part of the cave thrills the visitors with the interesting deposited forms as well. The temperature in ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec June 1st 2008

Croatia. O destinatie rapida. Ne-a placut mult. Nu te recunoaste nimeni, te simti liber. Nu am plecat pregatiti, era in sezon si am zis ca ne descurcam. Ne-am urcat in masina si via Zagreb. Ajunsi seara abia am gasit un hotel decent dar si scump chiar in centru care avea loc de parcare. Hotel Central. Pret camera 100euro cu mic dejun destul de bogat, TV micut, telefon, o masuta mica gen birou, feon in baie. Arata verde camera, dar nu merita acei bani datorita pozitiei sale. Apoi am plecat spre Porec in Istria. Rapid datorita organizarii lor am gasit o camera la o viluta la un super pret 15euro si cu parcare in fata. Mai mult nici nu aveam nevoie. Dupa 3 zile de aventurat in imprejurimi am pornit mai la sud in Zadar. Si aici ... read more
Cazare Porec

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Porec September 11th 2006

Geo: 45.1977, 13.5439Caught the bus here and visited the UNESCO world heritage church.... read more
02 Mosaics
03 More mosaics
04 Inside

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