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Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb October 13th 2019

The train travels SW from Vienna and is on one of the oldest railway tracks. It also has a dining car complete with white linen tablecloths. A first for us. The views are similar to a fairytale book, displaying castles and historical homes tucked into the lush hillsides. The train rises up towards the southern end of the Dolomite mountains. We envision what people were seeing when they travelled this route on the Orient Express. We are not quite sure what to think entering the city of Zagreb, CROATIA. It is the absolute opposite of Vienna’s sparkle and sophistication. The following morning, the coffee house cashier informs us that we need to pay in cash, and they accept no credit cards or euro’s. That leaves us without the ability to pay. But they say no problem, ... read more
In Ljubljana Slovenia - A car from Ontario????
First view of the City of Ljubljana - Artwork of a different kind!
What Ljubljana City actually looks like, we have to return! (Not my photo)

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb September 25th 2019

We had a quiet first evening in Zagreb: mediocre pizza from the restaurant under the apartment, grocery shopping, and a decision to spend an additional night there. We decided that the best way to see Plitvice was by car, and we did not want to spend the night there. So we decided to rent a car for the day, drive the two plus hours each way to the park, and return to our lovely apartment that night. Fortunately, the apartment was available for an additional night, so we could relax and enjoy Zagreb the next day! The next morning, we slept in, made final plans for the rest of our trip (11 nights in Split with side trips), reserved a rental car for the Plitvice trip, and then headed out on the Rick Steves walking tour ... read more
Looking down from the top of the funicular
Bill and the funicular
Our Zagreb apartment

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb August 11th 2019

I have a full day in Zagreb today plus all tomorrow morning, before catching a lunchtime train to Ljubljana, and I am looking forward to exploring this city. My only fix point today is meeting Vlatka at 5pm. She is the local guide we use in Zagreb, and from our email exchange she seems delightful . She has kindly agreed to meet me in the hotel lobby so she can explain how she runs our tours. After a great breakfast I head off to the main square, armed with a city map, courtesy of my hotel. I want to orientate myself, and try to walk as much of the city centre as I can. It is a much smaller city than Budapest. During my own ramble I actually get to see a great deal of the ... read more
Coffee in the Stara Vura, Upper Town
Museum of Broken Relationships
Museum of Broken Relationships

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb July 25th 2019

Republika Hrvatska, like it’s called in Croatian, is one of my favourite countries in Europe. It was my third visit to the country, the first two being in 2007 and 2013. Also this visit was just to catch up with friends, in this case with Viktor and Melita who I met in 2007 when working on a campsite in Rovinj, Istria peninsula. After we met the second time in 2013 we had a deal that we won't wait another 6 years to so see each other again and this visit happened after 4 years (we'll see when the next one will happen, now that I'm writing it's already been 2 years). I arrived at Zagreb airport where Niko, their son, had a sign with my name written on it. So cool!! Zagreb is the capital and ... read more
Ben Jelacic Square, Zagreb
Medvedgrad ruins
Zagorje landscape

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb June 8th 2019

I had very few expectations from Zagreb, which was Croatia's capital. When researching whether to visit Ljubljana or Zagreb the responses where mixed, some overwhelmingly in favour of one or the other. I had decided in my mind that I might prefer Ljubljana but Tomas was weighing towards Zagreb and then I managed to find what looked like a great place to stay in Zagreb, so that's how it came to be. I still want to get to Ljubljana sometime, so another one to add to my bucket list. Our self contained room was in the grounds of a small hospital easily walkable to the city. It was peaceful with a security guard on site, newly renovated and had only been listed a few weeks. Yes, everything was new, fresh and modern but it reeked cigarette ... read more
Zagreb Old Town Cathedral
13th-century St Mark’s Church

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb May 19th 2019

Day 15 and we continue northwards . Tonight will be our last night in Croatia. Let's get the weather out of the way. It is marginally warmer but nothing to write home about. Not the temperatures we were looking for when we planned the holiday. We are parked up on a campsite on the banks of the River Mur. The train line to Zagreb runs the other side of the river and within an hour we could be sightseeing in Zagreb. We are not keen as we are not in the mood for cities. Duga Resa is a small town and we are just outside the town. If you ever find yourself looking for Camping Slapic then do not trust your Sat Nav. Follow the signs on the motorway that suggest you turn off earlier than ... read more
That castle the sat nag insisted on taking us past
The bridge into Duga Rusa

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb November 8th 2018

Ako kazde rano v tomto ubytku, vybehnutie von kupit nieco pod zub a doobedie na ubytku. Na obed stretko s chlapcami z tasr. Povodil som ich po centre, kde ozaj neni nic extra. Proste vsetky mesta su na jedno kopyto. No chlapci si kupili aspon suveniry. Posedenie na kave a nazad na ubytko. Este sme boli v spare kde lukas 2 nakupil neake tie chorvatske pochutiny, ja som kupil cesku chmelovu pochutinu. To vychlastane v lobby, na ubytku do seba hodene este jablkove pivo co mi dala tw zo studentskej restiky. Dnes od rana teda 4plzne a male jablko. Oproti pokladaju stresnu krytinu. Ako som isol okolo nich, tak jeden si pchal do bundy ploskacku. Hned som si spomenul na byvalych spolupracovnikov :) Postupny presun na stadion. Tam som prisiel uz po tme. V okoli cihalo ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb November 7th 2018

Zas sa budem opakovat ale rano to iste. Len zmena v jedalicku, kupil som 20dekov salamu. Uf dobre vela toho bolo. Som to spolu so syrom a drevorubacskym chlebom do seba tlacil prakticky az do obeda. Vladny special mal z ba meskanie, miesto 11/45, dosli 12/45. Lucas mi posiela echo a pesibusom sa vyberam do hotela pod znackou hilton, kde byvaju novinary Ono sa dalo ist aj elektrickou ale fakt som strasne prezrany. Tato chorvatska strava mi nerobi dobre na postavu. Prichadzam do hotela, pred ktorym hliadkuju policajti ale nevsimaju si ma i ked mam na hlave capku seredani. Na recepcii mixom slovenciny a chorvatciny vravim nech mi vytocia lucasa. Ten po chvili zbieha dole a uz ideme k nemu na izbu, ktoru zdiela s dalsim clenom tasr. Odovzdava mi balicek z domova. Je tam vsetko ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb November 6th 2018

Rano to iste ako vcera. Vybehnutie do sparu, tu kupa cokomlieka, v pekarnicke vedla istrijska kocka a to vsetko zjedene v chilli a computer miestnosti, kde neskor dopisany dennik. Okolo obeda vybehnutie do Gradski park Bundek. cestou samozrejme kupa nabijacky, kedze mi to cez fotakovy adapter nenabijalo. Vonku hmla, ah vobec mi tu nepraje pocasie, som mal v plane turu na medvednicu, no nist niekedy nabuduce. Zajtra a ani vo stvrtok uz na to nebude cas. Zajtra mi ma priletiet vladnym specialom batozina /hehe na toto su pouzite nase dane, na rozvoz batoziny pre cestovatelov/ a stvrtok uz je football day, i ked sa hra o 21/00. V meste sa pokusim odlovit volakych trnavakov a pridat sa k nim na jedno tocene. Co sa tyka piva, tak je tu strasne moc popularna znacka staropramen. Prakticky v ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb November 5th 2018

Rano postupne odchadzali sikmacky. Ranajky sa daju kupit i na hosteli, cena 30k. Ja vyuzivam miestnu pekarnicku, makove kolace, a spar, kakaove mlieko. To zjedenie v podzemi hostela v kuchyni. Tu nachystane ranajky pre ludi co si ich tu zakupili. Cornflakes, mlieko, mandarinky, dzem, toasty a pijatika. Po jedle velmi neprijemny sok na izbe. Volaky kokot/pica mi udrbal nabijacku na mobil. Bud to bola neprijemna sikmacka alebo jeden s chalanov co tu spali. Sikmacka co sa zamkla na izbe o nicom nevedela. Ale je to moja sprostost, nemal som ju nechat v zastrcke. Doobedie len lezanie v posteli a v pc miestnosti dopisanie denniku a nahadzanie cs ziadosti do belgicka. Turu na medvednicu rusim, vonku pod makom. Na obed smer mesto. Este sa pytam recepcnej kde je neaky shop s nabijackami. Pica mi povedala nech behnem ... read more

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