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Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province July 22nd 2019

We arrived in sunny and very hot Plovdiv by train from Sofia one day before the start of the official Euromeet. I was feeling a bit wilted from the stifling heat inside our train compartment, but except for the lack of air-conditioning on board, I had enjoyed the ride in our shared compartment with Rick and friends. Several of us shared a taxi to Hotel Ego and by this time I was more than ready for a cool shower and some rest before striking out for dinner. Lingering in the cool shower began to wash away the effects from the heat of the day and I felt ready to enjoy our first night in Plovdiv. Along with other friends staying at this same hotel, we all met in the lobby so that we could set out ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 23rd 2018

Our last morning in Borovets was drizzly but still warm. We went on a last walk, catching all of the local pokéstops and doing a last minute spot of urban exploration after we spotted a derelict bar/ hotel. The sorry looking calendar on the wall was from 2006 but strangely there were planks of wood piled up as though it was in the middle of being built. There were some disregarded ski boots which is particularly odd because they are expensive items. There were signs that someone could be living rough there, so we didn't stay long. The drive to the car hire depot in Sofia got hotter as we progressed and Sofia was having a very sunny day. We filled the tank and in Bulgaria they still have an attendant who fills the car for ... read more
mini place of worship and also a pokéstop.
Wooden church in Borovets
abandonned building

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 23rd 2018

Bulgaria day 8: Homeward bound, more urban exploring and a summary Last day and a few hours to kill so we decide to go for a walk around Borovets....well there are a few pokestops and Pokegyms to take as well. Our watches are also screaming at us to do more exercise as well. We did manage to do some more urban exploring but the one building we walked into (there was no door!) looked like it had someone living there despite its dilapidated state. They could either afford ski boots or had acquired them but we didn’t stay long enough to find out. We returned the key to a box near reception in the main building but I refused to even look at the receptionist after previous experiences there. Claire managed the drive back to the ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 20th 2018

Bulgaria day 5: Climb every mountain but don’t make hay too Yes, after walking 13 miles round Sofia yesterday we deserved a rest so we lay in until 7am! Crazy I know but, as the first cable car didn’t go until 8:30, we thought we’d go nuts. So after breakfast we headed to the gondola station. Having made some booboos on previous climbs this time we were determined to be prepared. So we had shorts and long trousers, coats, sun cream, hats and umbrellas. We even had water as well as two packs of Refreshers and a packet of Cherry Drops. We were ready for anything.....although I have to admit to being a tad envious of those that had made sandwiches.... The cable car was £6 each return, took 25 minutes and took us up just ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 17th 2018

Bulgaria day 1-2 Four grumps, thunder, urban exploring and bodily functions Day one wasn’t actually spent in Bulgaria but I always like to mention the getting to the airport and then the inevitable delays getting to our destination country. We managed the appalling roadworks on the M6 without too much trouble....THREE years and counting....but a wrong turn later on saw me having to drive over a bridge that my satnav didn’t know existed. And it cost me £2! Which I had to pay online when we got to the airport. At John Lennon airport we parked on the Imagine car park which fills you with wonderful imagery from the song. The grotty shed on an industrial estate left all of that to the imagination. The best and quickest security checks ever has encouraged us to fly ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 17th 2018

Today I have become an Urban Explorer in the mountains! This is easily done in Bulgaria due to the declining population, the fall of communism and the failure of capitalism, resulting in an extremely high amount of derelict dwellings, factories and public buildings. Glyn and I had driven near to Mount Musala looking for moody, misty mountains (which we found) but ended up exploring what we think were derelict hotels, literally in the middle of nowhere. We arrived in Borovets in the small hours of the night, having driven from Sofia, and after much confusion mixed with stroppy night receptionists, we eventually dragged our luggage past the only rowdy bar in the area and found our apartment. To Glyn's utmost horror, there was no bogroll and he was getting anxious about his morning poo. So he ... read more
Bobby’s Bar, Borovets

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Mount Vitosha September 16th 2017

Trochu dostipany smer metro a konecna stanica vitosha. Na google maps tato stanica neni zakreslena ale existuje :) V metre este kupeny celodenny listok na mhd, tetula mi ho este naskenovala, bo inak by mi nefungoval na metro. Nechapem preco ale proste to tak je. Cakal som,ze na konecnej budu volake obchodiky, kde kupim ranajky a volaku poziven a hlavne vodu na cestu. No nikde nic, vseko este zatvorene az na jednu fastfood pizzeriu. Zdrave ranajky za mnou este ale treba kupit volaco na cestu, hadam cestou nieco bude. Trocha vody som si naplnil na ubytku z vodovodu (podla cs pitna) ale dalo sa mi dat do flasi len asi 0,7l, bo debilne plytke umyvadlo. Mensie hladanie bus zastavky odkial ide c.93. Odchadza z vychodnej strany nakupneho centra paradise. Na zastavke digitalny oznamovac odchodov busov. Luxus ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province August 16th 2014

We are finally leaving Europe behind after seven weeks of some great experiences and support from a wide collection of old and new friends. Sofia was our final destination in Europe, where we had been invited to stay by Iva, who I had last seen at Cambridge in 1982. Not for the first time my retired PhD supervisor, Tony Kirby, had come up trumps and put us in touch after just a few days of enquiries. I had written to Iva explaining about our trip and immediately got an invitation to stay. We could not miss that opportunity and made sure we cut back to Sofia from Ruse before heading for Turkey and Asia. I have to say on the bus to Sofia I was a little nervous. The same type of feeling you get when ... read more
Iva and Blagoy's house
The view from the summerhouse
Yet another fantastic spread

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province September 26th 2013

The third of Bulgaria is a forest and it belongs to the European Union but using lev instead of Euro. The Bulgarian shade their head for yes not for no and they are first to invent the electronic watches, electronic computer and air bag Nuoc Bulgaria co khoang 8 trieu dan. 84% dan theo dao Orthodox 12% theo dao Hoi.84% la dan Bulgarian phan con lai la dan thieu so Kurt(Goc Tho Nhi Ky,9%), va mot so nho Nga , va Jews. Tien cua Bulgary la Leva voi $1=2Leva. Dan noi tieng Bulgarian. Nuoc Bulgaria thanh lap nam 681. Ottoman Empire cai tri Bulgaria 500 nam khoang the ky 13 den the ky 18. Sau do voi su tro giup cua Russian , Ottoman bi loai tru nam 1878. Chinh dieu nay ma Bulgaria theo Nazi ... read more
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Eastern Europe 148
Eastern Europe 150

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province April 19th 2011

Hi All! Had another fantastic (but roller coaster of a) week... The change of plans on Monday meant that Mum and Josh were now coming to Sofia which was great to look forward to at such short notice. Monday - Did the language course in the morning and then went to the Pink House in the afternoon. Had a bit of a gathering in the evening with some of the erasmus students and played hide and seek in our mansion of a house. It was good fu :) Tuesday - We got up early to go to the Mental Health Centre to so our weekly group exploring the individuals lives (using the Kawa model for all you OT's reading this).It was more successful than we expected and were very impressed with the results. Chilled out in ... read more
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