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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don July 10th 2012

Officially arrive in Paradise! Took the 2hr boat at 11am over to Koh Phi Phi, arriving in the harbour surrounded by tall steep cliffs, waves lapping up, the clear blue sea below us, fish, coral. It was gorgeous! It took about 2 minutes to find our hostel. Ivory hostel- its literally right in the centre of the island... which is only about 2 minutes from the beach. Checked in. Lovely rooms...would call it more of a hotel than a hostel. Decided to go for a wander and explore the island. Had a good wander around in the scorching sunshine, taking in pardise. Passed a dive school and got chatting to a girl there about how good the diving is on Phi Phi. We had all decided before the holiday we wanted to dive and Phi Phi ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan July 2nd 2012

An hour ferry from Koh Samui and we were at our final destination of the holiday... Koh Pha Ngan. We got a taxi to our resort - Chantaramas, a luxury resort right next to the beach. It is perfect! Gorgeous rooms with HUGE bed, indoor and outdoor shower, a bath fit for a king, room service, big tv, bar, restaurant, infinity pool, amazing views of the beach and sea...and the best bit... there were about 12 people in the whole resort, us being 4 of them! Checked in, showered then hit the pool. Sampled a few cocktails from the huge cocktail menu in the sun. Went to Mona Lisa for tea - in the town. The town was dead! We saw about 3 people. I think this time of year people stay on Koh Samui and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui June 25th 2012

Arrived in Koh Samui airport- a little wooden shack basically- which featured on The Hangover 2. Got to ARK BAR resort which is by far the best accommodation yet. We have two adjoining rooms with huge double beds and a decent balcony. If I sand on my tip toes I can see the sea. The beach is literally 20 paces away, along with a pool, jacuzzi and bar! What more could we want?! Got organised and had a bit of a swim then got ready for the all important England/Italy match. Lonely Planet once again didn't let us down for food. Went to Gringo's, a Mexican close to Ark Bar. Had gorgeous Fajitas, freshly made on a hot place. Gorgeous! England Shirts on, we headed out to a few bars to get the night started, eagerly ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket June 21st 2012

Arrived in Patong, Phuket around 11am after a 15 hour journey from Bangkok by overnight coach. We had some brunch at the hostel (Bodega) and waited to check in. Got sorted in our rooms then headed straight to the beach for tanning session no.1! Patong beach is gorgeous, waves crashing up, white sand, guys bringing drinks to your beach lounger. Only downside was all the rubbish (plastic bags, nets etc) in the sea. Richard was lucky enough to find 500 baht though! Had a great time on the beach, chilling, pratting around in the sea etc. and left around 5:30, got showered and went over to the Mall for tea. We had 'the best steak in town' and it was yummy! Wandred through the mall on our way out only to find a shooting range, just ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 19th 2012

So it begins... Holiday 2012... Only waited 6 months for it to arrive and now its here! Yey! Long, long journey to get there...Train to London...apartment in London for the night... 9 hour flight to Mumbai... 2 hour wait... 4 hour flight to Bangkok... HERE!!! :) Had an amazing few days in Bangkok. We arrived at the airport and got the Sky Train to the centre of the city. It was a great way to get our first glimpse of the capital. Hundreds of skyscrapers lined the horizon with rice fields and small shacks scattered in between. It was a dull, cloudy hot day, and a shock to the system due to us being so used to 12 degrees back in the UK. A taxi then took us to our hostel - NapPark Hostel, just around ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna June 4th 2011

Had a nice final week in the sunshine on the beach in Varna. Stayed at the Flag Hostel once again with the gang and spent pretty much every day on the beach making the most of the time in the sun. We played endless games of Volleyball, met some more amazing people, including 4 US Navy guys who were a great laugh. It was a lovely final week to spend with the amazing people I have met the last few months and couldn't think of a better way for this whole chapter to end. Had a great night out up in Golden Sands, enjoying some cheap drinks and dancing :) Returned to UK on Saturday night, after getting a 7 hour train from Varna to Sofia, then the flight at 8:45pm. Had a lovely welcome back ... read more
Night out in Golden Sands
The journey home...

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov May 29th 2011

Romania, Romania, Romania.... Just B-E-A-UTIFUL! We have had the most amazing time there. It is a shame we had not booked to stay longer as the country was gorgeous! We got up to get the 5:45am taxi from Ruse, crossing the Danube and travelled to Bucharest. Arriving at about 8am, we wandered through the town to find our hostel. We felt like we were back in London. It was lovely. Grand buildings, malls, monuments, fountains... was a nice change from what we were used to. I was excpecting something similar to Sofia, but it was so much nicer! We stayed at Butterfly Villa Hostel in the North of Bucharest which was a really nice hostel. Managed to get a room to ourselves, on the top bunks and got organised. We then went out to explore Bucharest, ... read more
At the hostel
At the Hostel
Rowing in the park

Europe » Bulgaria » Rousse Province » Ruse May 27th 2011

Here is an update on my final week in Ruse... I had a lovely final day at Church last Sunday, saying our goodbye's to the congregarion and thanking them for being so welcoming to us. We stood up in the service, did a short speech nd gave gifts, thanking especially Elijah, Emilia, Daniel and Daniella for their hospitality and the amazing memories they have shared with them. It all got very emotional, which we were not expecting, but it was so hard to think we will be leaving soon. We went into town afterwards to meet Petar, one of our other Bulgarian friends and got a taxi to St. Basarbovsky Monastry, just of the outskirts of Ruse, in the counrty side. This quaint little town was lovely, with a monestary which was build in a rock ... read more
The rock monestry!
In the rock monestry!
Butterfly :)

Europe » Bulgaria » Rousse Province » Rousse May 22nd 2011

The weeks are now flying by way too fast for my liking. This time in two weeks, I shall be up in the air on the way back to the UK! Scary stuff! An update from my last week... Spent Sunday relaxing in the 28 degree sunshine and did some documentation and what not while tanning! We decided to go to the supermarket in the afternoon to buy some more resources and gifts for the children at the home as leaving presents. We bought them a wash bag each, filled with their own comb/ brush, a sponge, toothbrush and deoderant for those who used it. We aim to give these to the children before we leave and also leave our reccommendations to the staff and the students of possible interventions they can do with the children ... read more
Happy SURPRISE party!

Europe » Bulgaria » Rousse Province » Ruse May 15th 2011

The sun has finally found it's way from the UK to Bulgaria! Weather has been fantastic this week, starting in Varna last Sunday when we visited the Karin Dom Children's Centre. I was so impressed with the service they provide at the centre. It is very UK based with a formal structure and qualified professionals working almost 1:1 to support the children (teachers, physiotherapists, speach and language therapists). There were no Occupational Therapists emplyed by Karin Dom centre however their approach is very Occupatioanl Therapy based, allowing the children to learn through play and to then transfer those skills to functional tasks. It appeared that the other professionals took on the Occupational Therapy role and their roles in the centre merged. There was a lot of potential for an occupational therapy role to be established there. ... read more
Team UK
Boooo to Azerbaijan

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