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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar August 11th 2021

Bonjour à tous, Hier au soir je cherche un resto, personne à la réception à qui demander. Tous ceux devant lesquels je passe et je vois les gens manger plus ou moins la même choses, des saucisses dans une pâte, genre "pâte à pain", ça ne me tente pas vraiment. Au bout d'un quart d'heure de marche, je me retrouve devant l'hôtel, et maintenant il y une jeune femme, qui me dit il faut aller au ??? à 100 mètres à 2 rues. A peine arrivé devant la terrasse de ce resto, j'entends "hello Daniel" je reste scotché, c'est 2 jolies filles qui m'interpellent et par mon nom. Je les regarde quelques secondes sans savoir où les situer. C'est elle qui se présentent, elles sont les réceptionnistes de l'hôtel, qui avaient si sympa le matin. Elles ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo » Ilidža August 10th 2021

Bonjour à tous, Hier petite soirée tranquille, cet hôtel perdu dans la campagne, vraiment très bien. Le resto du soir choix, pâtes ou pizzas. J'ai testé la pizza bosniaque, c'est soit disant le fromage local qui fait la différence, pas spectaculaire la différence, par contre dessus une espèce de chorizo très bon, mais toutes les heures de la nuit, obligé de boire. Ce matin lorsque je tire les rideaux, j'ai cru que la montagne était dans la brume, non c'était de la fumée. Il doit y avoir de gros incendies, dans la région car pendant 100km, dans la fumée, et avec cette désagréable odeur de brûlée. Impossible de faire une photo. Compte tenu du soleil, en contre jour, et de cette épaisse fumée, je sais qu'elles ne seront pas exploitables. Comme j'ai pris le pdj à ... read more
Cathédrale de Sarajevo
j'adore à l'entrée de l'hôtel

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina August 9th 2021

Tuto krajinu sme prebehli strasne rychlo, isto by si zasluzila viac dni, no uz sme boli poznaceny baby terminom, tak sme si to tak velmi neuzivali. Ludia tu boli uplne pohodaci, mimo mostaru a sarajeva prakticky ziadny turisti. Priroda je tu velmi krasna, vsade same ciste rieky. Este je tu stale kopa neopravenych budov so stopami vojny ale dost sa ich aj rekonstruuje. No na dedinach ozaj neni problem najst dom od guliek. Jedlo proste balkan, cevapi a cevapi a cevapi. Cenova hladina nizka, i ked v suhrne sa to tak nezda Isto sa sem este niekedy vratim a preskumam ine casti. Doprava trochu problematicka ak chcel ist clovek z jednej federacie do druhej, bud ziadny spoj abo spoj siel z uplne ineho bus terminalu. trebinje Hned prve mesto a hned uplna bomba. Malicke ale velmi ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 8th 2020

According to Business Insider: Travel has continued to surge in July and August, and travel shaming and COVID-call outs are becoming more common.While some travelers continue to share their photos and experiences on social media, many are choosing to curb their online presence or to not post at all."I think people are afraid. Everyone's under a microscope," said food blogger and influencer Ali Maffucci, who exp... read more
Flying shame?
Behave yourself!

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar October 27th 2019

We left Jajce straight after breakfast and headed off in the direction of our final stop in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar. Unfortunately it was rather foggy for much of the drive so we didn’t get to see a lot of scenery during the first part of the trip. Once the fog lifted, the scenery was quite lovely. High mountains covered in autumn leaves next to a blue-green river. The drive to Mostar took about 2.5 hours. As we entered the area close to the Old Town a man in a hi-vis vest waved at us and said something in Bosnian that we didn’t understand. I thought he was dodgy but Scott chose to turn around and find another route to our hotel. On the second route towards our hotel we were again waved at by another ... read more
Mostar from lunch
Mostar Old Bridge...and hoards of tourists

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » North »  Jajce October 24th 2019

After checking our of our hotel in Sarajevo we hopped in our car and headed in the direction of our next destination, Jajce. Not long after we left Sarajevo we entered a tollway and rather thick fog. The fog continued for most of our trip to Jajace so we didn’t get much of a chance to admire the scenery for the first part of the drive. The tollway ended before the fog did and soon we were back on local roads which were fairly good quality although tough to overtake as they were quite windy. On the way to Jajce we made a small detour to visit Mlinčići, also known as the Watermills of Jajce. The mills, which are in a park next to Pliva Lake, were constructed during the Austro-Hungarian period and used by farmers ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 23rd 2019

After checking into our hotel in Sarajevo, which was just across the river from Baščaršija, we set out for a walk through the city. Sarajevo is full of history, both ancient and modern. The city was the meeting point of Roman Catholic west, Eastern Orthodox east and the Ottoman south. Historically it was a fairly tolerant city where Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism coexisted peacefully for the most part. That tolerance and mostly peaceful coexistence was shattered in more recent history first with the expulsion of Jews when Bosnia was under control of the Nazis and then even more recently during the Bosnian war. Nowadays the city is on the road to recovering its tolerance. As soon as we crossed the river and entered Baščaršija. The part of Baščaršijawe enteredwas constructed in the 15th century by ... read more
The Sarajevo (War) Tunnel Museum
View of Sarajevo from Trebević mountain
Bobsled run on Trebević mountain

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina August 14th 2019

Attractive as it is there’s no denying that Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital is helped in punching way above its weight as an obvious tourist destination by three events or episodes of modern history. One of the events, the 1984 Winter Olympics, is pretty simple to get your head around. Yugoslavia won the bid a couple of years before Tito’s death and hosted a successful games, East Germany topped the medal table but our very own Jayne and Chris won gold with that Balero routine. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in late June 1914, near Sarajevo’s Latin Bridge, and how it resulted in nearly twenty million more deaths, including many hundreds of thousands of our Tommies in trenches and Flanders fields, isn’t as straightforward. I’m not sure I’ve ever really understood how this event and the ... read more
Where it began
Latin Bridge
Sarajevo Rose

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 6th 2019

Naš rad obuhvata izradu seminarskih, diplomskih, maturskih, magistarskih radova na srpskom, hrvatskom, francuskom, španskom ili engleskom jeziku iz svih oblasti ekonomije, menadmenta i biznisa i svih drugih oblasti… Za razliku od drugih koje samo interesuje novac kupca, nas cilj je da prvi utisak o nasem radu bude pozitivan, da se postigne redovno i kvalitetno poslovanje sa nama, takodje diskrecija je zagarantovana. Jos od samog pocetka uspeli smo da stvorimo auran i kvalitetan tim strucnjaka iz oblasti: ekonomija, menadment, bankarstvo, finansije, ljudski resursi, psihologija, marketing, informacione tehnologije, istorija, sociologija, pravo, itd. što je rezultiralo mnogobrojnim zadovoljnim klijentima.Postavili smo odredene standarde u ukupnom poslovanju i dostigli lidersku poziciju u našoj branši. Cilj nam je da istu dugorocno zadrimo, te da svoje poslovanje proširimo i n... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo May 27th 2019

Als wir den Ramskosee verlassen sind wir ein bisschen traurig, denn wenn wir Adrijan glauben dürfen, wird es diesen schönen Ort schon bald nicht mehr geben. Da der See lediglich aufgestaut wurde um mit seiner Wasserkraft Elektrizität zu erzeugen und derzeit ein neues Elektrizitätswerk gebaut wird, soll er in den nächsten Jahren quasi wieder „abgelassen“ werden. Dann fließt hier einfach nur noch ein Fluss durch die Berge und die Halbinsel Scit ist eine kleine Ansammlung von Häusern auf einer Anhöhe. Kurios. Aber vermutlich wird es dennoch ein schöner Ort bleiben. Als wir weiterfahren und mit dem Jablanicko See auf halbem Weg den nächsten türkisblau schimmernden, sich fjordartig durch die Berge ziehenden Stausee erblicken wissen wir aber auch, warum die Bosnier der Verlust eines weiteren Sees nicht schmerzt. Sie haben diese glasklaren Gewässer einfach im Überfluss. Was ... read more
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