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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 22nd 2017

After our fast departure from Ostrava, we had 5 hours to go to our first stop : Graz in Austria. The road was clear and we only had a little traffic jam but nothing too bad. On the road, Anne checked Graz for hostels but she couldn't find anything. In the end, we found a nice and cheap hotel near the city centre with parking (THE most important feature we wanted) and when we arrived, we saw that it was a wonderful hotel, much more worth than what we had paid. We were really happy, but a hot shower and a nice, comfortable bed were the only things that interested us after ice-cold showers at the camping in Ostrava. We went to the city centre and when we finally found a nice restaurant, we were so ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar July 15th 2017

Sometimes the journey is better than the destination and sometimes the journey just never seems to end. Let’s just say that we had an interesting journey from Zabljak to Mostar. It started well; we chose to start with the windy route through more of the National Park and it was lovely, more valleys and meadows. Then we continued the journey towards the BiH border, the problem came when we came to a junction on the Tara river; the gps was quite insistent that we turn right and the route we had looked at the day before said turn left. As we had neither a paper map nor access to the internet we decided to trust our gps machine. This was fine to the border then suddenly became not so ok; a narrow road in very poor ... read more
View from the bridge at sunset
Bridge lit up in the evening
Old town and bridge in early morning

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 30th 2017

About one year ago my mom heard about Bosnian pyramids which have healing energy tunnels. Then I read on the internet about that pyramids and I found out that they are really interesting and that might be worth to go to Bosnia and see them. And so we went… After a long night drive with not very comfortable bus we finely came to Visoko, 30 km away from the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo. First we went with our local guide to the hill from where you can see 213 m high hill named Visočica. Amateur archeologist dr. Semir Osmanagić discovered it in year 2005 and named it the Pyramid of the Sun, because of its proper geometry. It was build about 12.000 years ago. In the neighborhood they also found similar pyramids ... read more
The Bosnian valley of the pyramids
The Huesa energy pyramid
Spiral of the purification

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Tuzla April 30th 2017

Check out prakticky nebolo komu povedat, bo nikde nikto. Ak nepocitam dve upratovacky vo vedlajsej izbe. Inak s majitelom som sa po zaplateni uz vobec nestretol. Konecne vonku teplo a slnko. Zastavka v blizkom bingu na nakup vody a jogurtu, dalej este zastavka v pekarni kde kupeny syrovy burek a sup ho toto vsetko zjest do malo upraveneho parku pri starom gymnaziu na kojsino ulici. Tu len relax a odlovenie dalsej kesky. Z prevedenia som opat sklamany. Presun k panonskym jazeram, samozrejme cestou padla za obet dalsia keska. Pri jazerach resp jazere do 3/4 napusteneho, dost turistov ale vsetko v norme. V sezonne to tu byva uplne narvane, niekedy si neni kde dat ani osusku na zem,tak vravel Tony. Su tu aj tobogany ale nic extra. Vyvalenie sa na lavicku, pustenie suverena a nasavanie slnecnych lucov. ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina April 29th 2017

Rano sa prebudzam do dazda. Podla predpovede by sa mal okolo 10/00 premenit na slabsi dazd. Tak ok, teda idem na turu na hrad Srebrenik. CS mi este odporucal navstivit mesto Gracanica, tam je tiez neaky zaujimavy hrad s bohatou historiou. V blizkej pekarni pri ubytku na hlavnej ceste kupujem ranajky. Makovy zavin a cokoladovy croasant. V dazdi sa dostavam cez rieku popri supermarketu Bingo na zastavku pri autobusovej stanici. Velka smola, bus c.24 mi ufujazdil cca pred 5.min. Dalsi ide okolo 9/25, takze mam cas neakych 40.min. Ako tak sledujem busy a cestovny poriadok moc mi to nepasuje, niektore nejdu vobec, ine dost meskaju a dalsie idu a ani nemaju ist. Cumim do mobilu, pristavi sa marsutka smer srebrenik, no kym sa spamatam uz je fuc. Cakaju tu aj dalsi traja ludia, uz riadne nervozny. ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Tuzla April 28th 2017

Budicek 4/15. Vdaka vcerajsiemu futsalu v tt som spal len nieco okolo 5.hod, no nic v buse, lietadle hadam dobehnem spankovy deficit. V dazdi rychly presun na bus stanicu, kde uz cakalo asi 10 ludi. Zlty turancar meska 5.min, pred Vlckovcami robia protihlukovu stenu, rychlost teda obmedzena na 60km/hod. Dalsie obmedzenie niekde pri senci, tu buduju novu krizovatku sa mi zda. Napriek tomuto vsetkemu prichadzame na letisko o 10.min skor. Chvalabohu,ze siel zo serede priamy bus na letisko, aspon som sa nemusel zatazovat bratislavskou mhd-ckou. Do odletu ostava nieco cez 1,5hod. Sadam na studenu lavicku, tlacim milu, ktoru zapijam krabickovym dzusom. Posilneny hor sa na poschodie. Na security ako to uz v ba byva zvykom opat buzeracia obycajnych ludi. Ja som si musel dat dole dokonca latkovy ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar November 25th 2016

Mostar is full of winding cobblestone alleys with Turkish-style bazaars and small coffee houses where people sit drinking from tiny cups. Minarets compete for space with church spires, and, at certain times of the day, the Muslim call to prayer battles with the ringing of bells across the river. But the centrepiece of Mostar's old town is definitely its famous bridge. The Legend According to legend, an Ottoman called Mimar designed the bridge. When Suleiman the Magnificent had commissioned him to build it, Mimar had trembled with fear. He knew the bridge had to span thirty metres, something unimaginable in those days. But that wasn't the source of his angst; it was more to do with the sultan. As well as being magnificent, Suleiman was cruel, notorious for his love of gruesome executions. Mimar knew he ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 17th 2016

As we got to the bus station and saw all the rusty buses, we thought that it was going to be a very long 2,5h trip... There was one flashier looking bus in the middle of it all and we thought that surely we couldn't be that lucky to get that one? It turned out that yes we were! And soon after we were on our way to Sarajevo. And what a beautiful road that was! As soon as we left Mostar, we started driving through a very scenic river canyon. I wish I could say more about that journey but as soon as Millie fell asleep in my arms, so did I... We woke up half way and the views didn't disappoint from there on either. Driving in between the rocky hills, with some snowy ... read more
One of many Sarajevo roses
Sun setting over Sarajevo
Our little traveller at the bobsleigh tracks

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar November 14th 2016

It was a really short stay in Montenegro and as we were leaving the apartment I thought that probably we should've stayed at least one more night to give Perast another go. The weather also was absolutely beautiful which only made me regret leaving Kotor even more... but what was done, was done... We had accommodation booked in Mostar already and the transport as well, so it was time to leave Montenegro and go to another country I have never been to before - Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our driver came to pick us up from the main entrance to the Old Town. He was right on time! Quick adjustment of Millie's car seat (yep! full service!) and we were off! The guy actually looked really friendly and was speaking surprisingly good English... It turned out that ... read more
Old Bridge in its full glory
Walking around Mostar
Walking around the Old Town in Mostar

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar October 10th 2016

Looks like we're back again, and I guess we'll pick up talking about Mostar. I'd picked Mostar over Sarajevo for logistical reasons more than anything. I was going to Croatia and Mostar was more on the way and would allow me to make the most out of a night bus. A separate railway, under reconstruction at the time, apparently offers one of the most breathtaking trips in Europe. A shame to miss it, but I can vouch for the landscape anyways. Traveling across the Balkans by rail or road generally is not to be missed. The landscape's cut sharply and beautifully between mountains, the sea, and valleys. Ruined castles dot the hilltops, and everything feels out of step with any time. An appropriate segue to Mostar itself. History a-bridged. Mostar isn't a large place, but it ... read more
Mostar destroyed
Mostar Bank
Philosophizing bankers

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