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Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges September 5th 2022

We left LA on Thursday, September 1st and arrived in London Friday about 10 am. It was the usual dehumanizing, maddening journey in a cramped plane with the lights out for unending hours through the night. Then, the Tube to a Holiday Inn near St. Pancras station for some catchup sleep, a meal and an overnight stay. Boarded the Eurostar Saturday for a three hour journey to Brussels. Rented a car and drove to Bruges for a 3-day stay in a lovely apartment just off the Markt Square. On Sunday, I got King Leopold's Revenge and there were no pharmacies open to deal with the problem. Nevertheless, after a late start, we drove to Dunkirk to see the "Mole" and the beach where the troops were rescued during that awful week in 1940. We drove further ... read more
The Mole at Dunkirk
Our place in Bruges
Bruges and canals

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges July 20th 2022

SUN, 17 JUL 2022 TRANSFER TO BRUGES, BELGIUM: The train ride itself was uneventful, as expected. I had a 24-minute layover in Brussels, Belgium to make my connection for Bruges, Belgium. No problem. Plenty of time. After all, this isn’t O’Hare. After I disembarked the first train, I looked at the tote board and found nothing going to Bruges. The line at the information/ticket counter was long enough to take me well past my departure time, and there were no apparent service representatives within sight, so I pursued the next logical option and went to the platform with trains departing at 1652. When I arrived, I showed an attendant my electronic ticket. While he was fumbling about, another customer service person approached and informed me that I was at the International Annex. That made sense as ... read more
On the Walk to Market Square – Bruges, Belgium
On the Walk to Market Square – Bruges, Belgium
Café Vlissinghe – Bruges, Belgium

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges July 4th 2022

I took a cheap RyanAir flight from Zaragoza, met up with my partner Peggy in Brussels and caught the next train to Bruges, just an hour away. Bruges is a small city but swells from heavy tourism. It would be interesting to know how much of its popularity is a result of the movie, In Bruges. The cobblestone streets wind along canals, over every type of drawbridge imaginable and through ancient archways. Every window box and bridge hanging pot overflows with flowers and the town is spotless. All of this makes for a picture-perfect scene at every corner, none of which is captured well by photos. Our BnB was in a historic home and was like staying in an antique shop, which was lovely except anytime we delicately creaked up 3 flights of stairs and fumbled ... read more
Peggy, canal and drawbridge

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges March 18th 2022

Bruges Belgium December 2021, all booked up and ready for a train journey from Newcastle upon Tyne UK to Bruges Belgium. Three nights away in beautiful old city. Omicron hits and plans are delayed until.......... March 2022, our changed arrangements go ahead. On a train leaving a little later in the morning from Newcastle than we would like, but all in hand. The trip to London is on a new Azuma train. All is on time despite stops in Durham, Darlington, Northallerton, York, Doncaster, Newark, Peterborough before our arrival at Kings Cross. The Eurostar welcomes us, takes us under la Manche and treats us well, arriving at Brussels Midi at 6pm. The final leg. I’d cancelled our tickets from Brussels to Bruges because the previously made timings were out of kilter with our change arrangements, but ... read more
De Gastro restaurant
Chocolate shops on Katelijnestraat
Footpath south to Begijnhof

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges February 19th 2022 read more

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges July 25th 2020

The. Air. Bed. Has. To. Go........ Seth has a travel bed, a seemingly great invention, an air bed which has a built in sleeping bag for little guys and girls. It's a terrible terrible invention. Seth slept like a log. We didn't sleep at all. Every time he rolled over the polyester rustled and the air bed squeaked. He rolled off it and almost under our bed at least 3 times and oh the noise.... The noise..... So, it will be on e Bay next week if anyone is interested? As a result getting going was like wading through treacle on roller skates. We (I) almost forgot the passports, we (I) realised nearly too late that it's impossible to drag a suitcase whilst carrying 2 mugs of very hot tea and we (I) accidentally booked with ... read more

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges September 7th 2019

I toured the city of Bruges today and it was just as I pictured it: cute, scenic, and full of tourists. Bruges has cobblestone streets and tall towers, pretty canals and old churches. It has great old religious art and the only sculpture by Michelangelo to leave Italy in his lifetime. I think this statue of the Madonna and Child was featured in the movie The Monuments Men. It was a satisfying experience to finally visit this town that I have heard and read about for years. I was prepared for it to be crowded, so the number of tourists didn’t bother me (as it has in some of the places I have been on this trip). I guess it’s all about expectations. I don’t usually travel in the summertime because of the crowds, but this ... read more

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges August 13th 2019

Set off from Zeebrugge-Strand station at 9am and arrived in Brugge 20 minutes later. The weather forecast was not brilliant but we were blessed with more sun than rain. What a beautiful city with new vistas round every corner. We enjoyed a late breakfast in a beautiful old cafe before embarking on a lengthy tour by foot. ... read more

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges August 8th 2019

We are both excited to be leaving Calais - M navigates us into Belgium and on up to Bruges - 116 km Bruges is a canal based city - the Venice of the North - a medieval town virtually untouched - surrounded by gingerbread houses, cobbled alleys (creating a maze of one way streets) giant white swans and many varieties of ducks. Bruges was occupied in both WW I and WW II but neither the Allied nor German armies had the heart to raze it. In WW II German commander Imma Hopman even refused to carry out direct orders from his superiors to do just that. Bruges was liberated in WW II by Canadian troops on September 12, 1944. Bruges’ population is just over 117,000 - only 19,500 live in the small canal city centre. Over ... read more
Canal shot
canal shot
And another

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