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Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi April 14th 2009

Hello everyone! Spain was one of my favorite trips that i have ever went on. Why you ask? Because... 1: Spain(andalusia-a region in the south) is very very beautiful-the paysage itself is breathtaking- i couldnt stop looking at it! Also the towns are beautiful too-all white like the houses in greece. There are tons of flowers in the villages too as well as orange trees all along the roads. The smell is intoxicating. The ocean was beautiful too-the water was still cold though :p 2: It was a trip with the grad class so it was a lot of fun spending time with eachother all together. The ambiance was really good and i ended staying up late every single night-didnt sleep a whole lot-but it was worth it! 3: The trip didnt miss any of its ... read more
Me and Adeline
Me, Adeline and the boys
Me in the Muslim gardens

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi April 14th 2009

Hello Everyone once again! I just got back two days ago from my trip to the region with the most history in France! The day after i got back from my trip to spain my fourth host family (Laurent, Danielle, and Julie) picked me up to sleep over at their house for the night. At three oclock in the morning we all woke up to start our 8 hour drive to La Dordogne(a region in the south) of France. I slept must of the way in the car. We got to where we were staying in the afternoon. It was a big old cottage house that was divided into rooms each with a little kitchen and bathroom. It was really cute and the countryside around it was picturesque. Then during the afternoon we went to the ... read more
Me with Rocamando in the background
The cottage in the countryside

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi March 20th 2009

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is well and happy! I guess that everyone is impatient for spring but itll come soon! Last sunday and monday i went to EuroDisney with my first host family Karin and Pascal and their son Matheo. We also came with the family of a friend of Pascal-who has two adopted children one from Africa and the other from India-All three children were really excited thoughout the trip and it was nice enjoying Eurodisney with them. We lucked out on the weather-it was hot and sunny, with even some flowers out and all the trees were green. I had a great time going on all of the rides and i especially enjoyed Universal Studios whitch ive never seen before. We saw an amazing show with stunt drivers and for me that was ... read more
Honey i shrunk the kids...
Stunt show!!!
Flower Girls :)

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi March 4th 2009

Hello Everyone, i know its been awile since my last Travelblog but being in Belgium now just seems normal to me-like a home so i dont often take many pics-but ill try to change that! Im really happy here still and im always busy with somthing to do Anyways about te Carnival-Lots of European countries have the tradition of Carnival which is to scare away the winter and to weclome the warm sun again. In belgium they have many differnt festivals for that-most of the little towns have a big bonfire and everyone dresses up. But in the town of Binche its pretty specail. They have all these people-manly guys who dress up as Gilles and throw oranges into the crowd, nobodies really sure the reason for this anymore cuz it goes way back, but the ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi December 8th 2008

Hello Evryone, Last weekend i went with my host family to Alsace France to see the Xmas Markets. Canada has nothing in comparrison to this. Friday we drove the 5 hours to Alsace and on the way we stopped at this really cool place to eat-which is a pig farm-and they have a lot of smoked pork here. We got to our hotel at like 11 so we just went to sleep after that Saturday was a pretty busy day. We were out all day going to 3 villages in all to look at the different xmas markets. They are like our farmers markets in Canada except the booths are actually like little houses with roofs and everything is all dect up in xmas decorations. There are hundreds of them all together so it actually looks ... read more
Photo 277
me with the grape vines
Village with Castle

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi November 30th 2008

Hello evryone sorry this took a while to write but here i go... I went to Paris by car with my host mother Karin, her sister and also my third host mother Katey, Danielle who is my fourth host mother and her daughter Julie. I was really tired because the night before i was at a Reto party for the sixieme so i didnt get a lot of sleep. I ended up sleeping in the car all the way there. We got into paris and i saw the Eifel Tower for the first time in the distance. All i could think is that the city of Paris was beautiful, with all the leaves yellow, red and orange all falling ontp the streets. We finallly got to our destination which was the Chateau of Versailles. It was ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi November 22nd 2008

Hello everyone and sorry this took so long for me to write but i was waiting for my friends to send me some pictures since my camera got stolen and with it my pics from london. But before i get started i just want to say that ITS SNOWING here is belgium which is pretty incredable because they hardly ever get snow here. London was an amazing trip, we started out early saturday morning, meeting up at Charleroi Gare to get on our bus. Once we were on it took about 3 hours to get to the ocean. Then we took a boat to get across the Passage to Great Britain. The boat was really cool and it was awesome seeing the coast of Great Britain rising from the sea. On the way to London we ... read more
London at night
Windsor Castle
On the boat over to England

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi October 5th 2008

Hello everyone, This weekend was a pretty busy one for me. Friday I went to the theatre with my host club and the 4 other exchange students of my club. It was about a show with one African who tells the stories of his life growing up in Africa and also about moving to Belgium and how he found it. It was in French so i couldnt really understand a lot of it and i was also really tired so that didnt help very much. I got home at midnight and i had to wait till my host father Pascal and his friend Laurent to get back from their wine tasting because Laurent was driving me back to his house in order to be able to go to Luxemburg with them in the morning. So by ... read more
Changing of the Guard
Danielle with her dessert at the Patisserie

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi September 30th 2008

hello Everyone, sorry it took so long to write ive been pretty busy with evrything going on here. Not last weekend but the weekend before that i went to Champagne france with my third host family and it was amazing. We set out together, Me, my host brothers Laurice and Gigi, the mother Catey, the father Serge and also his parents and his fathers brother so all in all there were 8 of us. The whole time we stayed at this beautiful little CHateau in the Countryside and each night ate an amazing four course meal, apitizer, main course, cheese platter and dessert; not to mention the Champagne; Needless to say i was in Paridse. I had a cute little room to myself which was nice for a change because at home here i share a ... read more
Press for the grapes
Chateau where we ate
Inside the Chateau

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut » Charleroi September 9th 2008

School here is very different then school in Canada My school is called St.Augustin Coledge and it is a strict Catholic school. There are a lot of rules. -No one can leave school property at lunch -YOu can not show your solders or middref -You can not hold hands or kiss the opposite sex -Can not smoke on school property The school is very big being about four stories high and also very old. All the classes do not have hardly any electronic using only a chalk board and chalk to teach. Only the English class has computers that i know of. What is cool though is that the 12 graders have their own room to hang out in and eat lunch in. The teachers are all very nice espicially the English teacher because he loves ... read more

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