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Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Feldkirch September 3rd 2018

Am letzten Freitag ging die 12. Woche und damit auch der 3. Monat in Bern erfolgreich zu Ende. Am Samstag bin ich nach München gefahren, wo ich bis Montag einige Erledigungen hatte. Danach habe ich mich auf den Rückweg gemacht und bin in der Mittelalterstadt Feldkirch vorbei gekommen. Dort habe ich wieder einen vorher gewählten Parkplatz gefunden und bin in die Altstadt. Leider habe ich meinen Österreich-Reiseführer in München vergessen, aber ich habe trotzdem ein Restaurant zum Mittagessen gefunden. Auch den Dom und den Katzenturm und das Kunst Palais Liechtenstein habe ich gesehen, aber leider von letzterem kein Foto gemacht. Das Highlight war aber die Schattenburg, die das enge Tal an der Grenze zur Schweiz kontrollierte. Diese habe ich besichtigt und es gab auch viele Möbel in den Zimmern. Ich weiß jetzt aber nicht, inwieweit diese ... read more
Blick von der Schattenburg auf Feldkirch.
Katzenturm von Feldkirch.
Dom von Feldkirch.

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Lech am Arlberg August 20th 2017

So the weatherman was right on. Said it would be sunny (NOT) turned out cloudy and cool so that was good. I told you about the village Lech in one of my blogs. High end with Royals and Celbs.(skling) We were in the 5 star hotel where Princess Diana visited winter of 1991. I included her picture on the wall in the hotel plus some images in the hotel. Tomorrow we are on our way to another part of Austria. Still in the Alps. We will be there a week. So the trip continues.. If you have any questions about anything please ask. Either by email ( or by a comment via the blog. as ever Lowell... read more
5 star- Hotel Arlberg Lech

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Bregenz June 29th 2017

We were happy to leave the closed in yacht harbour from our overnight stay and head straight into the country and back along the shore through Kressbronn, Nonnenhorn and on to Wasserburg where we stopped to view an old castle down by the harbour on the headland. It is now mainly an hotel but behind it is the St George church with a large painting of St George slaying a dragon. A pretty spot. From Wasserburg we passed through orchards and vineyards until we reached Lindau, the largest town in the area. The Old Town dating back to 1220 sits on an island joined by rail and road causeways. It has a lovely enclosed harbour watched over by a tower (with Rapunzel's plait hanging out the window!) and the harbour entrance built in 1812 guarded by ... read more
The harbour entrance at Lindau
Lunch stop at the beach near Bregenz

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Bregenz September 19th 2016

19/09/16 – maandag – dag 16 Kressbronn In de voormiddag stopt het uiteindelijk met regen. 's Middag een beetje zon. Dus, 's namiddags fietsritje van 50 km naar Bregenz met tussenstop in Lindau. De Bodensee-Radweg van 257km lang rondom het meer is overal goed aangeduid, en kan gedownload worden op de smartphone. Veel verkeerd rijden is er dus niet bij. Het historische binnenstadje van Lindau op een een eiland in de Bodensee door een dam verbonden met het vasteland, is een prachtige plaats. Bregenz is redelijk dood deze maandag van september. Plaats genoeg om een terrasje te doen met een Apfelstrudel zwemmend in de warme vanillesaus. Het is tenslotte fris aan de vis.... read more
Lindau - ingang van de haven
Lindau - Rathaus (13e eeuw)
Lindau - Middeleeuwse Slottoren

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg April 18th 2015

Our next stop was Hopfsgarten in Austria, we arrived at 5 in the evening, settled into our rooms and then went down to dinner where we had beef goulash for entree, Turkey schnitzel with potato salad and salad and apple strudel with ice cream for dessert. The next morning we got pancakes for breakfast and then hung round the hotel until it was time to head to paragliding. At 11am a van came to pick up 7 of us and took us up the mountain. We were each paired off with our paraglided person and were strapped up into these big harnesses that were like back packs. Once all connected up we had to started running off the hill which went into a steep decline. Once we were off the ground the backpack on my back ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Au August 28th 2014

Finally a really nice day. Sunny and warm. We did a nice driving tour through the mountains of western Austria. Near the village of AU. No I didn't type that wrong it is the name of the village. The best thing is there's cable car that takes you high into the Austrian mountains. We spent 3 hours up there. We had a great time. We hiked to the large cross that has been placed at the very top of the mountain. And BTW it was not a difficult endeavor. Here are some of the photos from today. Lowell... read more
A "cracker" of a day
Helping daddy
The top

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Lech am Arlberg February 20th 2014

Last time I wrote we were finishing up in Zurich. The last thing to note in Zurich is how expensive the city is. We went out for dinner and couldn't find anything within a decent price range, ending up with a $41 swiss franc mussaman curry. For those playing at home that's something around $55 for one curry... I'm sure you can all imagine Matts reaction! We left for Lech which is a ski village within the Vorarlberg region of Austria. Thinking that the local station that all the regional trains go to (Langen) would be a reasonable sized station we were wrong. When the train doors opened we were welcomed with a platform of powder and not a soul around. Turns out our suitcases are not much good when being wheeled along a train platform ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Reuthe May 27th 2012

The weather is starting to pick up and we are winding down. Work seems a long way away and it is lovely to wake up and realise that we are on holiday and have four weeks of this heaven..What a lovely feeling. I can understand now why people sell up their houses and go full timing. I am not sure I want to go back but then the bills need paying and they don’t pay themselves. We arrived at Reutte at 1.30 and found the small ACSI site closed. The tiny reception was empty and there was displayed two signs- one on the gate telling visitors that they could not enter the site between the hours of 12 and 2 nor between 8 at night and 7 in the morning and another on the office door ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Lech am Arlberg December 24th 2010

Day 74 – Travelling to Lech, Austria Today was our last day in Italy. This morning was a really early start, and a nice long walk. We had to make our train at 6:20am, and we had 1.5km’s to walk through the streets of Venice, so we got up at 5am and got there with 10mins to spare. On the train, we again enjoyed 1st class comfort and amazing scenery. It was a 1hr to Verona, then at 9am we jumped on our train to Innsbruck, Austria. This trip was 4 hours long, so the music came out, and we enjoyed it all the way. Getting closer and closer, there was more and more snow, so we got excited. At Innsbruck, it was again another train journey to St Anton Am Arlberg, then we jumped on ... read more
Michilan man???
Can't see much?? Neither could we...

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