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Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 25th 2012

This trip was done on easter 2012, the same roadtrip we had previously talked for Bratislava. It was cold and grey when we arrived in Vienna. And it was raining all the way to Vienna while we were driving from Graz. We arrived somewhere in the afternoon, found our hotel easily thank to our GPS lady that sounded very funny while pronouncing German street names with a thick American accent. We stayed in a quite nice hotel (considering the fact that we always backpack and sleep at the youth hostels), which we got for free from the miles collected by flights that Kiki had that year. He flies really a lot with Star Alliances group and they have good offers for exchanging the miles you collected. So there we were in Vienna staying in a nice ... read more
Cloudy Schonbrunn
The Busy Street
The Gloriette

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 25th 2012

Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am about not having to get up and jump into a hot, stuffy car today. I also manage to get a well deserved lie in too as we sleep until 11am(that extra hour makes all the difference!). We realise upon waking that we have nothing to eat our cereal (taken from our bag of food supplies) out of except a pint glass we stole from a bar in Ibiza (hidden in our luggage), as we remember we haven’t paid for plates or cutlery. It doesn't seem to faze Greg though and he drinks down a cup of cereal like it’s the most natural thing in the world. After our ‘drink and go’ brekkie, we head out to the tram station and spend about 5 minutes on the actual tram trying ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 19th 2012

Nach 10 Stunden quälender Zugfahrt, einer kurzen Nacht, 5 Stücke Choka-Coka und nem starken Kaffee bin ich da - In Wien. Gott sei dank hat alles geklappt! Ich bin soooo froh! Und hab echt eine nette Gastgeberin gefunden ;-)... read more
Prater - Riesenrad

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 19th 2012

Today was a rainy day although it did not start out that way. We began the day on a city tour that took us around the #1 Ring road. This is the road closest to the center of the city. We stopped at numerous locations but ended up at St. Stephens church. The interior of the church was spectacular. With alot of guilded art as well as the numerous organs. Once we left the church it started raining and we parted ways from the tour group for the day. As we exited the church there was this guy who had a beer in his hand dressed like Michael Jackson, white, dancing in the street with not a care in the world. It was mesmerising in that he was in his own little world doing his stuff ... read more
Some Decorative Roof Guilding
Interior of St.Stephans Church

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 18th 2012

Jut got back from a Viennese supper at the Heuriger Reinprecht Restaurant in Grinzing just outside of Vienna since 1678. We had Viennese supper with all the special dishes that you would expect. I would name them but there were to many to mention. We had Violin and Accordian players during the supper. We dined in a restaurent that was built in 1678. As we entered we were greeted with history of European celebrities that frequented in the early years which we did not know. However I noticed the 3000+ collection of the biggest wine cork screws in the world that were displayed on entry. My kinda place to be sure. We felt no pain tonight as we drank Reisling red wine. During the day we arrived in Vienna at 1 pm and promptly hit a ... read more
My next smart car
Reflection connection!

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 16th 2012

Wow, last day in Europe. At least for this trip. As pretty as Vienna is, I’m not in the mood for an early start. Besides, tonight I have to take long haul flight back home. I ended up spending my morning sitting at the lobby and having skype call with my mum and hubby. My to do list in Vienna is still long but I still feel sour after what happened the last several days. I’m finally able to push myself out of bed and walked out the door. It’s 10 am and I’m late. On the way to Rathaus, we got lost and ended up in front of the Parliament building instead. It’s gorgeous though. Pretty Greek style statues with contrast gold embellishment. The sky was blue as well and make such a nice backdrop. ... read more
Vienna Outside my Window
Vienna's Parliament Building

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 15th 2012

First leg of the journey over and we are now sitting in Henry's in Vienna airport. We have a three hour wait. Luckily it's quite a nice airport though pricey like most airports. We are in the corner with all the Armenians waiting for the Yervan flight. I'm tempted by mozart's balls which are in duty free - think posh version of ferrero rocher. Beginning to flag now. Roll on boarding.... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 14th 2012

Is it really almost over already? Really? I had to take a moment to count the countries and places we’ve been to. Checked my itinerary. OMG, we’ve finally arrived at the last stop: Vienna. Two weeks is not enough. Well, even three months won’t be enough. It will always be insufficient when you’re doing what you love the most. Due to last minute reroute to Budapest, it means last minute ticket purchase from Budapest to Vienna as well. I lost the 9 am train ticket by minutes. It was there when I started, but it’s already gone when I refreshed the page. So we ended up taking the 7 am train. I actually don’t like the idea of an early start especially after late night out plus night train the night before, but I guess that’s ... read more
The Ultimate Vienna Experience: Sacher Torte + A Cup of Melange @ Cafe Demel
In Front of Schonbrunn Palace
Veal Schnitzel

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 13th 2012

It was well after lunch by the time we got underway to Vienna and we were both relieved that the Garmin worked faultlessly. The Gally Apartment was clean, serviceable and almost comfortable! We had no issues with Mr Gally despite warnings from others on the “Tripadvisor” website and, in fact, we found him helpful. His advice was always perfunctory but covered the requirements and answered our questions about where to find a post office or a doctor. We have stayed in some dodgy locations, but this was the first one (that we know about) where there is a brothel in the same street. Fortunately no one was peddling their wares on the street so, apart from the neon sign, it was relatively discreet. The rest of our travelling day and the following morning were spent organising ... read more
Vienna St Stephens Cathedral
Vienna Leigh about to be wowed
Vienna Basement restaurant

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 9th 2012

Hi everyone, WOW I´m not very good at this blog thing.. Been having too much fun in the last few months to find the time!! So here´s a run down of where I´ve been since my last post.. Ireland - Belfast, Galway, Dublin France - Paris, Nice Portugal - Lagos, Lisbon Spain - Barcelona, Ibiza Greek Islands - Santorini, Ios, Mykonos Croatia - Dubrovnik, SAIL CROATIA for 7 nights on the coast, Split Italy - Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Venice And NOW I´m in Vienna, Austria! Just came from Salzburg. After Venice, I split up from Ash so now am travelling by myself. I will meet the others at Oktoberfest in a few weeks! I have seen so much and have so many stories but as I don´t want to be typing for days here are ... read more

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