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Europe » Austria » Vienna December 5th 2014

VIENNA – The Beautiful. On our journey towards Vienna, we past through the first of many lock’s on the Danube. This lock was the biggest and a real treat for all. The captain was controlling the entry and then raising of the ship in the lock, followed by release. What a sight as we went with -in 3 inches of the wall of the lock. The captain must have nerves of steel, but we did it, we were raised up to a great height, then went on our way. After passing through our second lock for the night, we arrived in Vienna. What a truly beautiful city. Besides the spotless appearance, Vienna has some of the most amazing architecture every, and was a joy to be taken around the city on foot by an elderly stateswoman ... read more
christmas decorations at the markets
frosty looks good enough to eat..he's all sugar & marzipan (1)
Hofburg - Winter Palace Home (1)

Europe » Austria » Vienna November 25th 2014

Music may be Vienna's finest export, but no less important are its political sway as a United Nations headquarter, historical significance as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and social prowess as the world's most livable city with the highest quality of life according to numerous publications. Its role as the Austro-Hungarian Empire's capital before WWI made Vienna the foremost city in the German-speaking world, while its occupation by the four powers post-WWII imparted American, English, Russian, and French influences. Furthermore, close proximity to the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia helped turn Vienna-Prague-Budapest-Bratislava into the most popular itinerary for travelers in Eastern Europe today. In short, Vienna is a melting pot of cultures, although you wouldn't know walking down its streets. As you venture around the city, you'll also encounter erected monuments and humble... read more
Schonbrunn Palace
Cafe Sacher

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 28th 2014

My daily life and routine are starting to fall nicely into place here in Austria; my body clock has adjusted to the 6am starts every morning and I'm enjoying having the afternoons at my disposal since the latest I ever finish work is 11.30 am. The weather has however taken me by surprise as on Wednesday this week the temperature suddenly dropped from Tuesday's 17/18 degrees to about 8/9 degrees after a thunderstorm on Tuesday night and has remained this low ever since! It also brought plenty of rain and wind with it to contrast Tuesday's bright sunshine, but thankfully it was bright and dry again by the weekend. It's fair to say that the winter coats, scarves and boots have officially come out of the wardrobe and I sense that winter has now arrived in ... read more
Mum in Vienna
Cafe Museum

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 4th 2014

We arrived in Vienna safely on 20 June. Like previous visits, we booked Hotel Cristall near Praterstein station. My mother managed to spot the tourist information centre in the station, and we bought 72-hour Vienna Pass. As we had already bought the single journey tickets to the city centre, we decided to use those first and use the 72-hour pass later. We took the U2 line to go to Stephansdom from Praterstein. Standing in the centre of the city, there were a lot of people getting off at Stephansdom. As a landmark of Vienna, Stephansdom (St Stephen Cathedral) looked magnificent. My parents started taking photos as soon as they could see it while going up to the ground from the station. It was Saturday morning and the worship service wasn’t held; it allowed us to stroll ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 1st 2014

There were quite a few passengers on the U4 line. Many of them got off at Schönbrunn and headed the same direction as us. Various types of tickets were available – we decided to buy “classic pass”, which would allow us to look round most of the principle rooms, formal gardens, and Gloriette. Some of the principle rooms were under renovation works. Nevertheless, this didn’t deter us; we were offered to see approximately 40 rooms as we last visited. My parents were given Japanese leaflet with a brief history of Schönbrunn and the buildings that preceded the palace site going back to the Middle Ages. According to the copper engraving produced in 1672, it was the Imperial Pleasance and Deer Park. The ownership of the palace was passed on to the Emperors during the Hapsburg time ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 1st 2014

We walked to Schwarzenbergplatz to take the tram for Belvedere. There were quite a few tourists who were going to Belvedere, so we followed them. We decided to buy the Belvedere Pass, which allowed us to look round the Upper Belvedere and Lower Belvedere. We took the lift to level 2 and started looking round collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art, featuring works by Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Degas and Edward Munch, and sculptures by Rodin, Degas and Renoir. The collections of Realist paintings were stunning, such as the paintings of Stephansdom or Nashmarkt. We also enjoyed splendid panoramic views of the skylines, garden and Lower Belvedere. Schloss Belvedere has been home to the Austrian Gallery of the 19th and 20th centuries. We marvelled at wonderful masterpieces by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka. ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 30th 2014

Still more photos uploaded. See 1Drive URL previously circulated. Pics are from Budapest, then on the boat to Vienna and more church photos from there. Haven't had time to do many captions I'm afraid. Will try to do that later but don' hold yr breath. Did a 20 km ride today & have 35 km tomorrow We leave boat & pick it up at the end of the ride in a different town. Best not miss it we're told. It' just after midnight right now & the boat left its dock in Vienna about a hour ago. The text editor on this blog sight doesn't seem to work well with my on-board tech here so I can't write very well at the moment. Hope I can improve it over the next few days. Regards to all. ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 28th 2014

15. Travel Blog - Tuesday 16th September to Monday 21st September 2014. Austria – Vienna Tuesday 16th September 2014. A long trip from Vipiteno to Vienna – but it was all on the autobahn. It was an easy journey, but still a wonderful trip travelling through the Alps. We had left at 7.30am and arrived at 3.30pm in Vienna at Camping Klosterneuburg. It was a nice campsite about 20mins by train out of Vienna centre. 5 mins to the station and bus stop. On Wednesday the water system has stopped working. Tom has a look at the fuse and it is OK and the pump is running, just no water coming through. So Tom totally pissed off with the repair job from Hymer. Tried to ring Hymer but the service Dept was closed. Send an email ... read more
17.9.14 Austria, Vienna. The Prater  (6)
17.9.14 Austria, Vienna.The Giant Ferris Wheel
17.9.14 Austria, Vienna. The Prater  (3)

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 25th 2014

Guten tag everyone. Lesson one in German has began: Guten tag means hello/ good day. Auf Wiedersehen means good evening. Bitte- please. Danke- thank you. Vienna (which is also known as Wien to the locals) is said to be the City of Dreams as well as the City of Music. How cool is that? It is also the primary capitol of Austria. When we arrived in Vienna it was very late afternoon. We divided up, I went to a Struss and Mozart concert with some other arty people on our tour and the rest went out on a walking tour. After the concert our bus driver and tour manager gave us a surprise. They took us to Prater Theme Park! We had free entry to the park, but the rides and attractions have to paid for. ... read more
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Europe » Austria » Vienna September 23rd 2014

Some photos uploaded to skydrive / one drive. This blog not quite working. Some folks will receive email from CM with status report. See photos at read more

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