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Emily Cross

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands June 8th 2018

I’m on the road again!... errr, actually, I’m on a plane, and not again. Nor do I want to be on a plane again, not for the flying, but because airports are cages of human doom, which induce a nervous breakdown in the most stable of the species. I just want to go to Greece, and drink copious amounts of cocktails next to shimmering blue water....but airports don’t seem to understand this! First they want to me have a full on sweaty tear-filled meltdown over the amount of toothpaste I can fit in a 20x20cm clear bag. And not just ANY clear bag, it must be THEIR clear bag! And it must be sealed, for god knows what bastarding swineair (Ryanair) demonic hell will unleash itself from the underworld if my toothpaste accidentally touches the side ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken » Matten bei Interlaken September 17th 2017

The next morning, I got up early before the other girls and headed for the train station towards Switzerland. France is another country where you have to make ticket reservations before you board trains, so the day before I had gone to the ticket office to book my trains, and they told me that the trains I wanted were fully booked. They did, helpfully, find me another route with more changes I could get instead though, and I booked myself onto those. My first train was from Nice to Avignon, and then from Avignon to Lyon, then Lyon to Geneva, Switzerland. I had only really booked Geneva as a place to stay for the night between travelling, but had been told it was a nice place to see on the banks of Lac Leman. As soon ... read more

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice September 4th 2017

I arrived in Nice that evening and checked into my hostel. The man on the reception desk was typically French, in the sense that he was about as friendly as a snake. I know this doesn’t apply to all French people, but a large majority of them seem to live up to their stereotype of being bloody grumpy! I went into my dorm room, and met Sonia from Montreal, Canada…. now she speaks French and was very nice! I also met Mocca & Ryan, two girls from China who were travelling around Europe together. I went out that evening to have a wander around Nice before it got too dark, went to the promenade, and strangely enough, it reminded me a little of Las Vegas. A little, not a lot! The promenade has large hotels on ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre » Monterosso al Mare August 20th 2017

After my return from the Tuscany day trip, I met up with the friends I had made in the hostel in the last couple of days, and we decided that we should get a few bottles of wine and chill out for the night on the rooftop terrace. A grand plan! We bought the wine from a man in a local off-licence, who after we’d bought it, told us to hide the bottles in our bags as he wasn’t allowed to sell alcohol past 9 o’clock! So we surreptitiously smuggled the wine back into the hostel, and sat down to open it, only to remember that wine in central Europe never opens by screw top. Bugger! But it’s ok! – because I had brought the 12 piece multitool set given to me by my brother-in-law, Nick, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence August 15th 2017

After my less than adequate sleep on the roof terrace, I woke up pretty early and managed to catch an earlier than planned train Bologna, and then on to Florence. Some countries require you to reserve your seat in addition to having a train ticket, and Italy is one of these (as was Poland!). The train reservations cost about another 7 euros, but guarantee you a seat on the train – which was handy as the train to Florence was packed! I arrived at the station, walked with TP to my hostel and decided to just have a little chill time as a huge storm broke out. Thank Christ it did! It cooled down the country by about 10 degrees! I went for a walk around the city after this and saw the Duomo cathedral, which ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split August 13th 2017

So the next morning I was moving to Split (also on the coast of Croatia) for a few days. I got up in plenty of time and walked to the bus station ticket in hand. Trains don’t run along the coast in Croatia so bus is pretty much the only option. The bus station doesn’t have any boards for which bus stops where or at what time, so I asked around the large group of people if this was the bus to Split that leaves at 11:30, and they said yes. The heat was already sweltering, and of course the bus arrived late. I showed my ticket to the driver and he put my luggage in the hold with everyone else’s, but was charging everyone 7 Kuna for their luggage. I explained that I had already ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb August 9th 2017

About a day before I leave wherever I am, I’ve started booking my hostel for the next place. At the start of this trip I was looking for clean rooms, social areas, close to the town, etc etc, but my booking criteria has changed completely. It is now this: Air Conditioning! It doesn’t really matter what else is at the hostel after that. Hostelworld reviews say - “There were rats in the kitchen!!”……. My thoughts… “Did someone say free breakfast?!” So I booked by hostel (with air conditioned room) at my next destination, which is Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. I took the 7 ½ hour train journey from Budapest, which had little air conditioning and no drinking water – even to buy - and arrived at my hostel a sweaty yet dehydrated mess. Incidentally, this ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest August 6th 2017

Budapest is pretty cool! There, blog done! ? For those who don’t know, Budapest is two cities – Buda, and Pest – and they are separated by the Danube river. Buda is the hilly side, and Pest is much flatter so a lot more residential. I arrived on the train and went on the metro line to Astoria near my hostel. The escalator to the tube was so steep! I’m nearly always off balance with TP anyway, so I had to cling to the handrail for the practically 5 minute descent. And yes, the tube station in Budapest does smell like all the others! I managed to find my hostel (which was in the Pest side), conveniently located next to a ‘Karavan Street Food’ market, and after ditching TP, I went and bought a cucumber & ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town August 1st 2017

I woke up early to get various metro links to ‘Schwedenplatz', where the boat leaves to Bratislava. I got on the boat and we started cruising down the (actually quite murky brown) Danube. As we got a bit further out of Vienna and the clouds started to clear, the river surface did start to reflect the blue skies……so I suppose I can let Strauss off! It only took about an hour and a half to get to Bratislava as the catamaran boat was pretty speedy…..and we were going DOWNSTREAM! (Well remembered all my avid readers! ? ) I walked to my hostel (named Hostel Blues, hopefully for the music not the emotions) and left TP there while they were preparing the room to allow check in. I hate myself a little bit for this – but ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 29th 2017

The next morning, I spent a while googling which bus I should catch to get me to the train station, and how to ask for a ticket in Polish. Oswiecim is a small town outside of Auschwitz and not many people speak English, which was a little tricky. On the walk to the bus station, I was repeating the polish words for ‘train station’ over and over, which are ‘Dworzec Kolejowy’ – pronounced like ‘Djevorhjets Collayoveh’…..but soon as I got on the bus, I chickened out and just said ‘Station please!’. Sod it, it worked. After my initial conversation the day before with the woman at Oswiecim train station, I worked out a cunning plan for getting my train reservation tickets! Ok, well not so cunning really, I just prepared my google translate app with the ... read more

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