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Europe » Albania » West » Tirana August 10th 2006

Hello again readers, apologies for my laziness. Its been 3 months since my last blog and have been up to a great many adventures and seen a number of countries and cities. I'm now back in San Diego for a couple weeks on a 'holiday from my holiday' to recuperate and catch up with my friends here in Cali before heading back to Europe and then continuing on through Asia. Hopefully I'll be caught up with the blog by the time I leave here. Also, for my Australian friends, I should be back in January sometime. I will be in Perth for a month before moving to Melbourne to do my Masters. Hope life is treating everyone well, enjoy. One of the days in Montenegro Luke and I decided to take a short trip to Albania. ... read more
After the border crossing
Welcome to Albania
Fortress atop a hill

Europe » Albania July 20th 2006

After a pleasant flight from Koln to Tirana by Germanwings we arrived in the capital of Albania; our one week holiday. During the flight we got in contact with Florian and his friends. This guy gave us the great tips of Tirana and when we took the taxi into down town, we exchanged telephone number to arrange something for the next night. Our room was ok, the location was perfect, just in the middle of the area called The Block, The former communist area. Day 2 we walked through the main streets of the block and were surprised by the many small but modern lounge places/ bars where you could have a drink and all kinds of croissants After visiting the highlights of the city as Skenderbeg square, the clock tower, Et’hem Bey Mosque and National ... read more
Tirana - The Block
Tirana - Night live

Europe » Albania » North » Shkodër May 25th 2006

Albania was just amazing! God really did some amazing things the week we were in Albania. And this is the first year Jesus Revolution has toured in Albania. We started off with a couple of days off in Shkroda and had some fun at the lake where almost everyone but me got burned. This city also has a mosque that is said to have been built by Bin Laden. Then we had our first concert in Fiere. It was with a pastor who had never heard of Jesus Revolution so he was a little skeptical and didn't book a big venue so we had to do the conerts without all of our speakers and lights but God moved. Everyone there was really touched and the pastor said we passed the test and he would definately invite ... read more
Concert place in Albania

Europe » Albania May 22nd 2006

We left Croatia yesterday for Albania. It took us 22 hours and five borders to reach our destination. We went through Serbia and what is now it's own nation, Montenegro. We went through very early in the morning on the day of thier independence we got to witness much celebrating. We are now in Albania with a couple of days off to recouperate. We will be here for a week of concerts then to Serbia. God gave us favor and we were not stuck at any border more than 2 hours which is amazing, especially with all of our equipment. The border between Albania and Montenegro is very beautiful, located next to a lake. I've attached so pictuers of the village/city we are in here in Albania.... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana April 8th 2006

Or so the Albanians call their country themselves... Well I have been here for almost a week now and I kind of like the country... It's a little like Asia within Europe... The traffic is chaotic at best, the roads atrocious and the driving mad, with lots of honking and lots of shouting... You got to love it... Tirana is not as bad as I thought it might be, it has turned into quite a colourful city because the mayor who is a former painter ordered all the concrete soviet blocks to be painted in different colours and motives... I think it's a great idea, it really brightens up the place... Every town should have a painter or crazy artist as mayor! I did a load of day trips from Tirana... One day to Kruja where ... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana March 2nd 2006

Tirana June 11th Tirana is not my favorite city in terms of things to do and places to see for the quick traveler . That being said, it reminds me much of my 'hometown' of Cairo Egypt, with the pseudo-third world feel. This city is not one of outstanding beauty and great historical monuments, although there is much history to the region. We stayed at a little hostel/hotel near the center of the city, and it was by far one of the worst places we've stayed at so far, as well as one of the most expensive at 20€/person per night. For that we got two really, really lumpy uncomfortable beds and a shower situated directly over the toilet (which leaked the dirty bowl water from the base!) making it quite hard to shower. But I ... read more
A day in the park
city center

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana February 28th 2006

Albania at last! June 10 *Sorry i dont have more photos, i'm kicking myself that i didnt take more, but i just wanst feeling very well (aka very hung-over!) I love this country!! For some reason I've always wanted to come to this place, its one of those places that you hear quite a bit, either in the news or from other people, yet you never hear it as an actual place to go. I also hear it in the context of its people, ethnic Albanians. I guess this probably has much to do with the problems in Kosovo and all. But to me, the country, the geographical place of Albania was a complete mystery. And so it seems it was a mystery to the outside world as well for a long time, alienated by both ... read more
The road less travelled
City center

Europe » Albania September 17th 2005

Well finally the time came and we could not put off leavıng Ohrıd any longer, nice though the lake may be. Before leaving we had purchased a small, very cheap gas stove and a couple of spare cartridges as our trusty MSR had once agaın decıded it needed a rest - the pump has gıven up completely as we knew ıt probably would, we just hoped ıt would last to Istanbul... (it was damaged durıng an attempted mutiny by Erika way back ın Slovakia when she lıt the thıng havıng faıled to notıce a rather large fuel leak.....). We had also purchased some Euros as we had heard there may be border taxes at the Albanian frontier and our reserve had no doubt long been spent by lıght-fıngered Romanian types. I wıll apologıse now for any ... read more
Street Life

Europe » Albania » West » Berat August 15th 2005

For every reason to steer clear of Tirana, there exist two to go to Berat. An undiscovered jewel three hours south of the capital, Berat welcomes you with both the same Albanian hospitality as before, but in more majestic and sanitary surroundings. Mysteriously, much more trash seems to find its way into bins and dumpsters that appear out of nowhere. While indeed ditches and the riverbank are defiled with non-biodegradable garbage, it is only a fraction of scenes further north. This permits the eyes to concentrate on Berat’s real attraction: the white-faced village communities perched on both mountainsides of the valley and the imposing walled castle with town located within. The two hundred or so dwellings that make up the castle village are home to about 1,200 residents, who enjoy life in a quaint, sheltered, and ... read more
Brining Home Groceries?
Touching Image
Olive Groves

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana August 13th 2005

Some European cities beg to be explored. The less quiet, romantic, and dimly lit back streets of Lisbon and Budapest come to mind. Others cities, however, instill a deep desire to remain in your hotel room with the door locked and all windows shut tight. Tirana pertains to the latter. Albania’s capital does very little to diminish the already horrendous first impression the northern city of Shkodër delivered. Hot and layered with a coating of chalky grime, Tirana only confirms that Albania is a third-world country in an otherwise modern Europe. Overcrowded and polluted with an endless blaring of horns from backed-up traffic, only a rare cool and rainy day in summer provides relief from the loads of fermenting trash at every street corner that overflows from neglected dumpsters. No matter what the weather, there is ... read more
All Aboard!
Exiting Train Station
Refuge in Tirana

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