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November 29th 2011
Published: November 29th 2011
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Albania (shkodër, tirane)
And then when we arrived at this gas station with the bus the nice bus driver guided us to the hotel and asked for the price he bargained so hard for us to get the right price, we got in and this hotel was really loungy and clean, we even got electronic temperature control of the room, quick brush teeth be amazed how good it is working out and snuggle under nice fresh blankets, entering dreamworld.

Thursday 10 of November, showering, listening to digable planets and leaving to the bus station 2 km further, but suddenly in the middle some car stopped by and took us to the capital of Albania (tiranë), all stuff chucked in the car with 4 more people so altogether 7 people in one car and the luggage, squeezing together with sweat involved. Crazy driver doesn't care about stopping overtaking all the time, so close to crashing. Left us at the bus station, got tickets to tessaloniki (Greece) searching for a place to get some coffee, bus is leaving next day 5 am, probably relaxing till then! Went to the first bar got some coffee, next stop soup, after, pastery francaise, playing split with Joe, not giving up, won the first game fair and square after loosing nine times ( hear recording: split world championship). Going to a very nice jazz winecellar after ( hear recording : jazz winecellar). Bar marathon continues, hearing another 80s music in the bar, I like it! Some random guy shows up from the next bar and starts conversation with us, he got to the back of his trunk and gave Joe some moonboots for gift as having a good memory of Albania, nice guy! Barkeeper said that the bar is open 24/7, instead he closes right after we finished our drinks. Searching for another place. Ending up in some mr chicken fast food thing ( hear recording mr chicken). Joe falls asleep on the table, me being stupid, fighting Gainst getting tired! Won effectively, moving to the bus station. After arriving Joe falls asleep again. 4.20 am. Dancing on the street, tiranë seems deAd till nighttime, can't believe how many people there were before. People who sell cigarettes and stuff still sitting outside trying to sell, hard life! Random funny all the time smiling Canadian guy pops up and gets his ticket, making his way to israel, probably traveling till may or till the money runs out! Getting on the bus, secured last row for stretching out, lucky boy! But wait, something is wrong! Just got rid of my shoes but suddenly get told that we are changing the bus, somehow rushing to still secure the last row. Got it! Finally Having a really good sleep!

Friday 11 November 11'

Waking up. Daylight already somehow there. Pretty cloudy, looks like it's going to rain again. Thought that we were already close but we just drove like 4 hours. 9 am, trying to get to sleep again. Bus stops and man comes up to us and tells us to leave the bus again. Asking in my mind why. Hearing a sound. Realizing it's a pressure water steam thing, landed obviously at a cleaning station for buses, leaving the bus for 5 minutes to let them do their work. Getting in the bus again, feeling a little bit more awake. Swapping the last row with Joe! Joe gets good sleep just for a short while, men telling her to sit up because other people coming. Nonsense, still enough space for many people. Looking around in the bus, more people on the bus than before! Man in the backrow with Joe. Parents of a little baby right in front of me. Mother breastfeeding All the time. I love tits and so does the baby, go for the milkyway. Coming nearer and nearer to the boarder of Greece. People trying to sell all kinds of shit on the bus. Water, cellphone cards, cigarres and snacks. Don't really wanted. Still got bread,cheese and bananas in the bag, should be fine. When we arrive at the border, it took longer that all the last times, also had to go out of the bus again and get our luggage out. Thought we were changing busses again. Nope. As the Canadian guy said: " people sometimes just want you to move in circles for some purpose you are not supposed to understand." anyway, chucking out stuff back in the bus, getting to uhwee in a toilet, holestyle( hear recording (border toilet) . Getting back to the bus, Greek policeman askance me if I am on this bus. Replying yes. Got lucky again, first one to get passport back and to get on the bus. Don't care anymore about the last row. Watching funny fishblob baby is too exciting to enter dreamworld. Trying to communicate with fishblob baby. Doesn't respond in my language, next generation. Trying to catch the moment of 11.11.2011 11.11 time. Did it (hear recording Got excited about my own recordings. Listening to a few of them with Joe, suddenly begging kids appear and don't want the let loose. Battle accepted, beatbox battle commences (hear beatboxbattle). Doing some other funny stuff with the kids. voice making, arm wrestling. Presenting bananas and tricks. Entertainment and awakens secured. Passing border to Greece...

- Am I trying to be a savior or do I simply don't want to interact with myself?


2nd December 2011

I prefer the last row too. That's the spot to be at :)
Keep it up!
16th December 2011

20th December 2011

No are you?
How come you ask, you probably know how it is to be on?

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