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November 12th 2011
Published: November 19th 2011
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Montenegro (podgorica, budva, Podgorica)

Arriving in Montenegro we landed on this big bus station, wee weeing has to be for free in my honest opinion, but I am doing it nomatter what! Borek is nice, staff of bus station not nice to Charlie but to dandelaion! Next stop: budva! Budva is pretty nice but seems to be also a little bit touristic, when there is off season it just feels a little bit like ghosttown! Charlie got some mandarines of a tree which were yummy yum. After getting some stuff from the supermarket we sat on some green and enjoyed having travelled to another country. Suddenly my personal friend Stephan appeared ( a 48 year old guy who wanted to help us out) he told us which hotel should be good to sleep and we got to this hotel Aquarius which was nice! He translated some stuff for us, he told us, or better to me because he couldn't speak English that well and I spoke french with ( because of his origins from Brussels, Belgium), so he told us that he works as a janitor here in some place, and end of story because normally it would be too long: he slept in our hotel for one night was messy, exploited us and got my pants, such a lazy bum ass.
Budva was still nice though we sat at the sea enjoying the bog waves, doing poetry and found some really nice cafe called Caspar where jazz music was played , Charlie always wanted to shazam the music! We met a guy from moskau who has lived most of the recent times abroad, he was by the way another Dan! He also visited us two times at our hotel and sat with us on the balcony and listened to some music and talked about really interesting topics . I failed to skype to my mom because I was late after eating in an really nice restaurant! As life moves on, also people do. Charlie left the group to make his way back to Leipzig (Germany) and finally back to Melbourne, I enjoyed it very much to spend time with him because he is such a lovely cool guy! Hopefully I will visit him in Melbourne after I'm finished with my trip to ende!
Here are his last words:

I met these people
this one time
Different from eachother & myself
through Kin to Kind
But somehow, parallelized,
all the same
When we made fate
our simple game
To think, in the days before these
life had become full of chores
Now I travel on
through reopened doors

I only knew them for 10 days
And fell in love with them in all kinds of ways.

Charles Teitelbaum 11'

Packing our stuff the disarmed bg group made his way to the bus station to go to Podgorica again to make their way to Albania and finally over Greece to Istanbul (turkey) , in a bus to ulcinj, Jo and i had some bread with cheese and listened to the music , Dan loaded onto our ipod thingies, the bus was driving gumpy , Jo sliced dome other bread and thinks thAt it's strange to write down live or almost live . I was confrontes with a conversation during a break. The bus driver wanted to help us to get to Albania and he told something about the tickets, but I just understood like 67 percent what he was saying! When we got out of the bus another man came to us and talked German with me he got our luggage and chucked if into the bus after that we got to a cafe and grabbed us an espresso an listened to funky music. We Also tried out a different cafe and this time we grabbed some tea, there was some cute little girl drawing on some thing where you can wipe away your drawings and start all over again, I love kids, they are cute and you know what I like about them most? They are just reAlly excited to do new things and are fascinated about it some old people lose that kind of characteristic. After we bought some speakers to listen to music from an iPod. And we got back to the bus and the bus driver is really really nice, he gave us some chocolat , yummmmm, and bought us the tickets and does everything to keep our trip going like telling us where to take the bus to go on to tessaloniki (Greece). Sweet! So we crossed the border to Albania after watching a funny best of 2011 music show with some humor Albanian stereo type sketches in between. And then...


21st November 2011

See there are always people trying to steal from you
Awesome that you are on your way to Turkey. Never been there, but really want to. Nice to read that you get around with the Bus as much as you do.

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