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November 12th 2011
Published: November 15th 2011
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Bosnia Herzegovina (Mostar, Sarajevo)

The bus station seemed to be in the middle of nowhere to me, but it wasn't that far, after having a wee wee in the bush, some guy asked us to drive us to the centre of Mostar with a taxi, we took the opportunity and arrived pretty quickly in the centre of Mostar. Immediately after arriving, many people asked us if we needed accommodation, especially that old guy made a good offer but I didn't have the impression that he was a guy who was working for. Hostel for something but he was just a friendly local person who wanted to help us out. We declined first but then we decided to do it, the problem was just with finding the hostel, we stumbled in all kinds of hostels but not the one the old guy was referring to. But then fate struck again and a nice lady asked us in good english if we wanted to come with her, she was in kind of a hurry, she said she has also to pick up an Korean girl for the hostel. We got into the car and it was really positive. The hostel was very cosy and was very family like. Because it was still before midday and we got some late breakfast with bread, marmelade, coffee and stuff! We sat on the balcony and wrote our names on little sheets of paper. After we got off the balcony, we chucked our stuff in our room with three beds, oh I forgot to tell you that onjee left the group because he wanted to apply for some job in England and had go get to his job interview pretty soon, that's why there were three beds, the bgs were born. We got out to go to the old town of Mostar and there were alot of shops to sell alot of different things. Pipes, souvenir magnets, carpets, hats, socks and for me the weirdest thing was that they had alot of leftover stuff from wars, probably most of it from the horrible genocide which split up former yugoslawia. Helmets, weapons, gas masks, knifes and even leftover nazi shit. Joe was looking for a pipe and finally found something to upgrade her smoking style. It actually wasn't a pipe but these kind of long things you use to smoke cigarettes. The old town of Mostar was really beautiful, especially the old bridge, where sometimes people jump off. We didn't see a person jumping off the bridge but probably because it wasn't that warm anymore, the bridge is by the way something like 25 meters high. Alot of beggars which didn't seem to look herzegovinian were around there, kids also, sometimes there was just a bunch of kids asking for something. I personally think that it's not good to give children beggars money because most of the times they get send out by their parents to get money and the parents don't do anything at all.
Later we were in a very nice restaurant where cats where all over the place, the food was really delicious and we also got some dessert after. It was the first colder night for along time, but me waking with thongs (Australian for slippers) and short pants                was also really intelligent. But to mention one thing, I just catched a cold once during my trip, and I think for three months that seems pretty good to me, the only time was in Switzerland when I tried to get to fribourg (@) and failed pretty badly.
The bgs were really tired that evening and I think everybody fell asleep around 8 pm, the only thing I remember is walking into our hostel and going to the toilet after entering our room and there Joe and Charlie were reading and I got on the bed and checked some Facebook stuff and then nothing more, passing out.

Today we decided to climb on a mountain because around Mostar there are alot, and least it was my will to get on the mountain, but because I'm good at convincing people, we got up that mountain and it was really really beautiful (see here). It wasn't that easy to climb up there but it sure was fun we sat on a hut and looked on the enlightened city of Mostar and I even managed to put up a really good long lasting fire. I got some sheets of paper, some sticks with Thorns (thank you for the pain) and big thick wooden things. The smoke couldn't evade that well and the bgs got some smokey eyes, but it was okay! We saw some goats who were just 20 meters next to us, we sat by the fire singin and grappus played some blues on the harmonica while the sherrif was singing (hear recording). Getting down was a little bit slower because we just had one light and we also took the road which takes longer, some people let us pass through their backyard to get to the mainroad where we finally found back to the hostel where we had awesome soup!

The leaving day we took a taxi to the train station and from there we met some herzegovinian girls who taught us some Croatian (hvala, oprosti, da, ne, kaki se zovec and some more), we also got on the same tram as them to get to the center, unfortunately Charlie didn't get his student price with he asked for (ticket price was 80 cents), I love you charles alias the ancient monk! We arrived in the centre after 5 minutes ride and got right next to a hostel, nice reception lady! We ate some really really delicious Bosnian food. After we walked around the place and you could tell by the way I move my walk  that I am a lady's man and I got no time to talk, the music was loud but i didn't know the lyrics to the song anymore, which was played. We found out that there was a jazz festival in Sarajevo and we just had to get there, but before that we had a dessert massacre, we felt like we had nightfever, nightfever. We drank some Turkish coffee and got us something to stunt. The tickets for the jazzfestival were for an really interesting act which was experimental and very intense. The concert lasted like 1 and a half hours ( listen hear to some parts). I liked it alot. After that we stunted to the after jam session in a really nice cellar. Cherry brandy and jazz bubalapp music for the win. Walking home with good friends after having a nice time is a common recommended thing, the bed feels so comfy when you are tired!

The bus we wanted to take  to Montenegro next day was supposed to leave at 8 pm, before going to the bus station we have been to an exotic cafe called the goldfish where we met a lot of people and also a big black dick (that's the name of the guy) from Zimbabwe. Hot. The hot chocolat was just undefinalievable, that's how good it was, period.
After taking nice friend pictures, luca a guy from Philly (pennsylvaniA) explained us the right wAy to the bus station ( I forgot to mention that we missed the bus the other day to montenegro because we were just at the wrong busstation), he also told us that there is like a Muslim and a Christian bus station and that they dont really like eachother, seems weird to me. We met some serbiAn girls who study in belgrade, they were really funny, all the time, anywhere, everywhere. There was also a German guy from east Germany who gave me interesting information about the Kosovo and albania. Fine paying for not knowing something, I don't like that.

The day after we left really early at 6 30 am to get the bus at 8.15 am at this Muslim bus station, we took the trolly bus to there which is like a bus with also elixtricity cables like a tram! My warm wool top I got from a second hand shop in Sarajevo kept me warm in the morning breeze! We just got the bus on time because G.I. Jo ran so fast! The bus ride was amazing, driving on small roads right next to a big cliff with turquoise water is just pure beauty, as we made a break during the busride we tried to chop some wood, but nobody of the bgs was worthy enough. Arriving in Montenegro...

Post scriptum: 
We do not live for, we simply live.


16th November 2011

Good Stuff
Wish, I had some of that Hot Chocolate. Cool that you met someone from Philly. The world is really small after all. Anyway looks like you are getting around pretty quickly. By the way your friend who went back for an interview. For what job or company did he apply to? Keep it going Leo.

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