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The beautiful waters of the US Virgin Islands my my do I wish that I could settle down and stay in this beautiful set of island. The beauty of the crystal clear water will immerse your soul and take your mind and body to a carefree vacation away the hustle and bustle of everyday life.... read more

Last spring when we made the decision to re-power Whisper with a Beta engine, we had no idea how long and complicated a process it would be. It should not have been, but hindsight is 20-20. The new engine arrived in Puerto Rico on August 17, 2015. It was not installed until November 23rd. Whisper did not go into the water until January 15, 2016, 2 months after our initial splash date! And then, all was not well. Turns out that the engine was not aligned properly and there seems to be an issue with the new prop that caused significant vibrations in the propulsion system. Another haul-out in February, re-align the engine, change the prop and our vibrations have been reduced, but still more than the Beta rep thinks we should have. So, our next ... read more
Engine room
New Engine
Easy does it

There are people who feel music deep into their soul. We consider ourselves part of that collective. The melodies seep through a portal and then you experience not only the music itself, but the very emotion created by the artist. Are you one of those? Do you hear the beat? Can you feel the vibe? Do you sense the rhythm? Does music stimulate emotion in you? Are your memories tied to songs? “The history of a people is found in its songs.” – George Jellinek The lights are dim in the Showroom at the Sea theatre as we move in and take our comfortable seats inside this impressive venue on a huge ship as we watch several blues legends walk on stage to take their seats. They truly seem to enjoying joking around and being together. ... read more
Stanley, Mr. Sipp, Dave
British Virgin Islands
Yep, that's what our ship does

12-10-15 St Thomas: St Thomas thuoc ve Virgin Islands cua My. Virgin Islands gom St. John, St, Croix, St. Thomas va Warter Island. Co 51,000 nguoi song tai day. Khoang 100,000 song tren 4 hon dao cua Virlins islands. Luc dau Dutch chiem dong sau do den Anh nam 1801. Nam 1815 Anh tra dao la icho Danmark. Nam 1860 My mua lai dao nay tu Denmark voi gia $7.5M. nhung that bai va cho den nam 1917 mot lan nua My mua cac dao nay voi gia $25M va thanh cong. Dan o day la cong dan My. Thu do cua 3 dao nay la Charlotte Amalie nam trren dao St. Thomas.Rong 80km2. Trung binh moi nguoi kiem duoc 35,000/nam. Mac dau la dat nuoc My nhung dan day lai xe ben tay trai vi ... read more

12-15-2015 St Croix St Croix la 1 trong 4 hon dao thuoc US Virgin Islands va la hon dao lon nhat trong 4 hon dao voi 28 miles chieu dai va 7 miles chieu ngang. Dan ban xu duoc goi la Crucians hay Cruzan. Noi day co hang lam ruou rum duoc coi la noi tieng nhat the gioi la Cruzan. Duoc che bien trong suot 300 nam.St Croix khong co nhieu noi de du khach di xem ngoai tru Snorkeling o dao ben canh la Buck Island. Toi di xuong thuyen luc 8 gio de gap cap vo chong My ma toi da hen truoc de cung muon taxi di xem dao. Chung toi them 1 cap vo chong nua tat ca la 6 nguoi muon taxi di vong het dao gia la $200. Chuong ... read more

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Out at sea today. Check back later for more pictures.... read more
At the Garden
This one's for you Sam
Pedro on the Disney Fantasy

Wonderful day in St. Thomas today. Weather was warm with a couple of very short showers. The zip lines held us up. Pirates in the Caribbean tonight.... read more
St. Thomas
St. Thomas
St. Thomas Zip Lining

Dec 14, 2014, Puerto del Rey Marina, Fajardo, PR. Whisper and crew are ready to start this year’s adventure. Winds from the south, about 8-10 knots, perfect for sailing to Culebra. We left the dock about 1 PM. A mile out I spotted a porpoise swimming – supposed to be good luck. I wonder what would have happened had I not seen a porpoise? Although we could sail, we left the engine running to charge up the refrigeration system (it runs on electricity, ac, at the dock and is engine driven, dc, off the dock). It soon became obvious that the refrigerator was not cooling down. The freezer held temperature better due to all the frozen food inside. No problem, says the captain. We’ll fire up the generator when we stop for the night. OK says ... read more
Puerto del Rey
Main Office, Puerto del Rey

Thursday 6th November 2014 Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands Christopher Columbus recorded his sighting of St Thomas on his second voyage to the “New World” in 1493. Little more is known of the Virgin Islands until the seventeenth century. In Charlotte Amalie, the main town on St Thomas, there is a commemorative stone with the title “Landing of the Virginia settlers”. These settlers were a company of 144 Englishmen, bound for Virginia, who landed on St Thomas on 4th April 1607 and stayed for three days, before going on to found Jamestown in Virginia. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the world, outside the British Isles. As this commemorative stone states, from that colony grew the overseas expansion of English speaking peoples: the Commonwealth of Virginia: the United States of America: the British Commonwealth ... read more
Approaching Charlotte Amalie. Overcast sky
Five minutes later, torrential rain!
Rain cleared away!

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