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Quick trip to Panama. My first trip in an all included, not my favorite, but prices were so low, that it was actually cheaper than the flight alone. But we rented a car a couple of days to visit more. I went ot the canal of course, but also other places in Central Panama.... read more
Nice bus
View near Valle de Anton
Royal Decameron resort

Thursday morning we packed all our stuff into shared suitcases and then let Uncle Don figure out how to magically fit it all into the van. Then we headed out for lunch with Aleyda at her uncle’s restaurant. The food was very yummy. The vegetarians had beans, rice, and fried banana. Everyone else had sancocho a chicken soup made from, as I understand it, old, tough chickens. They all concur that it was delicious. Then we headed out on the couple hour trip to El Valle. Allie and I hitched a ride with Kendi and Miguel so the trip was more comfortable for everyone involved. The bed and breakfast we stayed at, La Rana Dorada (or Golden Frog Inn) was beautiful. It had lots of incredible flowers and trees, a little kitchen for us to use ... read more
Me at the square trees
The famed and almost extinct rana dorada
Nathan swing on the "Tarzan vine"

El Valle Feeling the heat of Panama City we decided that we needed a spell in the cool airs of a mountain town, and the closest one to us that looked appealing was El Valle de Anton, more often referred to simply as El Valle. It is situated within a huge crater of a volcano that blew itself apart 3 million years ago. It is quite spectacular to look up and around you when in the town and imagine it as a volcano all that time ago. After a brief unintentional detour to Anton, which luckily for us isn't too far out of the way of El Valle de Anton (two completely different towns, as we now know), we were in the refreshingly cool climes of 1000 metres altitude. We stayed a little way out of ... read more
The 'Hike' at Chorro El Macho
Big Tree On The First Hike
Swim Spot 1

As I write this, I can hear the sounds of a steel band playing for Carnival. (Later: it turned out to be a recording.) Earlier, near the beach, I saw drummers playing for a woman dancing in a splashy, skimpy top and bottom and feather head-dress. Beside her, a group of young people danced and threw themselves in the wet sand “mud” created by a fire hose on a small tanker truck. According to Pedro, this is a great tradition of Carnival. Later, we found the main bar, with good live, jazzy music. We sat about 100 yards away to diminish the effects of the speakers! We spent this afternoon almost exactly as yesterday afternoon: walk, then swimming and drinking margaritas while reading. The sky is not sunny today, though. Heavy cloud covers most of the ... read more
Road Side Sales
El Nispero Zoo and Botanical Garden
El Valle de Anton

Und wieder einmal sag ich Hola, diesmal aus El Valle de Anton (Im Tonital sozusagen), Panama! Costa Rica haben wir gut ueberstanden, sind jedoch nur 10 Tage oder so dort gewesen weils doch etwas teurer ist als der Rest Mittelamerikas. Im Hostel in San Jose haben wir den Ed, einen Ami, kennengelernt und mit dem sind wir an die Karibikseite nach Puerto Viejo de Talamanca gefahren. KARIBIK: Weisser Strand, blauer Himmel und Reggea feeling.....auf der Postkarte. Das Wetter dort war nicht gerade einladend zum baden. Wollten dort eigentlich eine Fahradtour machen und Schnorcheln gehen; anstatt desen war ich einen halben Tag am Strand und den Rest haben wir im Hostel vorm Fernseher oder Herd verbracht bzw. in den Bars dort runderhum. War sehr witzig dort mit einigen Erlebnissen aber davon soll der Markus erzaehlen ... Nachfolgend ... read more
Bauchfleck im Aqua Lounge Pool
Fantastic 5
Vorher mit Haarpracht

Hello everyone! I made it here and am having a great time so far. We are currently up in the mountains in the center of Panamá in a little town called El Valle. We are staying in a very nice hotel called Los Capitanes which is owned by a really cool German guy named Manfred. Right now we are being oriented and getting to know each other. The first night was a bit awkward because we were missing two people and we were are exhausted. The group seems pretty awesome so far and I'm very excited for what's to come. Panamá is a beautiful place and I can't wait to get to know it. What I've learned so far: It rains. A LOT. Polvo, which means "dust" en español, can also mean "quickie", as in "Hello, ... read more

Okay, So I made it to Panama safely... Although the plane ride was a bit unpleasant and I almost missed my connection flight. Got to Panama City at about 1:00 in the morning. Driving around the city is very hard,,,, very crazy. No stop lights, white lines, and lots of random people who want you to slow down and talk to them. It's okay though I survived. I Started West on the Pan-American Hwy and found a hotel. Hotel Casa, which had hot water and that was something I was craving at the moment.... 45 Kilometers later, and I was sucking down cocolocos at the pool. oh la la.. Swam in the Pacific ocean, found some pretty shells and drank out of a coconut that was far from ripe (maybe even overly seasoned with ocean water). ... read more
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We had a very long day today! It started at 0600!! OH YEAH, that sucked. We went to the Gamboa Rainforest to go on a Monkey Island tour. That was super fun...I thought. There were a few people who did not agree, Michael being one them. It was $36 for an hour tour on a boat. I was able to get the best seat in the house which was right next to the driver and the tour guide. We were able to see Howler Monkeys, unfortunately they did not make their howler noise. There was a little baby howler who was just as happy as can be eating fruit from the tree. They did not seem agressive at all. Then we went a little bit further to the Monkey Island where the Capùchin Monkeys were. The ... read more

Only in Panama can you be laying in the sun catchin' some rays while it's raining. I was layin' by the pool today, sun shining and it was beautiful. I notice it gets a little darker and see the some rain clouds are passing by and then I feel little rain drops falling. I have to say it was great!! I'm not ready to leave, I could stay here another few days I'm still waiting for my memory stick from camera to dry out. Let's hope I did not lose my pics from Costa Rica. We are going into the city tomorrow and possibly on a Monkey tour. That should be fun! Adios and Pura Vida!!! ... read more

We found my camera!! Melissa hired Eddie, her gardner and he found it. It was in the water:( That sucks!! You should have since this guy travers his way down the embankment. I was going to try and get video but he found it so quick I didn't have time. Hopefully we can dry it out and the card will still work otherwise I will have to go back to Costa Rica...Oh darn!! I saw some muy caliente Bomberos (firefighters) yesterday while we were in Panama City!! We were driving and they were next us, so I of course flirted with them. Since we were driving I couldn't get a pic with them. We will be in the city on Sunday and Monday, so maybe I can find the fire house and get a shirt or ... read more

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