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At Granada in Nicaragua 2016 Time to explore... read more

It's time to go to the sea!! We left early from Ometepe and with reservation we took the ferry in no time with our car. We headed North on the inter Americana. During the dry season, the landscape is more open with many beige colors grasses in contrast with a few evergreen trees. The terrain is in general flat but things change after Diriamba. We climbed in altitude for many kilometers, changing the landscape completely. It's now more green, and from above, we can see the ocean in the far distance. We left highway at El Crucero, and descend steadily for a few kilometers. The views are splendid here! It seems that this resort is in the middle of nowhere, because we took a shortcut, but that's part of the adventure!! A couple of dirts roads, ... read more
sea birds
Views from main road
Cattle on the road

I need to specify that this was part of the trip about 2-3 weeks ago, before the big spread of COVID-19 in the Aemricas. :-) I did drive all around the island in 2 shots: first time to south part, (around Maderas), and other to do North(,Concepcion). Like mentioned in previous blog, around Maderas, it gets bumpy, very narrow and rocky for 1-2 kilometers, at South-East part of the road.I was driving a small car, and only had to take it easy to go by.But during rainy season. I would ask locals to make sure it's safe. The road around Concepcion is really much better, especially on the South side. So even if your gps tells you to go by North part of the road to Moyagalpa because it's shorter, it's definitively a better road on ... read more
ojo de agua plan
maderas volcano
Conception volcano

Ometepe island was one of my top 2 places to visit in Nicaragua, and I wasn't deceived!! First thing is to get there. Although there are a few flights a week to get there from Managua, it's more fun and exotic to take the boat to reach it. :-) One important thing about the ferry. If you don't have a car or other transportation, you can take the ferry or smaller boat at any time without any preparation. But if you have a car or a truck, it would be very wise to reserve in advance!!! Reason is that not only tourists go to the island, but also many delivery trucks, and ferries are not that big. To give you an idea, on one ferry you can put: one long 53 feet truck, another truck less ... read more
Volcano at suset
Cobbled road
On the highway south to Rivas

Granada historic center is a manicured, very colored and pleasant place. The highlight is of course the very bright painted Cathedral which sits in font of central park. Right at central park, you can rent 30 or 60 minutes for a horse carriage's ride. These tours add to the historic aspect of the visit. You have opportunity to drop at every major landmark, no problem. Between the cathedral and the lake, there's the calle la Calzada, with lots of shops, restaurants, and some spectacles on evenings. I stayed at Hotel Jardin, about 3-4 blocks North West of central park. This hotel is a 3 star, but frankly, I would give one more, at every thing there is clean, well decorated, offer good views, is quiet, has very helpful owners and was overall much better than my ... read more
street with a view
horse carriage in central's park
view from hotel

We started our day early with our driver picking us up at 515. He was 15 minutes late because he had stopped to pick up the others in our group from a different hotel, a couple from Germany and a lady from Chicago. It was about an hour and a half to the border of Nicaragua. We got dropped off there and walked across the border. Getting our exit stamp from Costa Rica and the entrance stamp to Nicaragua. Our guide for the day was very professional and has been doing the tour regularly. Our next van was waiting for us on the Nicaraguan side. We drove into Nicaragua and got a full history lesson about everything from the original people to the revolution from the dictatorship to modern recent issues. We stopped for breakfast on ... read more
Pedro In Nicaragua
Pedro talks to the guide while looking into crater San Fernando in the volcano Masaya in Nicaragua
 Crater San Fernando in the volcano Masaya in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has a whole chain of volcanoes running through it, north to south, some currently or recently active. About a week ago I boarded a large ferry and giddy-upped across a gusty lake Nicaragua (wet luggage) to Ometepe island, created by 2 massive volcanoes, one at each end. In between the volcanoes lies a very productive, agricultural saddle of greens, corn, beans, yucca, bananas, various nuts, , and then going up the slopes of the volcanoes, there's more beans, coffee, cocoa, big tropical timber and finally, moist cloud forests cap the summits. Down on ths coast the food and cooking the Nicaraguan way is delicious. The island has been cultivated by humans for ovsr 3 millenia, and hence its also a bit of an archeological treasure trove. On one of the first days I hopped on ... read more

To Everyone best wishes for an enjoyable Xmas-New Year's break. I'm back here in Nicaragua at the start of a 7 week sunny escape, beginning with San Juan del Sur, a traditional surfer and retired expat community. San Juan del Sur has turned out to be a great tropical acclimatizing spot....very friendly and helpful Nicas, hot sun and breezes, shuttling around in 4WDs with surfers and boards to picture perfect surfing bays, ceviche salads and beer at some really nice but under-utilized beach bars, the occasional parrot with howler monkeys in the bush, beach and headland hiking and swimming. But I guess if you're not an avid surfer, a week is probably enough. Onto Ometepe island next week. Friendly hospitality here has always been a keynote to a Nicaraguan visit, but now with fewer of us ... read more

On Sunday morning, 22d of April, Rebecka and I left our hostel in Ometepe pretty early to catch a ride to the ferry station of the island. Unfortunately, no bus came by and no cars (most people on the island drive scooters or motorbikes), just taxis... So we decided to take one of those and for 8$US p.P. we got to the ferry station. Our driver was really nice, a young guy from Dominican Republic who lives on the island at the moment, and when he dropped us off, he even offered us a (free) watermelon! :-D He was the first to really tell us about the situation in the rest of Nicaragua. Last Wednesday, José Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua’s president, signed a new law that makes people pay more taxes and retired people get less money. ... read more

Sonntag Morgen, den 22. April, haben Rebecka und ich unser Hostel in Ometepe ziemlich früh verlassen um eine Mitfahrgelegenheit zum Hafen der Insel zu erwischen. Leider kam weder ein Bus noch irgendein anderes Auto (die meisten auf der Insel fahren Scooter oder Motorrad), sondern nur Taxis... Wir entschieden also ein Taxi zum Hafen zu nehmen und mussten jeder 8$US zahlen. Unser Taxifahrer war total nett, ein junger Typ aus der Dominikanischen Republik der gerade bei seiner Mutter in Ometepe lebt, der uns sogar eine Wassermelone schenkte als wir am Hafen ankamen. :-D Er war der erste, der uns wirklich etwas über die aktuelle Situation in Nicaragua erzählte. Letzten Mittwoch hat José Daniel Ortega, der Präsident von Nicaragua, ein Gesetz unterschreiben, laut dem die Einwohner mehr Steuer zahlen müssen und Rentner wesentlich weniger Geld erhalten. Das hat ... read more

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