Photos from Southern Pacific Coast, Nicaragua, Central America Caribbean

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Ometepe from the Ferry
I'll give you one guess..
Typical appetizers...
Cool sunset pic with the stars
Nice local dancing but note the inspiration for my new haircut in the foreground
A pretty tourist
On that magical dock
View from top
Me and Daddy
Me and Daddy kayaking
Kissing Ass
Christmas Day
Sunset and Soccer
Me and Dennis
I loved the clams
Dennis turning me into a Mermaid
Lake Nicaragua
Biking To The Pier
Honduras-Nicaragua border
Sunset, Boat, and San Juan
Welcome to Nicaragua!
Masaya Volcano
sunset at the top of the Masaya Volcano
Masaya Volcano
The active crater
still waiting
Now waiting on the Nicaraguan side
Sunset on Isle De Ometepe
on the ferry (tug boat) across to Isle de Ometepe
with Hannah  & Bec
Cracking sunset
Granada Fortress
Surf beach
A Meal for 3...for just me!!
Kenia and I
The wounded bird
Beth's new look
Beth and I
San Juan del Sur
Lago de Nicaragua
After an afternoon swimming in the Lake
Me & Kariljin
Birthday girl with presents, dancing with Ana Gabriela
More birthday
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