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Located inside of Filadelfia Coffee Estate - which is a large coffee planation as well as a factory with available tours, test tastings and a delicious restaurant to eat at- is another kind of adventure for those whom don't fear heights. The Canopy Tour's provide two options for that bucket list zip lining experience through the forest and/or between Canyons. You can sign up for the Forest Express which allows you to take upon seven different zip lines that gradually become longer and higher. The last one on this course option drops down a 40 foot line across the tree line - it was amazing! Or if you are more adventurous and want to experience a much longer and higher zip line thrill then the Canyon Express is perfect for you! This particular package that they ... read more
Zip Lining through the Forest
Forest Zip Line
Forest Zip Line

Holy week in Antigua, Guatemala is one of the most beautiful religious celebrations known in America. Not only has it's creation of luxurious carpets made up of colorful sawdust, flowers, and fruits become tradition for Antigua civilization during Semana Santa, "Easter Week", but it's religious grandiose homage to Jesus and his crusificition via Guatemalan artisans man made 'andas' (floats), statues and elegant robes proves that lent in Antigua, Guatemala leads to a true spiritual and cultural opportunity for one. In Guatemala, processions (or as they would say, procesiones) occur during Holy Week and Lent. During my stay in Antigua, Guatemala I was privileged enough to personally view Antigua's Catholic celebration commemorating Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Have I ever been one with strong faith and core beliefs when it comes to religion? No, not ... read more
The Men Christ Andas
Alfombras "Carpet"
Kid's held the rope to block off the townspeople

We got to Antigua knowing full well that we were getting there in time for Semana Santa, 'Holy Week' or the week of Easter. Being a very catholic part of the country it was a very important week and there were many things going on. We booked our hostel late and would have to leave Thursday, before all the big festivities since everyone (maybe their dog, and cats, and rats, and spiders too) would be coming to celebrate in the big city and there was no room in the inn. With little time in town we knew we should get a move on using the first day to orient ourselves. That night we had a chance to witness a procession, which is like a parade where the fraternity that is in charge of a certain saint ... read more
Museo/Hotel Santo Domingo

Sunshine and blue skies greeted us in Antigua. In 1543, this little town became the Spanish capital - a beautiful place, set amongst green mountains. The town thrived, with huge churches and public buildings. But three of those mountains are volcanoes and in 1773 the underground rumblings became a catastrophic earthquake. Practically everything fell down and the Spanish moved their capital once again. Two hundred years later, in 1976, another huge earthquake hit the town. It destroyed much of the restoration work that had been carried out. Today, one or two of the destroyed buildings have been restored once again. Most have just been left or only partially restored. For example, the cathedral's entrance hall has been restored to become the local church but the rest is untouched - the ruins sprouting green vegetation. Most of ... read more
Buying mangoes
Volcano Fuego
Street scene

Oh no, it's snowing. It must be time to head off into some sunshine. We plan to visit three Central American countries that are all new to us - Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Each country spans the width of Central America from the Atlantic to the Pacific and each country is about the size of England. Guatemala is the most northerly. Here we will be staying in the old capital, Antigua before heading to Panajachel on Lake Atitlan. A bit like the English Lake District but the mountains are volcanoes! Travelling east, we will cross into Honduras. Our first planned stop is at Copan and its ancient (1500 BC!) Mayan ruins. Copan is also in the middle of the jungle, so we'll be looking out for monkeys, sloths and parrots too. Then onward to the Atlantic ... read more

After last years successful crewing experience in the Caribbean, I thought I would try it again this winter. From one of the crew locating websites out there I found a sailing instructor who was delivering his own boat from San Diego to Rhode Island. The original plan was a two week section from Costa Rica to the Panama Canal, but as the date approached they were running behind, so I could catch the same dates joining in Guatemala and making it as far as two weeks took us. I knew the boat was stopping in Puerto Quetzel to change crew, so off I went. I landed in Guatemala City. The boat wasn't leaving until the next day, so I figured I'd try to see a little of the country as a tourist for the day. I ... read more
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We were dropped off at the bus by Carlos the owner of Casa Verde hostel in the morning with our friend from Norway. The bus arrived from San Salvador an hour late and we headed to Guatamala City sitting at the back of the bus by the toilet. On the bus we met another kiwi and the four of us caught a local chicken bus to Antigua. As we were first on the bus we ended up sitting towards the front which turned out to be a bad idea, as the locals would prefer to squeeze onto an already full seat rather than walk a couple of rows further back to an empty seat. Let's just say at times it was rather cozy. Antigua is a beautiful city with cobblestone streets and some stunning buildings. It's ... read more
In hospital
Pupusa place
Cooking class dinner

Sigh; last day. We had said farewell to Becky and Benny the night before as they had a departure transfer of 07:30. Made plans to meet with Randy and Janice at 08 for breakfast, then decided to wander around, find our new hotels (all of us had to move for our post night), search for carpets and enjoy the morning, with plans to meet Justin at 1pm for lunch in the main square. Well, Old Town Outfitters had given me a map with the hotel marked on said map, even highlighted all pretty like. We found Randy and Janice’s hotel easily enough; other then there being 2 hotels with almost the exact same name one block apart, we knew at least *one* of those was theirs. Then came ours. Let’s just say it was a good ... read more

April 17th (I wrote this before I found out about Opie, so figured it needed to be posted to my dear followers) Yay! Our bike riding excursion to the coffee plantation and the smaller villages was today! Yipee - exercise in the hot blistering sun at 3,500 feet elevation! woot-woot! And once again I booked this! We had breakfast, then walked up to meet OldTown Outfitters and walked a few blocks to get our bikes. Larry’s bike wheel was semi flat and asked to have it filled. The guy couldn’t fill it (kept pssstttttt slowly) and said Gee I have to get you a new bike as your tire is flat. (you think?) Renting bikes in any developing nation is always entertaining; this was not the worst or the best vehicle, however it would do. I ... read more
super unique flower in the coffee plantation
Took them 18 clippings to get one to grow!
OK, I"m a sucker for flowers!

We were so excited to know that we had 3 nights in the same hotel, and if it wasn’t for the Semana Santa holiday we could have stayed here 4 nights. So nice to actually unpack; knowing you are staying put for a few days, crazy broken shower and all:-) Larry had gotten up early, wandered all the way to the square (about 10-15 minute walk) and brought back REAL good coffee. I was all ‘so where did you go; Guatemala City?” (I thought he was going to the restaurant) and when I looked up and saw the real coffee I squealed. Apparently I was too busy inhaling the coffee to say thank you - so I figured a PUBLIC thank you would help to make up for it!! We had the official city tour with ... read more
Fountain in central Park
Becky and her new friend. Big smiles!
Main Cathedral

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