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Sorry its been so long since my last entry, but the internet is slow as crap here and uploading pictures takes several hours. But heres some updates on my exciting life... I don't think I have ever seen/heard rain so intense as it is here. It rains so hard that you can't sleep because of it pounding on the roof or go out or anything, then in about 15 minutes its sunny out. Its like the weather has ADD. It doesn't thunderstorm though, just RAIN in sheets. It rained pretty much all day today which kept us from going out to the site. And if you think you are bored back in the States when it rains outside, you have NO IDEA what its like to be here when its rainy. Jason and I were so ... read more
what we have to do when it rains on site

We started digging on Monday. Our buses picked us up at 8 and we took the narrow, winding road over the mountain to Grand Bay, our principle site. A word about the drivers in Carriacou: theyre completely NUTS!! They speed and take curves super sharp. They also honk at EVERYONE...I guess it's the polite thing to do when you know everyone on the island. Anyways, we got there and started clearing the site. That involves moving all the tree limbs, leaves and other debris to get down to the bare dirt. Then the fun part began: excavation. I'm not really sure what I expected, but the word "excavation" basically means "dig a giant hole until you get to a tarp." So we digged with shovels and mattocks (what the brit students call picks). I liked picking ... read more
unit 416 w/ocean view

GREETINGS FROM THE LAND OF NUTMEG!!! Getting to Carriacou has been an adventure, to say the least. My trip began well: my flight to Miami was fine, as was my flight to San Juan. The flights were made infinitely better by the fact that my lovely parents upgraded me to first class!! The first two pictures on here are of the food.. salmon salad for lunch, tortellini with mushroom cream sauce for dinner. Infinitely better than paying for peanuts. But, the trip took an interesting turn in Puerto Rico. At the end of our flight, our plane couldnt park at the right gate because another plane was there, so we had to wait on the runway for about half an hour. Meanwhile, Aleksey (my fearless Russian travel companion) and I only had about 50 minutes between ... read more
puerto rico welcome crew

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 26th 2007

Dec 25, had norbert, maria and natasha, 10 yrs old, on board. rented susuki from him for 50 us a day. Pete did not go on 2nd day car trip. His knees hurt to much from having to sit in rear sit, due to Tom sitting on front seat. went to mount royal. bought avocados, bananas. Dec 26 up with anchor at 0700, winds a bit strong. arrived in ashoton harbor around 11:30 am very rolly at night. winds increased. but the kiss never trip. dec 27, clifton, union checked in, 3 tax on boat, 35 per couple all us. visited town, found 7 grocries, 4 hardware. b est place to land dinghy for checking in is atAnchorage Yacht Club. then move dinghy to the south to lambis bar, restaurant and supermarket. To the right of ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 25th 2007

We spent Christmas here. We toured some more of the island and because our cruising permit was expiring on the 26, we needed to return the rental car. We stopped by Norbert's house. His girlfriend or wife, Maria asked us to come inside. We sat in their living room, Maria brought out a home made cake, which was delicious, and a Heineken for each of us. Unfortunately Tom did not go with us this day. We checked out the day before while we were in Hillsboro. We asked Maria and Norbert and their daughter Natasha to come to the boat. He drove us in his taxi, Pete dinghy J and I to the boat, and went back for them on the dinghy dock down where the ferries come in. It was Maria first time on a ... read more
Norbert with his family
Retanl Suzuki
Paradise Beach

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 22nd 2007

We arrived in Tyrell very quickly today. We motor sailed, and part was sailing only. We skidded the Kick em Jenny volcano, past the Sisters and Diamond Island. Arriving in Carriacou. Tyrell Bay is a delightful place to visit. 3 grocery stores, while in one, the ferry had arrived, they brought in a laundry hamper full of beef meat. The locals apparently know when the ferries come in, no sooner had this hamper come in the door, the locals were all over the place. They cut what they want with a very sharp knife provided by the owner of the market, and weight, pay for it, and off they go. Quite interesting! We of course have been sampling rum and beer from all over. There is a hurricane hole just to the NW of Tyrell Bay, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou September 14th 2007

14 septembre Nous sommes de retour en Grenade à Clarkes Court Marina depuis le 4 septembre avec un vol d’avion direct de Toronto pour un coût de 820.00 dollars aller- retour par personne. La température est en moyenne de 35 degrés tous les jours et beaucoup de soleil. Ici nous formons une famille avec le propriétaire Bob et son épouse Lesly qui ont vécu 30 ans à Toronto. Depuis notre retour nous avons remonté les voiles et replacé le bateau à notre main. Nous avons fait deux grosses épiceries en vue de notre prochain voyage en direction du sud west. Notre prochaine destination sera les îles de Los Testigos. Moana avait un grand besoin d’être nettoyée sous l’eau, la max prop et la ligne d’eau ont été nettoyées par Guy sous l’eau et il en était ... read more
une chèvre dans notre montagne
France s'amuse
au repos dans la mntagne

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou August 11th 2007

Grenada and Grenadines, 4th to 11th August 2007. So Leslie and Tiffany are happily with Mum for 3 weeks, and I'm off to the other side of earth for some diving and golfing. How do you get from Saigon to plane and with some patience... I first arrived in San Francisco. Quite fresh, thanks a lot one more time for Cathay and the upgrade on the 2 flights, Saigon-HK and Hong Kong-San Francisco...cannot praise Cathay enough! Had a great late lunch at Swan Oyster know, the place were I had lunch 6 weeks ago with Leslie...and if you wonder, you queue, even at 4pm! Had a great time and off the same evening to San Juan, Puerto Rico, going there through LAX. The plan was to play golf during a long lay-over in San ... read more
Reece....dive master...

Sorry that we have been MIA for so long but since hitting grenada about 10 days ago we have been pretty busy catching some rays, sailing our yacht and meeting all of the men on the island. Odds here are ridiculous. It seems there arent a lot of single girls making the trip to the cricket world cup. Fools. We have just had the best day sailing our yacht the Moana Roa and we say goodbye to the yacht tomorrow when we check into some accommo on Grand Anse Beach. Thought you guys would like to know the level of fever pitch we have reached for tomorrow's game, particularly after we have made mates with most of the island already, including the black caps. Lets just say watching cricket will never be the same again. Had ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 12th 1988

Geo: 12.4667, -61.4667Steady winds. Partly cloudy.Leisurely morning at PSV. Sailed to Clifton Bay to do departing customs. Bought a few more supplies. Had ice cream at hotel.Headed south. First stop was Hillsborough Bay on Carriacou to do customs. Then sailed to Tyrell Bay. Immediately attacked by aquatic vendors. Decided to splurge and buy lobster. Vendors love to use character assassination on each other. Sue went swimming. Discovered that one anchor hadn't set. Short period of panic, then everything righted. Stunning sunset. Lobster dinner turned out to be exquisite. We watched the lobster-man go out on his boat about sunset, pull up a lobster trap, then return to the beach where he built a fire -- he cooked our lobster, then brought it out to us right when we requested. And all for about US$6! The lobster ... read more

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