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Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou February 9th 2011

Petite île de moins de 10km carré, elle fait vivre environ 7000 habitants, dont la moitié est d’âge scolaire. Les gens vivent de la ferme quand ils ne sont pas fonctionnaires ou enseignants. Petite vie tranquille. Les infrastructures sont efficaces, les routes sont presque toutes en béton et de très bonne largeur pour deux autos. Il y a même un hôpital au sommet, donnant une vue imprenable sur la ville et la mer des Caraïbes. Cet emplacement doit jouer un grand rôle dans le rétablissement des malades! Nous nous sommes fait recommander un chauffeur de taxi par le responsable du Yacht Club de Carriacou. Vincent, donc, nous a fait visiter son île avec grande gentillesse et nous a amené dîner dans un petit hôtel dont la table, offrant la cuisine locale, était savoureuse. Nous n’avions jamais ... read more
Sur le côté nord ouest de la baie, Sandy Island
Vue sur Petit St-Vincent, à gauche, et sur Petite Martinique, à droite,
Une rue de LA ville de Hillsborough

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou October 16th 2009

Our first stop in the Grenadine Islands was Carriacou. Although technically, Carriacou is still part of Grenada. We have only stopped here a couple of times, thrown up the Q-Flag, and spent the night at anchor. We have never actually stepped foot on land and figured it was time to go ashore and explore this lovely little island that we have heard so much about. Luckily we were traveling with the Verna Breeze and their new crew member, Stephanie. Steph had made some friends on the island and we were invited to come along as Tony showed us around Carriacou. Unfortunately he didn't have a van for us all to ride in together. But better yet, he had a truck! So we all piled in, brought a couple of comfy seats for the back, and bumped ... read more
Beach Rum Shop

Béquia, baie de Port Élizabeth, nous y retrouvons Opus et Alianna. Nous sommes fatigués et nous ne songeons pas aux activités sociales. Le jeudi 9 juillet, enfin le matin!!! Pourquoi? Le bateau a roulé toute la nuit car cette partie de la baie est exposée à la houle. Après le déjeuner, nous décidons de changer de côté de baie. Nous ne sommes pas les seuls : Emerald Seas et Blue Heaven viennent avec nous. Ce côté est beaucoup plus calme mais nous verrons en soirée qu’il est aussi plus proche des bars et de la musique!!! Nous nous baignons autour du bateau et je fais un peu de lavage mais le soleil se cache. Nous allons à terre pour faire la lessive des draps et magasiner un peu (il nous faut un drapeau, quelques légumes, un ... read more
Coucher de soleil dans Whistle Bay
L’île Union au loin
La baie de Hillsborough, Carriacou

Grenada Day 1 March 5, 2009 Wayne and Rick arrived at 5:30 AM at Point Saline International Airport on the island country of Grenada. Stepping off the plane into 76 degree temp was a little shock after Wisconsin winter. Air was heavy and it was hard to breath. Got thru customs and immigration without a problem. Took a taxi to True Blue Resort and Marina where Horizon Yacht Charters is located. The sun had just come up and at 6:30 AM. We didn’t know if our sailing buddies would appreciate early morning visitors. I walked down the docks and found a Verensia catamaran. I went back and got Rick and our luggage and went back to the cat. We started loading our gear on board when Skipper Kent stuck his head out of the hatch and ... read more
Cruise Ship
Enjoy the view
We are having fun now!

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou September 20th 2008

We sailed from Grenada to Carriacou with our friends Lloyd and Val on S/V Puddle Jumper and Dick and Jane on S/V Cheetah II.... read more
Carriacou Boats Racing
Beer Drinking

Now that Regatta is over, I can see how dead Carriacou is without it. During the weekend and on Monday, there were all night parties, food vendors everywhere, all the shops were open nonstop. There were awesome drinking, donkey races, running, sailing. I met some cool people, including locals who were decidedly un-sketchy and also a really awesome girl who does Peace Corps here. But post-Regatta Hillsborough is pretty peaceful. At least now I can actually sleep though the night without the windows of my hotel room vibrating from the bass!! Our last day on site was Tuesday, and I helped Scott B excavate a burial. The rest of our time here is full up with LAB. We have to process everything that we have excavated so far, and right now I am on my ... read more
christine and bertha the awesome beach dog
beer drinking competition

Sorry its been so long since i put up a blog. The internet here was being sketch AGAIN, and I just now got it to work again after being almost all week without it. Excavation went well this week...we were only rained out on Monday. I was at grand bay all week and I even got to work on a human burial with Scott B (the bioarchaeologist from Eckard who is here with us). The burial was really interesting...there are TWO skulls and one body! Scott thinks it could be evidence for ancestor worship in the caribbean (no, not a two headed person!). Since my last entry, I FINALLY managed to get my hair braided. The women in the shop looked at me like I was mildly insane, but its cool. This just isn't a touristy ... read more
cows at grand bay...yeah like 10 ft from the trench...

HEY ALL!! Tuesday through Thursday I was at Sabazan, the other site on the island. This site is headed by a UW phd student that is doing a project about faunal (animal) remains there. The set up is a lot different than Grand Bay. We only have 5-6 people so it is a lot less crowded/chaotic. We also have much smaller and deeper trenches...instead of one big 5X5, we have 4 small 1X1s scattered throughout the site. They are dug straight down, so they get pretty deep. The ones I was working in were over a meter! That means that you basically have to get down in the trench, trowel a little bit, turn around, and do it again. Good thing I'm not clostrophobic! We also wet screen EVERYTHING at Sabazan, so it gets a little ... read more

Here are all the pictures from the last entry! I'll fill you in on the adventures at Sabazan (the second site on the island) tomorrow! -ALR... read more
rainy times again
and again

Ugh this is getting kind of frustrating. The lack of good internet here is positively killing me. I wrote and ENTIRE blog….like a good page and a half…and the internet cut out so I lost it. LAME. The internet here has been really sketchy lately. I can’t get internet at all on my computer so I can’t upload pictures for you all. The internet went down here for a day or so because of the storm…since then I can’t get my computer to get it. But, tomorrow I'll try and get our resident computer whiz to fix it and get you pics of Anse LaRoche and wet screening... Anyways, I just came back from the Regatta food festival. They have a live band and some food samples to try. Its pretty sweet. Jason, Anna and I ... read more

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