From Hammock to Holiday Inn

Published: May 30th 2009
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San Salvador is not what I expected. Most Central American cities I have been to have great contrasts...the very rich and the very poor. But I never expected the shopping centers and hotels that are all over San Salvador. It really looked like any U.S. city. As soon as the bus pulled in I asked Jon if he wanted to head to the beach right away and he agreed.

We went down to El Tunco and it was a very rustic developing part of the country. A place I'm sure did not even have electricity not long ago. We found a room with a fan and booked it for the night. Great little spot on a black sand beach, We realized quickly a fan was not enough. It was so hot and humid that I could not relax. Then the rainstorms came and the thunderstorms and the lightning. It was an interesting sleepless night and it was an experience...but not one I wanted to repeat tonight. Hence why we are back in San Salvador and in a Holiday Inn right now. There have been too many nights without sleep. In Atitlan we were partying too much, in Antigua it was the paper thin walls next to the street the first night and the earthquake the 2nd night, then it was the heat, torrential downpours on a metal roof and the water leaks on Jon's head!

We have a 5am bus down to Nicaragua tomorrow and need a good nights sleep. This morning I was laying around in a hammock and this evening I am at the Holiday Inn watching the Nuggets game. Tomorrow I start the 2nd leg of my trip. I think Jon is on his 12th leg or maybe 8th life...something like that.

Anyway, I know some of you are being blogged to death by people lately, so I'll keep this short. It's been a great time. The first week has brought great people, good food, good partying, an earthquake, a volcano eruption and thunder/lightning storms. I am looking forward to what the 2nd week brings.

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2nd June 2009

whoop woo
hey trooper, how is that food poisoning washing over you? it sounds like you guys are goin' wild and crazy balls to the wall. take some dips in san juan for me, that was one place i did not get to see that i am really bummed about. and stop making the earth quake, and the heavens above thunder would ya!!!

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