I'm on a boat!


Everybody look at me cuz I’m sailing on a boat!

John and I just got to Antigua and we are both beat. After having an 8-day party in Denver and then partying at Lake Atitlan for 3 days I need a rest. I can only imagine how John feels after being at The Iguana for as long as he has.
Anyway, don’t have much to say…just wanted to let everyone know I got here safe and that John has shown me a great time. Had a crazy chick pick me up from the airport and drive me to the lake, walked into a crazy costume party at The Iguana, met some great people, got to stay in a great house, and had a boat party on Monday that ended with us stranded on the boat for an hour or so. Which was no problem until we ran out of booze.
So now we have changed the pace a little and are going to see some culture and take a small break from the all night parties. Hanging out with people who weren’t even born in the 80’s is exhausting…realizing I am not as young as I was when I first
House where we stayedHouse where we stayedHouse where we stayed

House where John was sitting.
started traveling! ;-) Going to wander around Antigua tomorrow and maybe head out to the Copan ruins in Honduras in the next few days.
Anyway, I have attached some pics…they speak louder than any words I can come up with right now.

Hope everything had a great Memorial Day weekend!


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John and KevinJohn and Kevin
John and Kevin

First night in town
Lake AtitlanLake Atitlan
Lake Atitlan

View from Lee and Elaine's place where John waas house sitting.
John and KatieJohn and Katie
John and Katie

On a boat!
Ally and JohnAlly and John
Ally and John

On a boat!
Katie, Malika, DaveKatie, Malika, Dave
Katie, Malika, Dave

The Iguana crew

27th May 2009

kevin! great to see you're keeping up with travel blogging-can't wait to continue reading about your adventures. enjoy guate, it's beautiful, ay? enjoy! amanda
28th May 2009

Glad to see your having such a good time away from home! Miss you...
28th May 2009

bring it!
hey martini! can't wait to get down there! see ya sunday in granada or wherever we end up deciding to synch up.

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