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I had traveled for 8 years without ever really getting sick. That changed a few nights ago in Esteli, Nicaragua. The same night Drew landed in Managua. Coincidence? I think not. ;-)
We took the Tica bus out of San Sal through Honduras into Nicaragua and jumped off in Esteli instead of going all the way into Managua. We had heard it was a great place to see the true country. It really was. We only saw one other tourist while we were there, a white man in his 50’s that looked as lost as most of the stray dogs on the streets. We were stoked to be off the beaten path. That night we found a Sandinista bar with all kinds of amazing memorabilia from the civil war. Good drinks, friendly people and some culture thrown in for fun. A definite highlight of the trip.
That night I woke up at 2:30am and started projectile vomiting. It lasted through the morning. I was so week but the time we had to leave for Grenada that it took all I had to pack my bags and get on the road. Instead of a bus, which I knew I couldn’t handle, we hired a taxi to drive us the 3 hours or so to Grenada. It was a rough ride, but I got through it and went right back to bed when I got there.
Drew and Rob arrived that afternoon and proceeded to become very unpopular very quickly! ;-) I almost believe my sickness was a self-preservation ploy to keep me away from their debauchery that night!
Anyway, I ended up feeling much better after a good night’s sleep and after breakfast I was convinced that my 24-hour Mad Swine Flu had passed. We proceeded to do stupid things in Grenada like wander through the barrio that the guidebooks said not to walk through, go have beers by the lakeside that the guidebooks said not to go to and piss off a little cracked-out gang banger so bad that he ran down the street yelling “DIE!” at us. But you know, just all in good fun in Nicaragua.
We are at the beach in San Juan del Sur now. Will be here for a couple days. I think the guys have calmed down a little now, so things should be mellow here. I think they realize when I become the voice of reason things have gone too far!

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Been 30 years since the Sandanistas won the revolution.

2nd June 2009

At first I was shocked when I saw the words "guidebook", but after finishing the rest of the sentence, it completely made sense!

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