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Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco January 18th 2017

First of all: sorry for my super late update. I have been so lazy to put pictures or to write the blog. a lot has happened over the last few months. On my day off, I went with the shuttle from León to el Tunco. I had a great day there. I went with Guayo to lake Coatepeque and in the evening I had dinner at Casa Bonita where Devon&Greg stayed with some other people and later I went out with the girls. I stayed the night with Claudia and the next morning I got on the shuttle back to León... Before the shuttle even left (I was already in it) My boss told me that I could stay in el Tunco to cover the girl in the office here because she was going on holidays ... read more
Raphy the turtle
Turtle race
With Rick

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco December 19th 2016

After Bryan and Emma left, I made friends with some people at the hostel. We formed a real nice group. We went to watch the sunset every evening. The sunsets are spectacular over here. Especially because of the big rock forming in the front. I have been told that the place got it's name because of that rock forming. If you stand on the left side of it, it looks like a pig, laying on his back. I looked up the word in spanish but it doesn't exist, so it must be a local word for pig. One of the days we all went with a local guide (Guayo) to the waterfalls in Tamanique. We had to walk down for about 30-45 minutes through the forest on a pretty steep path. When we reached the waterfalls, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco November 6th 2016

Shuttles and tired drivers There are two reasons why we went to El Salvador the so called "murder capital of the world". One was that I wanted to add El Salvador to the list of countries visited and you have to stay at least a night to make it count. The other reason was that we didn't fancy sitting in a shuttle for 16 hours straight to go between Leon and Antigua in Guatemala our ultimate destination. Shuttles are small 10 seater mini buses that are used to well shuttle around tourists between the main sites in Central America. We had used them before and we were using one to go from Nicaragua through Honduras to El Salvador. Our journey started at 2am in the morning with a pickup from our hostel. We finally left Leon ... read more
Yay a pool
One more please
A few to many?

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco October 16th 2015

We arrived in El Tunco to a pretty cloudy but hot town, and had to try a couple of hostels before finding our base - as they're full! Not something we've encountered so far, as it's low season. About an hour after we arrived, the heavens opened. Big time. I've never heard thunder and lightening like it!! The next day started sunny and we thought our luck might have changed...But jus as I was about to get in the pool it started again! We spent the afternoon taking sunny pictures in torrential rain haha! Hopefully we will have better luck next time we try a beach... Given the weather forecast (no sun in sight for five days!) we booked ourselves onto a shuttle to Leon, Nicaragua - leaving at 7am Friday morning. We were there early ... read more

Our Arrival The bus from La Libertard dropped us on the main road next to the entrance of the town. Cross over and walk through the barrier and you are on the road into town. Where We Stayed Casa Makoi - $20 for a double room with bathroom. Balconies, kitchen and hammocks. Small room but nice shower and we basically had a balcony to ourselves on the top floor. Where We Ate El Yate - On the corner of the road to the beach. Has a menu of pupusas to choose from (50 cent for non meat or $1 for meat), freshly cooked sauce and $2 litre Brahva beers. When you turn left from the hostel road towards town there is a lady cooking on the street. She was selling things that tasted like spring rolls ... read more

Next we wanted to go to El Tunco beach in El Salvador. This meant from Esteli we would have to get a bus to the border with Honduras, go through Honduras and go through another border crossing into El Salvador. It looked like it would take us a couple of days to get to El Tunco so we asked at Ticabus to see how long that bus would take to see if it was worth doing. They quoted us $37 and said we would arrive in San Salvador at 5pm which would be too late to go to El Tunco that same day. As both options would take 2 days we decided to go with the chicken buses. Here is how we did it: 1. Catch a bus to Somoto. On the main highway in Esteli ... read more

Matagalpa, Nicaragua We survived the Revolution in San Juan del Sur, but unfortunately there were fireworks and blaring techno music that lasted all night, through the morning, literally until 5 am. It was a rough night with little sleep, but we boarded a microbus at 6 am and headed back through Rivas and ended up in Managua. We tried everything in our power to avoid Managua and get off the bus prior to entering the Capital, we hadn't heard anything good about Managua, plus we wanted to avoid the 1 million people that flooded the city to celebrate the Revolution. At one point the bus stopped in Masaya, we got off with our packs, the driver asked a few locals about a bus to Matagalpa and couldn't get any info, so we got back on the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco February 29th 2012

Buenas! After an early morning run on the black sand beach, a freshly brewed coffee and a breakfast of granola and yogurt, we opted to drink fruit smoothies and eat fresh coconuts whilst basking in the tropical sun with the awesome Pacific hammering the shoreline in front of us. The playa at El Tunco was not a bad spot for a bit of beach-bumming. Just for the record, Dave did the running....and did he run! We were traveling with a nice Aussie guy (also called Dave) who was in El Tunco with us. When Dave invited the other Dave out for a run, little did Dave know that Dave was a former military exercise trainer. He had Dave doing pushups, sit-ups and drills of sprinting, all at 6 in the morning! Dave was walking a bit ... read more
Wave Power
Playa El Tunco
Fruit smoothies

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco January 29th 2012

Today, after two and half great weeks, we finally left Guatemala for El Salvador. I'm currently sitting in my hostel in El Tunco on the Pacific coast, the first time I've seen the ocean since Tulum in Mexico. Due to its notorious reputation and some previous advice, I hadn’t planned to go anywhere near El Salvador but travellers I’ve met out here said it couldn’t be missed. In my first day on the coast I've been greeted by a stunning sunset, friendly locals (who sang British songs to me in a restaurant and invited me to a local festival) and a huge meal for just four dollars - so far so good. This time last week we (I'm still travelling with Amber and Rob) visited the Guatemalan mountain town of Chichicastenango. Every Sunday they hold a ... read more
Chicken bus in San Pedro

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco January 21st 2012

I had managed to book a shuttle from Antigua to Playa El Tunco in El Salvador, this was the furthest away from my final destination I would be which means that from now on I would be headed back in a roundabout route to Cancun. In the shuttle was a Canadian (there are lots of them here) 3 Dutch guys and 3 Brits so we all had a good laugh on the journey. The journey took 6 hours across sometimes potholed roads and dirt tracks. The border was a bit crazy with huge tailbacks and the queue for immigration took 45 mins to get through and after all that they don’t even stamp the passport! But at least they don’t charge you to cross the border. Fellow travellers have always said that the people from El ... read more
Mariachi band
Play El Tunco beach

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