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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana January 10th 2009

Happy New Year to one and all! Sorry to all those of you who sent me texts on new year's day, I ran out of credit so I couldn't answer! So I left you as I was leaving the Dominican Republic... I took a bus to go to Haiti, as my flight to Cuba was from Port-au-Prince (way cheaper than flying from Santo Domingo!): it was meant to be very straight forward, as I'd got on a bus that was going to take me from point A (Santo Domingo) to point B (Port-au-Prince) without me needing to lift a finger... Well, think again! We got to the border at around 4pm, and it started to all get very complicated: I didn't even have my passport, as there was a woman with us on the bus who ... read more
Grandad dances better than I do... Le grand-pere de 79 ans danse mieux que moi...
Maria Carla
Baptism/ Le bapteme

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Este » Santiago de Cuba January 2nd 2009

Santiago de Cuba was a 3 1/2 hour drive from Guardalavaca, but well worth the long trip. The city is rich in history and colorful architecture. What the city lacked was product advertising. Surprisingly, I found it refreshing not to be bombarded with product adverts or Coke/Pepsi/Frito-Lays advertisements in the smallest rural of tienda stores or gas stations. Instead, your eyes were drawn to the over abundance of socialist signage on billboards, and other visible public spaces. While the larger signage containing striking black and white block print images of Fidel or Guevara was likely sponsored by the Communist party, smaller slogans and homemade posters were put up by citizens themselves on storefronts and house windows. Cubans were ready to celebrate the the 50th year anniversary of the Revolution. The list of my favourite socialist slogans ... read more
War memorial
military march at the Cemetary
local market

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Este » Holguín December 30th 2008

People always says that a visit to Cuba is similar to being transported back to another time period. This was most definitely true shortly after leaving the airport. As we made the one hour drive to our hotel, it was perfectly normal and common to see horse drawn buggies, individuals on horseback and many people waiting on the side of the road to hitchhike. Little did I know until this experience that oil is in short supply (much of it is imported from Venezuela) and individuals who do own cars (vintage Chevies and other American cars) are legally obligated to give passerbys a lift if there is space in their car. The newer air-conditioned buses (imported and made by the Chinese Yutong Corporation) were reserved for transporting tourists and the Peugots, Hyundais and Citroens were mostly ... read more
Cuban = popular
Guardalavaca beach
The Pilgrammage

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 21st 2008

Getting into Cuba was actually easier than getting into the US! We rocked on up, after having our plane delayed, handed over our piece of paper that was for the visa card, it got stamped, they push a buzzer and you walk through the door and you´re in Cuba. The casa particular we stayed in, Casa Tamara if you´re ever in Havana, was really nice. The couple that owned it were sooo nice and friendly and helpful. The two wee dogs they had, which were 12 years old, didn´t bark too much thankfully but the boy one did keep jumping the girl one and I´m surprised her hips didn´t get broken! Our first day in Havana (Thursday) we went to get a local bus into town. We went around the corner and managed to establish which ... read more
Our first cuban car
Old defences
Gran Teatro (Grand Theatre)

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 18th 2008

Voyage de 12 jours a Cuba, pays magnifique et contrasté entre communisme et ouverture, logement toujours chez l'habitant. Destinations: la Havane, Trinidad, cienfuegos, Viñales ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 16th 2008

The one who writes these lines lives in Cuba. For many people in the world Cuba is not a good place to live for. . . the Cubans. Mainly these opinions move around the politics. Without going into more details, because it would be very extensive, nowadays Cuba has changed in something very important: there are Cubans who can make money by themselves and therefore they can live, although not apart to the political system, with enough space inside of it. This create a flow of parallel money to the one usually received by wages and pensions. In my work with foreigners, mainly tourists, in the last years, I have arrived to some unavoidable and very useful generalizations. One of them is that nevertheless to have a life very different from ours regarding the conditions of ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro December 12th 2008

My first trip out of the country with a buddy. We were 18 years old, I had the time of my life in Cuba! Wish i had better travel partner tho. Next time. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 11th 2008

Right-didly-oh everybody, Let’s talk about my week in Havana. There’s so much that I wanna write however, I fear that if I try to just blog it all down freely then I’ll ramble for ever and a day (as I’m prone to do). So, in an effort to limit this, I’ll break my blog up into sub-headings and see how I fair. Bombs away ! SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS Havana is, without a doubt, the most fascinating city I have ever been too. This is perhaps the last place on earth where you can still observe the ostentatious (and indeed, ongoing) effects of the Cold War. The ideology that the United States is the world’s ‘great Satan’ is alive and well - check my pictures out from the ‘Museo de La Revolucion’ to emphasise this point. Contradicting this ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba November 22nd 2008

Viva la revolution! I don’t know quite what I expected of Cuba, an idyllic microcosm of a fair and just society, all happily working and living side by side free from jealousy and injustice? Suffice to say my idealistic perceptions were rather shattered by the attitudes of those we met... although one must remember that the people had just gone through an incredibly destructive hurricane, and had another on its way and the general attitude where politics was concerned was, to paraphrase; ‘it would be better to have Fidel ruling the country lying on his bed, than Raul on his feet.’ Our Cuban ‘adventure’ began at the airport as James’ credit card was swallowed by the ATM at the airport.. Several hours later, somewhat miraculously, it was retrieved from the back of the machine by a ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Varadero November 19th 2008

Saturday, Nov 8. The flights out of Chicago to Seattle then to Vancouver went without a hitch, though I was sure I'd go through some level of interrogation by customs regarding my visa status. You see I'm only allowed to be out of a job for a maximum of 10 days before I have to leave the country and since I was "let go" in early October, I was already overstaying my welcome. I arrived at Vancouver airport at 5pm and the flight to Cuba was scheduled for 10pm. My good mate Daliha saved me from a few hours of boredom by coming early and we caught up on some goss over a few pre-holiday drinks. Slowly, the rest of the crew (all 50 or so of us) started arriving but computers were down which delayed ... read more
First day and into the pool
Beach closed
Beach open!

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