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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana March 25th 2008

ja wie ist es weitergegangen... mal von vorne... wurde ja vom lieben rocco eingeladen ihn in cuba zu besuchen. gesagt getan. und ja dann wurde ich mal so richtig durch die polizeimaschine durchgerattert.. koennts euch ja denken.. ich so in meinem hippiefilm.. schon ein bisschen abgedreht und so.. tja.. dann gings halt ab. auf jedenfall durfte ich mich nicht wirklich frei auf diesem land bewegen, musste immer dem imigrationsamt anrufen, wenn ich mein appartement wechselte etc. etc. was fuer n ding. cuba war einfach ganz anders als mexico.. jegliche kommunistisch angehauchte idelogie ist in mir zurzeit erloschen. ich hatte einfach keine vorstellung davon, was es heisst auf einer insel eingeschlossen zu sein. nicht weggehen zu koennen, kein internet nutzen zu duerfen etc. etc. etc. was bliebt: es war mal wieder wunderschoen so richtig schweizerdeutsch zu sprechen.. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba March 23rd 2008

Saa var vi braatt paa Cuba da.. Eller, etter to netter i Guatemala city hvor vi ikke gjorde saa mye annet enn aa oppdatere bloggen og aa slappe av, ankom vi Havana den 12. mars. Vi gleda oss veldig, spesielt med tanke paa at vi skulle moete Hege, Mette, Kristin, Nina og Hilde her.. Vi ble foerst i Havana i 3 netter, vi hadde booka hotell gjennom Kilroy, hvor det var ogsaa inkludert en sightseeing tur, noe som var veldig greit for to desorienterte norske jenter som stod i Havana uten noen form for info/guidebok.. Vi hadde ogsaa en veldig morsom kveld her som vi tilbrakte paa Casa de la Musica, et cubansk salsasted med livemusikk. Helt fantastisk morsomt! Alle som skal til Cuba maa virkelig faa med seg dette!! Vi likte egentlig Havana ganske saa ... read more
i Havanas gater..
en hund som bjeffa veldig av Bush..
Er vi pa Cuba, saa er vi paa Cuba :)

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Cienfuegos March 21st 2008

We caught the tourist bus to Cienfuegos, since we're not allowed to take the local buses between provinces, and the organized hitch-hiking system all the Cubans use is forbidden for foreigners.... read more
The boat to Castillo de Jagua
Castillo de Jagua
Waiting for the return boat

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Pinar del Rio March 17th 2008

After several days in Havana, we went to the western province of Pinar del Rio, where we were just in time for the biggest festival of the year in Vinales.... read more
Pets watching us eat
Non-motorized transportation
Beautiful mountains around Vinales

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana March 13th 2008

Since Lana had to return to work in the Great White North and wasn't too excited about backpacking around Cuba anyway, just the three of us flew to Havana from Guadalajara the day after Lana flew from Puerto Vallarta to Calgary.... read more
Malecon in Havana
Buildings that need a little work
Plenty of revolutionary slogans everywhere

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Cienfuegos March 12th 2008

We’d enjoyed five fantastic days in Habana and our aim now was to get out and see more of the island. This, however, didn’t prove as easy as we’d assumed and numerous obstacles limited how much travelling we could actually do. Arranging transfers and accommodation turned out to be a real eye opener in terms of how this country operates - or, in many cases, doesn’t operate. Where to start? Initially, we were going to hire a car to get around but quickly dropped this as an option for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is expensive and costs around £50 a day for a reasonably poor vehicle; bearing in mind it would sit unused on the days we based ourselves in a location for a while this didn’t make financial sense. Secondly, although you can ... read more
On The Road
Casa Particulars
The Cuban Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana March 8th 2008

So, via this circuitous route, we landed in Cuba and it would take a far more eloquent scribe than yours truly to even begin to paint an accurate picture of it. I should say at the outset that we haven’t had enough time here to do any more than scratch the surface of this intensely complex country whose political and cultural values are cause for heated and bitter debate. The aim is to give a flavour of the place, not justify or condemn the Castro regime that is patently flawed - so was the one it replaced almost fifty years ago. I’ll explain how we’ve interpreted the situation by the places and events we’ve seen, what we’ve established by talking to all kinds of people here, what we’ve read etc; one thing is for certain ... read more
A Beautiful City
Yank Tanks
National Heroes

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana March 8th 2008

This was the most relaxing spring break.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba March 7th 2008

Cuba was fantastic. We arrived without our luggage :-( When we checked in there was luggage every where. Understandably, Cubans go on a shopping spree in Mexico. That is if they are fortunate enough to be let out of the country. There must have been about 30 bags that where going as unaccompanied luggage. Our one backpack must have got lost amongst it. After it dawned on us that our bag had not arrived, we grabbed a cab and headed for Centro Havana. It was all a bit scary. It was now dark and the streets looked like a war zone. There where no cars and people hanging out of door ways. We found Luis´s Casa (house) that we were recommended by someone in Mexico. We walked in and it was like going back to the ... read more
Cuba 2
Cuba 3
Cuba 4

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 29th 2008

CUBA Cuba is een verwarrend land. Nog steeds duizeld het enigzins als ik terug denk aan mijn belevenissen. Overigens heb ik met een positieve indruk het land verlaten. Het begon direct goed. Met de neus in de boter. Tijdens de tocht met de vliegveldbus naar het toestel groeide mijn angst. Voor ons doemde de Yakovlev YAK-42 op. Zo´n Russisch toestel waar iedereen je voor waarschuwt. Het zag er afschuwwekkend uit! Antiek ook. Zelfs de verf was al aan het afbladeren. Het interieur was niet veel beter. Vreemd was ook het feit dat de rugleuningen vd stoelen allen naar beneden waren geklapt bij binnenkomst. De temperatuur in het vliegtuig bereikte al snel de 40 graden, waardoor iedereen klaagde en zweette. Toen de motor begon te draaien en het toestel snelheid maakte om op te stijgen, wijsten de ... read more

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