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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Varadero December 30th 2007

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 29th 2007

La noche anterior había llegado a La Habana. Desde el mismo instante en que salí del avión, incluso en las mismas pasarelas de pasajeros, percibí que estaba en un lugar diferente a todo lo que había visitado hasta entonces. Destacaba el calor, algo inusual para un europeo durante el mes de diciembre. Asimismo, el tono cromático de todo lo que me pasaba por delante tenía los mismos patrones: el color marrón y el color verde, casi como un reflejo de la tierra y la vegetación que posee la isla. Los carteles que prohibían obtener imágenes del brazo que salía del avión también tenían su toque de exotismo tropical, que no era otro que el toque de haber quedado suspendidos en el tiempo. Pronto comprendí. En Sant Cugat, el ex pueblo donde nací, ya había visto esa ... read more
La Habana

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 28th 2007

Fue al entrar al aeropuerto cuando empecé a notarme raro. Mis maletas pesaban cada vez más y para colmo la cremallera estaba a punto de ceder. Pensé que lo suyo sería precintarlas, y pese a lo que jode empezar a hacer cola a las seis de la mañana, me decidí y me puse el último en una hilera de al menos veinte personas impacientes. Aunque su jornada acababa de empezar, los currantes que se dedicaban a envolver las maletas en plástico parecían agotados, y cada corte de cúter en el plástico parecía más peligroso para los que estaban a su lado. Observé como una señora que pasaba por ahí se acercó a uno de los mozos para pedirle que le cortara unas bridas de plástico en dos partes. La mirada del chico fue amenazante, aunque la ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba December 25th 2007

Naa er jeg virkelig i gang med aa faa lagt ut bilder! Saa det er bare aa sette seg til rette i stolen og nyte bildene! Jeg faar ikke lagt ut alt, men et lite sammendrag i alle fall! Noen av bildene er for store til aa kunne legges ut.... Det gaar jo sikkert an aa komprimere, men da blir det enda mer trobbel igjen, saa det for holde med de som kommer naa : ) Enjoy the pictures! I have spent some time now to upload, but I can´t put out everything... Some of them are actually to big to upload!... read more
Paa tur i "Silent Valley", Vinales
Det er populaert aa bli tatt bilde av : )

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 24th 2007

Happy Christmas! Feliz Navidad desde Cuba! Not that I have the slightest Christmassy feeling… today is xmas eve and its basicly like a normal day! We r pissed off coz we wanted to go to the beach but the weather (which has been glorious for the past few days) is shit! Also our Cuban mama, Lily, is doing a special meal tonight and my stomach has not been behaving itself for nearly a week now… grrrr! Here, most ppl celebrate Navidad in some form with their family, tho apparently they mostly do a meal - rice, beans, meat (probably pork) and yuca… so in other words, what they eat pretty much everyday! We r lucky, gonna be treated to some Italian influenced cuisine. I’m thinking off u guys snuggled up inside against the cold, huddling round ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba December 23rd 2007

Naa har jeg endelig kommet igang med litt bilder her!! Fikk lastet opp 7 bilder foer pc'en begynte aa henge seg opp hele tiden. Men jeg skal prove aa legge ut flere etterhver naa!! Finally I managed to upload some pictures for you! I will try to upload more later!! Ha en riktig God jul!!... read more
La Habana Vieja
Capitolio, La Habana
Havana Marathon

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 23rd 2007

Cuba is one of the most interesting countries I have been to from a social and political perspective, and what really makes it is its people and beautiful landscape. The trip didn’t get off to a cracking start, I arrived in New York a little worse for wear having picked up some food poisoning at the team Christmas lunch pre departure. So it was a quiet Thurs/Fri evening in NYC. We kicked off at 4am to get out to JFK, the most frightening part of the journey to Habana was the Cuabana Air flight on the YAK-42. On take off and landing a cloudy vapour or mist rose up through everyone’s feet and legs engulfing the plane… no one seemed alarmed, or were pretending not to be! On arrival we jumped into a waiting Lada and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 20th 2007

Today was Cuba at its most frustrating. It started with needing to sleep in a little. For some reason I woke at 4.30am and couldn't get back to sleep until after 6. But then at 6.45am the hotel staff were dispatched to various points throughout the building where they shouted at each other at the tops of their voices on and off until I finally gave up and got up. If there's one sound of Cuba I won't miss at all it's Cuban women shouting - they seem to have developed a piercing yell that penetrates better than gamma rays, and they use it to have conversations with distant neighbours without needing to be in the same place. So leaving the hotel I had my final sights lined up for an easy day, and it all ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 18th 2007

I'm not sure I'll ever get my head round why some people will say no even when saying yes will only involve 2 minutes of work. It was like this when I went to ex-Soviet states shortly after the USSR split, when things were still all state-owned. You walk into, say, a hotel and ask for a room. They say no, it's full, there are no rooms left. You persist and get them to show you the reservations book because you have a later reservation you want to check. Suddenly there are rooms available. This random example was yesterday, after I finally gave up on renting a car for two days (it seems that in that case no really meant no) and resigned myself to tooling around Havana for an extra two days. And persistence was ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba December 15th 2007

I'm back! And let me just say, Cuba isn't as flat as I expected when it comes to cycling.... but it's a wonderful part of the world and I had such a great time!!!! I arrived in Havana late afternoon last Saturday after going through a rather intimidating immigration process which involved locked doors that they buzzed you through once you were permitted entry to the country. Doesn't sound too bad, but the immigration officer in my line kept refusing people entry which scared the life out of me at the time!!! I finally made it through and had a man waiting for me for the transfer to the hotel in Havana city. The transfer pickup was part of the cycling tour that I'd booked, so was very happy to see someone standing there with my ... read more
First day cycling

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